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Ask Brian- How Long Should I Wait Before Following Up After An Interview?

November 26th, 2007 · 120 Comments

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Reader Sal from Boston writes:

“I had an interview a week ago today and I haven’t heard anything back from the employer. Is there a standard amount of time I should wait before following up with them? I don’t want to seem too eager.”

Brian answers after the break…

Brian sayz:

Since last week was Thanksgiving, I’d give it at least two more days. For all you know no work got done the second half of last week, or the office was closed. So maybe they’re still planning on getting back to you, but they’re running behind because of the holidays.

But to answer your question, I think waiting one week is pretty much standard. I think you can call them up, or follow up in general and it won’t seem untoward.

If they said something specific, like, “We’ll get back to you in two weeks,” or “We’ll make our decision next month” then you should definitely wait the amount of time they specified. If they told you specifically it will be two weeks and you’re calling after only a week, that might seem a bit eager.

Something else to consider: I know of several employers that make their interviewees wait a specific length of time before they make their decision. Why? If the interviewee doesn’t follow up, then the employer thinks they weren’t that interested in the job to begin with. It’s a sort of informal test to gauge the person’s level of interest/commitment to the job.

So, rule of thumb, wait a week… or wait the specific amount of time they specified… but then definitely follow up.

What do you think, readers? Is one week too soon? Tell us in the comments.

And you will be more likely to hear back if you use a professional resume service.

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  • Kevin

    I agree with the policy of waiting one week. But I think sending a short ‘thank you for your time / look forward to hearing from you’ note or voicemail just after the interview is a good idea as well.

    • hitman

      I live in a country which requires a work(residence) visa to stay in the country. I have entered on a visit visa, had an interview for a  job, they gave me a test to see my capabilities and then even gave me an offer on the compensation package. 

      They seemed quite happy and ready to take me, the relationship is good. I asked them to fix a date and prepare an offer letter and start processing my work visa, but they are just delaying it.

      They know i have now only few days till my visit visa expires, yet still they are saying they’ll call me back as soon as possible. I will have to leave in a few days and the country has a rule of 30 days waiting period to apply for a new visit visa.

      What should i do?? I’m getting seriously anxious and stressed which is how i landed up at this page!

  • Anonymous Poster

    Like Kevin stated, following up within 1-2 days with a thank you letter is important and very professional. However, when a company tells you someone(or a specific someone) will get back to you within a certain time frame, its important to be patient during this time period. Once you are nearing the end of the period, at this point, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by initiating contact with the company again. But, remember to be professional and confidant when speaking, as the other person will sense this.

  • Will

    I had a second interview and was informed it would be 2 days, and have heard nothing. I am almost sure it went well because I was told the salary and location I would be placed. Should I call or just wait?

  • Sara

    same situation here: I had a second interview. I ‘ve sent a thank you letter a day after and knew that destinators read it.. I was informerd that decision will be taken within a day and I have heard nothing.. what should I do!! waiting till the end of this week or calling them!!!

  • Joshua

    Same situation, Sara.

    I just had my interview on June 12. I was told by the HR manager that I was the only one that the department managers wanted to bring in for a second and so she’d probably would be calling me soon. I went through a recruiter and he read me an email that was passed from the QA Manager to the HR Manager to him that had all positive responses from her. So NOW I’m waiting until Friday (tomorrow) to call. They didn’t give me a definite time frame though for a decision.

  • Ryan

    I interviewed for a civil service job with the city and this was on July 7th. Its been 3 weeks. Should I follow up? I know that during the interview one of the panel members mentioned that there was a significant amount of people that applied.

  • Alex

    To Ryan, I feel sorry for you. Civil Service job placements are often false. The person has been picked already. The interviews are to satisfy legal requirements. They are also very rude people and never get back to you. I should know I have been working for the City of New York for 22 years. There is no harm in contacting the interviewers. ns are otorious fn

  • hickory

    i went to an interview with bank of america yesterday and after the interview all the interview told me was “it was a pleasure to meet you.” What does that really mean?

  • hi

    It aint good^^^^^

  • Shawn

    I think, if an employer really finds interest in hiring a job applicant, there is no reason not to make an offer or inform the applicant within a couple of days that there is a potential job offer and stay put. I understand certain jobs require background checks which may cause delays, but these things can be done after a conditional job offer.

    If an employer finds a qualified candidate that he/she needs to hire, and then waite for days or weeks to get back to the candidate after 1 or two interviews, then that employer may be far from an ideal employer. To make an analogy I would say: if one gets hungry and there is food available why avoid it?!

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  • Andy

    I agree with Shawn. If they are going to hire you, there are going to get back to you in a very short period of time, almost always within a few days. While it is technically possible that you may get a job offer weeks and weeks after an interview, I would say that those cases are very rare. If they tell you at the end of your interview that they are still going to be interviewing for a while and don’t know their decision yet, it means that either you or your qualifications didn’t wow them enough for them to stop their interviewing process. Simply put, if you are going to be hired, they are going to let you know very shortly after the interview.

  • Matt

    But say you have two interviews, write your thank you notes and then follow up appropriately (with thank you letters and then emails) and still hear nothing back… what do you do then? Isn’t that just rude on the employers part?

  • Laura

    However, sometimes there are delays due to HR. Once, i interviewed and didn’t hear anything for 3 weeks- then suddenly was passed to 2nd interviews. After I received a verbal offer, it took 2 more weeks to get the written. Turns out they offered me a job they hadn’t made available to the public and due to company policy, they had to interview at least 3 people.
    So much of it depends! But yes, it is so rude of companies to not let a person know either way.

  • Layla

    I hate this idea that employers could deliberately wait to see if the interviewee chases them up and is therefore eager – that’s sneaky! Personally, if an employer doesn’t get back to me within 1.5 weeks then I’m concerned about their reliability, care of staff and efficiency and will think twice about taking the job.

  • Lisa

    I went for an interview for a PA to MD job on Monday – seemed to go really well – I sent a thank you email today (Wednesday) but because 2 days have elapsed i’m thinking maybe its not a good sign?? ahhh i hate playing the waiting game! :0(

  • Jack

    I was told that they would call me on a certain date. It is now 2 days past that date. I’ve decided to wait a week after the promissed call back day. Why? well things happen. Maybe they got busy. Maybe he was out sick for a few days. Maybe HR is dragging their feet and holding up the works. What ever it is it is pure torture! If they don’t want you they should say so and not leave you hanging.

    Another thought. If they want you they will call you! It’s not like you’ll call them and they will say: Oh, we are sorry for not calling sooner, but we would like to offer you the job! THAT NEVER HAPPENS. If you don’t hear anything after 2 weeks you can bet (90% of the time) you didn’t get the job. So, like I said earlier, wait a week after the interview or a week after the promised call back date.

  • Fritz

    My experience,…
    Sometimes there is an affirmative action “goal” attached to a position in a company, especially if that position is in mid-level management. If you are chosen for the job and do not fit the pre-defined “goal” there will likely be an internal battle between the manager who wants to hire you and his/her own HR department. Sometimes the manager wins,..most of the time HR wins. It depends upon how hard that manager will fight to hire you. If you get caught up in that process it could take a while before you hear anything, especially in public sector jobs (three times for me now, and third time was finally the charm). Each of the three times it was at least one month before I heard anything after the second interview. Anything that gets sent to a human resources department is going to be dragged out endlessly.

  • jf

    I had a video conference interview and it was a week ago, how long should I wait.

  • TJ

    I think theres no magic number of days to wait for following up. I base it on the company and it’s habits. If it’s a small firm (a few 100 employees), I’ll follow up a few days after and keep following up with the hiring manager about once a week. Especially if it’s a sales gig as you are expected to be persistent. If it’s a large company that has their own internal recruiters, I typically send the hiring manager a thank you email within a day after the interview and then wait about 2 weeks before contacting the recruiter. All of my contact is with the recruiter. Hiring managers at large companies usually don’t like dealing with candidates. Note that I have broken my rule in the past and contacted the recruiter within a week after my first phone interview, and although I can’t say it hurt me, it certainly didn’t help. Both times the recruiter said that they didn’t have any feedback yet from the hiring manager. Both times the recruiter did contact me at a later date and I progressed all the way through to the final candidate stage. I don’t think I’ve ever heard back from a recruiter within the timeframe he/she laid out for me when they first contacted me. Recruiters get bombarded with resumes and emails. Also many times they haven’t followed up with the hiring manager by the time I’ve contacted them. They truly had no information to tell me. Oh, and I’d also advise not to get worried if you haven’t heard right back from a recruiter. In my experience if you were not a good fit for the position, they will call or email you and tell you right away. This gets you off their radar while they work the other open positions that they need to fill.

  • Narendra

    I was interviewed on last month,i have also sent them thank you email,After interview the HR manager asked my salary slip and after producing that salary slip,they didnt replied me.
    one of my friend inside that company told me that the company made the decision to hire me but my existing CTC is little more.
    Still i have not done any follow up,please suggest what should i do?



  • hatethewaitinggame

    I had my first interview with employer on Jan 12 with the Hiring Manager, VP of the department I’d be working for. He said he loved me and my work, and set up a second interview with the team I’d be working with on Jan 14th. The 2nd interview was with 3 different members, 90 minutes total, all of whom I’d be working with, and they all went really well from my perspective. I sent a thank you email the next day (Jan 15th), and have not heard anything back. I am working with a recruiter who landed me the interview, and he said that he would get back to me if he heard anything. Nothing yet. Yesterday, I saw that the job I was interviewing for, posted on some job boards. What does that mean? It’s been a week since my 2nd interview and this morning I sent a follow up email to the hiring manager to express my interest in the position. The second interview was set up so quickly, and went well ( so I thought) , I’m wondering why I haven’t heard anything yet.


    hatethewaitinggae… when you think you have done really well in a interview, theres always some shroader that comes along and wipes everyone off there feet and does better, thats happened to me b4. But if your good at interviewing, hell find something else while your waiting, but enough with the thank you and emails, they will prob get annoyed.

  • B

    I solely manage the HR function at a smaller company and handle all the emails, job postings, interview scheduling, phone screens, etc. To be honest, I get so bombarded with emails and resumes and follow ups and phone calls, if you came for an interview and we didn’t see a match, its really common to just put the resume aside and be done with it, leaving no follow up. I am not saying this is the best, but it does happen a lot (I try to NOT do that, but….) But also sometimes, thing just take a bit longer….and thank you letters are KEY, as are proof reading

  • Summo

    I was interviewed with company 3 times and 4th time it was with CEO. Sent them Thank you email and was told that i will hear in a week or so. Its been two weeks havenot heard any thing back. Please suggest what to do

  • Vikas


    Im assuming ur based in india
    CTC matters to HR USA,
    its never that way,companies pay top $ for best in USA.

    In india , policy is not hire to the best..but rather the cheapest who meets the minimum critieria and also lot of preferance for regional; if must speak the local
    language..(eg; Marathi, Kannada)..

    I had similar experience where i quoted say Rs 19lakh/yr expected CTC
    while HR person could match only 12-13lakh/yrs..i

  • Sally

    I have a similar situation. I had a good interview with a vocational institute here in corpus christi, texas. It was for their career service department for a career/resume counselor. I was told that I would be contacted for a second interview. I have not been contacted yet. How long do you usually wait to follow up with them and see if they are still interested in a second interview?

  • Mitch

    Hoping you can help…interviewed four times with this company, they phoned my references last Thursday, told me the salary. Yet I haven’t heard back from them? what gives?

  • Z

    Hey guys! I’m confused myself! I had an interview two weeks ago. The hiring manager said I should hear from them in a week but I didn’t so I followed up a week later and the HR lady said she would chase it up for me. Now it’s been 5 days and I still haven’t heard anything. Should I give them another follow up call or just wait?


  • It’s a small world!

    After the interview, it was said to walk me out by someone else.

    Does that mean I didn’t get the job at HP?

    • Larry

      I am sure u already know this by now, but it is almost certain you didn’t get it.

  • waiting patiently


    I attended a group interview with a recruiter last week, and that same evening she called back to schedule an interview with the actual hiring manager. I went to the interview, and nailed it (at least I thought I did). From what it seemed like the Manager and Asst. Manager really liked me. The 2nd interview was on a Thursday. I was told that someone would get back to me by the beginning of the next week, but I received no response. I emailed the recruiter, and she told me that she hadn’t heard back from the hiring manager yet… It’s been over a week now, what should I do???

  • Reese

    I had an interview on March 15th with the people I would be working with and then a second interview with the VP of the department on the 24th. I then sent follow up emails the same day. Both interviews went well and include praising me for having the skills they were looking for with the position. SO WHAT’S UP?

  • Elva

    I work for a Fortune 20 Health Care IT company- It took a month between submitting my resume to get an interview, 2 weeks between 3 interviews and a month of background checks to get hired. Waiting these days is commonplace. And- get this- I was the ONLY qualified candidate for my job. HR does not live up to courtesy standards that most of us are used to, and yet they have us (and our companies) by the balls. It’s a mess. I wish it were better regulated internally. Good luck everyone.

  • Mari

    I when on an interview at the beginning of March and then I was called back two weeks later to interview with a second person. Since I was referred by someone from within and who I worked with at a business level, they were pretty impressed with me. They have two postions available. They later sent me an email to complete an application for them to do a background check. I was pretty honest, but because of the current economical situation and being unemployed several time last year my credit is not good (586) and I will be working in a Financial institution processing checks. It is now over two weeks and I am getting nervous because I have not heard from them. Does that mean that I did not get the job?

  • PC

    I just had a interview with a company. There were 4 interviewers and I think interview went quite smooth. The 4 interviewers are the managers/leads in the same department that I am applying for.

    After the interview, I was brought to see the MD straight away. Ran through some small talks, but I think I did nothing wrong.

    On the same day, few hours later, the department manager (one of the interviewers) called me up and told me that I am actually more suitable for another position, but the position will not be opened until 1 month later. So they can’t give me any kind of confirmation at this stage.

    It is a good MNC that I hope to work for, but I am not sure if I can trust them that they will call me 1 month later. So should I wait or forget about it?

  • hsb

    I am in the same situation….interviewed by 3 people…went well…..told to wait a week.

    Advice…..if you have waited the window of time they requested and followed up then move on to another opportunity and try to forget…the problem of not knowing is there isnt closure on the interview.

  • hsb

    Those of us out of work in the IT sector are facing the most difficult job market in our careers becaause of the economy

    As a result, just to get an interview is significant….the employer knows its an employer market and can get the pick of the crop

    We must be aware of this…..

  • Julie

    I had an interview with a large Regional Bank on April 22 (Thursday) with the hiring manager. I sent my professional follow up letter the next day. On April 28th I received the online test for the company and completed it along with a background check. On May 4th the hiring manager thank me for my letter and asked if he could set up an 2nd interview with another Regional Manager. I had the interview Friday, May 7th and I sent an email thank you. She said they were still interviewing and may be a week or two and that HR or the hiring manager will call me. The hiring manager seemed Very enthusiastic. How long should I wait to call? or should I be patient?

  • hsb

    make a point of staying in the fore front so that they will forget…since your this far along in the process it wont hurt to be agressive

  • hsb

    make a point of staying in the fore front so that they wont forget…since your this far along in the process it wont hurt to be agressive

  • hsb

    To PC….dont wait for any one in this hiring process

    This job market is ugly because of the economic times…keep looking and until somone makes you a written job offerr you have absolutely nothing regardless of what was said to you

  • hsb


    Whats Up????? Whats up is that regardless of what is said to you in a job interview its a lot of poo poo…..until you get a written offer of employment you have abolutely nothing….it should include start date, your function, compensation etc and signed by a corporate officer

  • Jem

    I’ve got the same problem, I went for an interview last Friday morning (its now Thursday afternoon) and it went VERY well. They said they would be in touch next week.
    The interview process is very fickle….

  • Ke

    I kinda agree with hsb until you have a written confirmation nothing is true. I had my interview on last tuesday and i sent a couple of thank you letters as well to the interviewers, However today is Tuesday again and I am yet to receive a reply.!

    The interview went so well that he actually discussed how my commute would be short one and all that., and now no reply . This wait game is a big pain in the …

    Tomorrow anyways i am gonna send a follow-up.

  • Happy

    It’s a small world:

    So you manage to get the job? HP also asked me to wait for 2 weeks before they get back to me.. by when they will contact me? Could it be earlier or is their standard procedure to wait for 2 weeks?? Anyone know about that?

  • Happy

    Feel so depressed for waiting the interviewers’ reply. Anyone has experience to obtain the job at hp?

    • Nithya

      Hi…  I got placed in HP on Jan 29th 2011 in an Off campus and have been waiting for Offer letter..  Have you got offer from HP…?


    Please don’t let this get you down ‘happy’. I too have interviewed for a position and still waiting on reply. My case a bit different. I got notice of an interview invite 05/17. It was never confirmed, so I emailed Hiring Manager to see if she received it on 05/20, she responded same day that she got caught up with work and was sorry for delay. She sent another email interview invite, and it was scheduled for 05/21. I was told she her last interview would be 05/24, and that she would make a decision 05/25. Well of course we had a holiday 05/31, so I was expecting something by 06/01. However the recruiter has been out of the office all week and this is the recruiter for that area. 06/03 I decided to email another recruiter, hoping they could give me feedback, and I’m still waiting for that. Whatever the outcome I just rather know versus sitting and waiting, and hoping. If it’s not for me, God Bless, but I definitely will not let a job opportunity get me depressed. The interview went VERY well and she commented on my responses and my resume. This was my second interview. I felt I did my best and my best is all I can give. The rest is up to God.

    • Trixie_anne_mhaye

      I hope everything is well now favor.  God bless you =)

  • saskum3

    Just attended two interviews for a senior managerial position and after having attended a couple of interviews throughout my career I have come to the realisation that the interviewing process is by no means a flwless and excat science. Sometimes the and purely on account of the inherently subjective nature of the interviewing process the best candidates are actually not hired. I stronly believe that in a competitive job market luck certainly does have sometghing to do with whether you are hired or not. I would therefore implore anyone who doesnt get an offer n never to take it personally. I have been rejected before and I know its never easy. The least an employer should do is notify canditdes of its decision as soon as is practical. This is common sense and basisc courtesy. There is no forumlar as to how much time is too long before an employer reverts to a candidate after an interview or vice versa. All correspondnece from either party relating to an interview follow up should be professional and courtious at all times. If the employer is facing legitimate internal bottllenecks during the decsison makin process then the employee must be well informed at reasonable intervals on the progress in the decision making process.

  • followup

    My advice to everyone here is who is playing that “waiting game” to just follow-up with the employer. You really have nothing to lose, so the key is to sound confident and interested. It’s true that sometimes employers get caught up in workload and meeting with so many candidates… a follow-up is a great reminder that you’re on top of your stuff, pro-active, as well as tenacious. Besides, it’s all part of building a relationship with a recruiter/hiring manager. Even if you’re not a good fit with that particular team, another opening on another team may open up and they will consider you again. They will remember you.

    By staying quiet and not writing back, it becomes too easy for an employer to forget about you and move on. Be confident that you’re the best candidate they can choose from.

    It is also true that an interview can take months from start to finish, especially if they aren’t in a rush to hire anyone. Even in the fastest hiring processes, it still takes a couple weeks to get to the paperwork stage. The best thing you can do for yourself is to keep your options open and apply to several places at the same time.

  • Becca

    I am waiting for a response from books-a-million after two interviews that I thought went great last week. The first interview was Tuesday after submitting an application Monday, then I got a call Wednesday for a second interview which I had Thursday. They said someone would call within the next couple of days. It’s Monday now and I’m getting worried because of how fast they responded before. Because they have a new location opening, they will need a couple of employees. I’m trying to wait until Thursday to call back for a follow-up but it’s too annoying. Any suggestions?

  • Roger the Rabbit

    I interviewed with the hiring manager, two weeks ago. The next day they called me to fly me up to see them. That was last Thursday. The hiring manager told me he needed to hire someone by August 13th or ideally early August. He asked me if I would relo., and I said yes. Not sure if that is a good sign or not, because why ask if he doesn’t care. I interviewed with lots of ppl during the day, and he was going to chat with his team. I was thinking about following up Thurs – being one week. Any thoughts?

  • Melissa

    I went and took a drug test and a physical screening friday do you think they would go back on what they said. They offered me a position and told me what shift. How long does it take to completely hire someone after a drug test is submitted?

  • TBone

    I interviewed recently for a job with a major insurance carrier. The position is management, reporting to a director in one of their most prestigious departments. The director who interviewed me said that they were going to narrow the field down to 2-3 people and then hold second interviews for those people because apparently they had a flood of applications for the position. I got called in for a second interview, but that was over a week and a half ago now. How long do you think I should wait before following up? This position could completely change my life, the salary is almost 30K more then I make now when it is all said and done, so needless to say it is a difference maker. What does everyone think? Should I wait it out to the 2 week mark and then follow up? I have already sent a thank-you letter already as well, just waiting for my job offer. What do you think?

  • roland e. ebhoaye

    I attended a group interview with a recruiter last week, and that same evening she called back to schedule an interview with the actual hiring manager. I went to the interview, and nailed it (at least I thought I did). From what it seemed like the Manager and Asst. Manager really liked me. Till now, neither the recruiter non the manager has got back to me. What sould I do?

  • roland e. ebhoaye

    I attended a group interview with a recruiter last week, and that same evening she called back to schedule an interview with the actual hiring manager. I went to the interview, and nailed it (at least I thought I did). From what it seemed like the Manager and Asst. Manager really liked me. Now two weeks has gone past, but I am yet to called. What could have been opossibly wrong?

  • Shanna

    I recently had an interview for my dream job, the interview went well, but I believe there were concerns on my age. The interview was on a Thursday and I was told they would let me know the results by Monday. I wrote a thank you email, as it was only a few days until the decision would be made.

    I didn’t hear back on Monday, so I emailed on Tuesday and was told “I am still exploring options on an internal candidate so need a few more days to see where we are. Should know the direction by end of the week. Thanks.” I did not hear back by the end of the week… How long do you wait to do a second follow up?????????

  • Buffalo Wings

    If an outsourced recruiter of the company I hope to work for scheduled the interview (and I have never met her), but I interviewed with a panel of actual managers at the company:
    a) whom do I thank for the interview? just the interviewers, or also the recruiter for scheduling?
    b) with whom do I follow-up? the recruiter who set it all up but whom I’ve never met, or the managers I actually interviewed with? it *seems* all has to be done through HR recruiters, but I don’t know…

  • V

    I had an internal interview and i would say it went very well. At the end of the interview, the hiring manger said that it is the beginning stages of the process and they had many applicants. the manager went on to say that I should hear back 2-3 weeks from that day. It is going to be exactly 2 weeks since the interview tomorrow (09/16), do I follow up or wait until the 3rd week is up too? Should i contact HR or the hiring manager since I was given their contact?
    Thank you,

  • http://yahoo Bokey

    I went on a interveiw 09/27 the interview well great and at the end of the interview the hiring manager stated to me be looking at you emails because HR is going to send you a email to go take your drug test before the week is out and thants when they are going to do background check does that means i have the position

  • Jeff

    I had 3 interviews in the same day at costco and a drug test and signed for a background check but they didnt formally offer any position they just said they would get back to me in a week. my question is would they really waste the time on drug test if they weren’t gonna hire me?

    • RNS

      Probably you are in the queue among many anothers for the same position!This happened with me 2 years back .. I would say keep looking for more options !

    • RNS

      Probably you are in the queue among many anothers for the same position!This happened with me 2 years back .. I would say keep looking for more options !

  • nanc

    I went for an interview today and when all was said and done she said she would call me on monday

  • nanc

    I went for an interview today and when all was said and done she said she would call me on monday so I can take an hour long test… Does it look like I got a good chance of being hired or, is that the line they use to say your not who we are looking for??

  • Alyssa

    Went on an interview (1st,2nd, 3rd rolled into one) on Nov. 12th. Met 10 people, most in group interviews. Wast taken out to lunch by hiring manager. Hiring manager indicated she will interview one or two more candidates and this could take time (she has a busy schedule of 60-70hrs/week). Sent email thank you to her directly a day after and mailed formal thank you letters to everyone I met.

    On 11/30, I sent another email to hiring manager, thanking her again, restating my interest, and asked for an update on the hiring process/decision via email or phone call at her earliest convenience. I have not heard back.

    Through some networking, I learned that the company had given very good feedback about me a week after the interview.

    Excluding Thanksgiving and the day after, it’s been two weeks since the interview. I flew from Boston to San Diego paid by me. I guess I should give the company more time. What do you all think?

    • Khalid


      same thing happened to me, last week i was interviewed by two members via phone and skype from the team, both are very satisfied with me.  but last four days there is no answer from them. I called the hr and the creative lead who interviewed me via phone and mails, but no replay from them. am totally disappointed..will they get back to me?

  • JC Wants this one!

    Is it normal for an in house recruiter to not respond to your thank you email?

    I went on an interview with the recruiter, manager, director and the interview ran over by 1.5 hours (good?).

    I really liked everyone and the company, and felt very comfortable with each interviewer. So the next day I sent them each a thank you letter in the mail.

    The recruiter who arranged everything has never responded to the email or letter I sent , is that normal? Good? Bad?

  • Lu

    Hi, so my situation … I went for an interview about 2months ago, and followed all procedures of sending thank you letter the next day and a follow up call a week later. They called me for a 2nd interview which happened 2.5 weeks ago with the manager. I had emailed him a thank you letter the next day with a list of my reference that he requested and he had mention that they would make a decision by the end of the following week. I called on Monday following that week, and he called back saying he would like to offer me the position and told me what the salary would be, but he wanted to email me the details first and go from there.
    It’s been exactly a week now, should send a follow up email or call or just wait it out ???


  • Chris

    I’m in the same boat as everyone wandering when or if I will hear anything after the phone interviewer after the all day interview etc. From my past experience interviewing (and working) at Fortune 100 companies is that if they like you, chances are they will contact you shortly after interviewing you. The interviews I left when there was not mention of next steps or the typical “we’ll be making a decision in 2 weeks” went no where. No call backs, no replies even after I did a follow-up. From chatting with several head hunters and people in HR, yes there’s a lot of people out of work, but there’s not a lot of #1 candidates out there so when a company finds “The One” they usually act pretty quick.

    • Guest

      I agree 100%.  In my experience HR will typically touch base with you within a week after your interview.  Even if they haven’t made a decision yet, if they like you they’ll touch base just to keep you in the loop.  More often than not if you haven’t heard in about a week then you are not being considered.

    • A_n_8905

      I totally agree with everything you wrote. The problem is the run around. I apprciate direct feed back,but I guess some companies may want you as a back up incase something falls through.. I am not sure. It is what it is keep your eyes open because you will find the right place.

  • Brian

    I went to an Interview with an Insurance Broker in Los Angeles area, after ‘ 5 interviews’ in which they gave me this little ‘facility tour’ around the company showing me the kitchen, the bathrooms, the conference rooms etc etc I still have not heard back from them and It has been almost a month. I followed up with the Hiring manager a week after the very last interview, she replied stating that ‘ she has not heard about any decisions being made yet and prob she won’t cuz she’s not high enough up on the food chain’…what a joke! Apparently, the company’s CEO makes the final decision ( I never met with the CEO btw). They even tell you about the Hotel you are gonna stay at (training was supposedly in their corp offices 200 miles from LA)…blah blah.It’s really sad how employers mislead applicants this way.

  • Tasha

    I recently interviewed with a company. Within 24 hours of the interview, i sent a thank you emai to the hiring manger. The hiring manger responded and said, ” it was a pleasure meeting you”. Is this formality for a manger to respond to your thank you email?

    • Sheila_b

      Hi Tasha,

      I had a similar experience and was wondering if you ended up getting the job.


  • Mcdonaldcarrie07

    I filled out a job application yesterday, the HR represrnitive introduced me to the administrator and we talked over all aspects of my application. She told me she liked me and was seemingly intrested, Then after about 20 minutes she told me she would call me yesterday or today. Should i panic if i dont hear from thenm today?

  • Philipmhayes

    Hi Brian
    was my empoyer right to give me a back to work interview after only 2 days sickness absence, bearing in mind my last sickness absence was over 18 months ago. Thank you.

  • Anutopsy

    It is a very good thing to follow up on job interviews but here in Nigeria, an employer will see it as being ‘Desperate’ and they will never call on you even if they wanted to. Some people see follow-up as you having some deadly interest that may eventually run the company down, over ambitious e.t.c

    I think following up should be done at ones discretion depending on the environment you find yourself

  • Tanya

    Yeah.. I got a email telling me I got the job and day to start with salary and a written offer to follow by a recruiter. I have been following up, got a reply that I should get it in a few days. It has been a week now, I contacted them again, and have not heard back. Is this normal?

    • Larry

      congratulations. I hope u like your new job.

  • Raghu1122000

    The thing for us to note here is, there are a lot of legal procedures an HR procedures for the employer or the interviewer to follow if they have liked you before actually calling up and telling you ‘You are hired’. This should normally take 2-3 working days for them to get back to you at least. So don’t expect a call the next day or say in 2 days time. In fact if they haven’t liked you  then you could get a call within 3 days if they are courteous enough to let you know or not get one at all.

    Typically as said above , it will be a week if they have really like you.

  • Guest

     I was just offered my current job almost three weeks after the second round interview.  I had followed up with them a week after the interview.  Apparently they were hiring a number of people at the same time, and it took awhile for HR to put together all the paperwork.  Bottom line: Don’t assume that you didn’t get the job just because the company doesn’t get back to you right away, but don’t stop pursuing other opportunities in the meantime.   

    • Larry

      gosh! that wait must have been excruciating……Especially at this difficult times. 

  • twinnee

    I was interviewed by two people. The VP of the dept looking for someone and the trainer/HR person….which one do I follow up with? is and email ok (they gave me business cards) or a phone call

    • Larry

      you should follow up with all the people who gave you their business cards in my opinion.

  • Larry

    I was told i was going to hear back before Friday, and i emailed the HR before the end of thursday. Is this OK? I didn’t sound desperate in my email at all, it was only 2 lines. I

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  • Lizzy45672000

    I had a job interview last week and a 2nd with the same company on Mon. I was told I had made the top four and they would be making an offer on Fri. it is now Thurs. do I call to follow up or do I wait till Friday?

  • ann

     I had contact the recruiter after waiting a couple of weeks from the interview.
    I received a call from the recruiter that  it was positive feedback that the interviewer liked me and the recruiter congratulated me on a excellent interview, but said he still have a decision to make but did not say what time frame the decision would be made. what should I do ???? 

  • Hmbrtnvrr

    I was offer the job, they did a DOJ and FBI back ground check how long do I need to wait before i follow up? It been 13th day seen he back ground check!
    What is the normal wait for some thing like this? Please mail at a respond thank so much!

  • Trixie_anne_mhaye

    If you did not ask for the timeline during the interview (which you should), then yes, one week is a good amount of time to follow up.  This time, make sure you ask for the timeline politely.

    If the interviewer gave you an approximate time, then wait one week after that you can follow up.

  • xph

    HI. I went in for an interview last Thursday and they called me on the following Tuesday to see if I was still interested and that they wanted to go further with me and needed me to come in and do a background check. On Wednesday, I went in and did my background check, the lady told me it would take 2-3 days before it came back and from there on, then we would do the drug test and health assessment? Do anyone know if this means they are hiring me or no?

  • Pingback: Why Haven't I Heard Back After The Job Interview? | TheJobBored

  • Pingback: Why Haven't I Heard Back After The Job Interview? | TheJobBored

  • Pingback: Why Haven’t I Heard Back After The Job Interview?

  • Anonymous

    I had a job interview last week.  This week I followed up (via email) with the two individuals with whom I interviewed.  I received a response by on of the contacts stating that I was supposed to be called by HR to inform me that I got the position.  It’s now been two days after that email (and supposedly a week after I was to be offered the position) and I still have not heard from HR.  The start date is on the 09/26/11.  Although, the person who replied to me isn’t necessarily HR, but is still part of the company, isn’t there an HR law that states they must refrain from making promises they cannot keep?  What should I do now?  I don’t want to keep pestering them, but I want to make sure that I officially got the job. 

  • Gaoxiaolee

    Some people told me to not to hope too much after an interview and make myself open for other opportunity. That’s what I did after my 1st interview back in April with this company after not hearing anything at all after a week or so.
    3 months after, the interviewer call me again to ask if I am interested with another position then he told me he will call me back. For the second time I didn’t hear anything with this company again.
    Months passed by, and I am already working with another company. Suprisingly, just last week (its already September) the company call me asking for interview again. Not sure if this is related to my 1st interview, I went anyway… Again after telling me that she will call back after 2 days….didnt hear again. So I decided to call yesterday for follow up. Surprisingly, the company is now offering me another position and send me paper work for drug testing.
    So I will know this week if I am officially hired or what since I am 100% sure that I will pass the drug test.

  • revert34

    I am waiting to hear back also. The company I applied with is known to do an extensive background check and to take a long time doing it. I have recently learned that they have called my references and they even called me to get a copy of my GED. I supplied them with it and was told that they are waiting for the Regional Manager to approve it and call with a “conditional offer of employment”. It has been a month and a half since the first interview and its killing me. It seems to do no good when I call them because the local manager isnt there and its in corporate’s hands. Is all of this a good sign? How should I proceed?

  • Ljdhenrich

    what if you cant remember if the interviewer mentioned a time they would be getting back to us being interviewed  can i call say its been three days and just say i didny ask but i was wondering??

  • Ljdhenrich

    what if you cant remember if the interviewer mentioned a time they would be getting back to us being interviewed  can i call say its been three days and just say i didny ask but i was wondering??

  • Soledadsaldana

    I had an interview. I received an email stating “will make decision next week, thank you for your interest.” The following week received a second email stating “decided to interview intern candidates as well, decision will be made at the end of the week.” What exactly does that mean? That the candidates they interviewed (including me) do not meet their criteria? Are not good enough? Its a procedure? I’ve never had this happened to me before. Thank you!

  • John

    Brian, I was called last week for a signature to agree to a background check.
    this was one week after I interviewed.  he said I was the ‘top candidate’
    should I follow up?  it has been a week since I was called (last wed. morning)

  • Shaikh Abdulnasir

    please suggest me what to do? I have given 4 interviews in a company to Quality manager, Supply director & HR manager and i got call for an interview with Company GM then after one day of call i was told that interview is postponed for unspecified time. now It has been week since then so should i call for follow up or what you suggest also note that i was interviewed through Hr consultant to that company.

  • Carmen

    I’ve already went on my second interview and the last thing that we talked was that now they will do a background check. The company have already contact one of my references, but I’m still waiting and getting nervous about it. Is been two weeks already. Thanksgiving week was after the interview. Whant do you think I should do.  Is it ok if I e-mail them and inquire about it.

  • Gg0206

    I had an interview last Friday. They told me that I should be receiving a call from my recruiter in a bout 1 week to 2 weeks. This coming Friday will make a week… Should I follow up now? 

  • Joy

    I interviewed for a medical secretary position on 11/9 with the office manager…waited 1 1/2 weeks for the second call to come in for a typing/transcription test which I aced. then I waited another week and the office manager called to set up an interview with me and the doctor. That went very well. I waited another week and they called to have me come in to copy my drivers license to do a standard background check. THEN yesterday, the office called and told me that Dr. Lee (whom I interviewed with) wanted to “meet with me for about an hour”. I am going to that later on today. BUT I CANT IMAGINE WHAT FOR??? I have never been thru such a thorough job interview process ever!!! Any thoughts on this??? This will be my FIFTH time back there!! :) thanks.

  • bostonpizza

    it is now 1 month since i had a second interview at an oil refinery and i have not heard anything. I sent mail and called but got no response (i would say that is a good sign because if i was no longer considered then they should have replied and said ” dear candidate,  pls dont contact us again cos we have no job for you”). on the other hand, i am tired of this waiting game, can someone pls tell me in what time frame large multinationals like exxonmobil usually do establish contact with someone they will hire.

  • herozero

    well, i gave two interviews the same day and got a tour of the mechanic shop.  and after the interview i was never told when they will contact me. its been 4 days now and im gona wait for a week and then follow up and see whats my statues. im pretty sure i did good on the interview. got most of the questions he asked me right.  any suggestions?

  • Employment Contract

    I have always been of the view it is essential to eb in the know as to what is going on if you have applied for a job. I think it should be a responsibility of the interviewer to point out when a reply will be given.

  • Angela Pierce

    I just interviewed last Tuesday for a really amazing job I want. They said specifically that they would call me back today to let me know if they have more interviews or picked me. I have yet to hear anything should I call them before the end o business today or wait until tomorrow? 

  • Joseph Davolos

    My interview was fantastic. It lasted over 2 hours and I left confident but still anxious. What was ringing in my ear was the line “You’ll be hearing from us for sure.” I thought this was a strong statement but still a blanket statement. I received the call back the next day and the second interview was less than a week later. Basically, kill the first interview and things will move quicker for sure.

  • Jill

    In need of some advice please: Ive been a stay at home mom for over a year and had my first interview this past Friday 3/2/2012. It’s for a doctors office whom they happen to be married. I had my interview with the wife which lasted about 30 minutes. I was told multiple times throughout my interview that I made such a great impression. At the end of my interview the doctor has told me her and her husband will be making their decision sometime this week. Should I give it the “rule of thumb rule” and wait until Friday to call and follow up? The office is a very small office, and there are no “HR” personnel. I want to make sure they stay familiar with my interest , however do not want to come across desperate! Thanks!!

  • Shelby

    They said they had another interview to do & would be in touch. I sent a Thank you email the next day. How long do I wait for the follow up phone call, & what do I say that wasn’t already said in the email??

  • Michael

    To Alex who replied to Ryan: You are a moron. I had my interview with the federal civil service and by the time I returned home, I received a call asking if I would like to accept the appointment. So there I go deflating your ignorant ego! Don’t come on here and tell people lies, just because you don’t have the guts to research the information yourself. What you told Ryan is nothing more than a lie, a rumor, an urban legend. Oh, and by the way…the HR staff at the agency were the most professional and kindest people I’ve ever met, and by the way…it has been 4 years since I was hired and I am with the same agency—blow it out your ass Alex and quit lying to people.

  • John

    I have an interview coming up tomorrow morning (Wednesday).  I know they are also doing interviews Thursday morning.  I received the same e-mail as the other interviewees stating that they are going to make a decision and notify by the end of the week.  How would you handle this with regards to a follow-up? 

  • Industrial LCD

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    their pressurized for build their own new job.


  • D.K

    Guys please help me…..I had my Interview with the city and it went well. I filled up my application online, The position status online always had “In Progress and Withdraw application”. Week after my interview it only says “IN PROGRESS” what does that mean. Its almost two weeks now and we had a Memorial day weekend.

    I would really appreciate if someone can guide me.