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6 Signs The Job Interview Went Well

April 23rd, 2008 · 128 Comments

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  1. They give you a firm answer about when you’ll hear back.
    This is not a foolproof indicator, but it’s a good one none the less. You don’t want to hear, “We’ll let you know.” You don’t want to have to ask, “When, exactly?” If they say, “I’ll have an answer for you on Monday morning,” that usually means they’ve made a decision. The decision might not be for you, but at least they’ve made a decision. This is sort of like a poker tell… if someone hasn’t made up their mind yet, they don’t really know how long it will take to do so, and thus are evasive about estimating how long it might take to make up their mind. If the interviewer gives you a vague answer, that might mean that there are plenty more interviews scheduled and your interview performance was not enough to make them cancel the others.
  2. You covered topics beyond the job description.
    A good interview is one where you handily answer all their questions, clearly demonstrate that you can meet all the job requirements, AND THEN start to discuss all the other things you can bring to the job. As I’ve discussed before, you win the job by using the interview to convince them that hiring you will bring them all sorts of additional dividends they didn’t even expect.
  3. The interview went longer than scheduled.
    This one is logical enough. If you’re in and out in a hurry, you might not have struck their fancy. But if you hang out for a while shooting the breeze (especially if you hit point number 4 below, that’s a good sign.
  4. You discussed personal stuff.
    This is maybe the best indicator. As I’ve said before, a job interview is largely about personality… even more so than skills or qualifications. If you start chatting away with the interviewer about this thing or that thing… if you’re sharing jokes and laughs, you’re probably home free. If you feel like the interviewer got to like you on a personal or professional level, that’s the best indication you can get.
  5. The interviewer describes their frustration with the previous employee.
    If the interviewer begins to talk about how poorly the last guy did in your position, then that’s a good indication that they’ve decided you can do a better job. If you find the interviewer comparing you favorably to previous or existing employees, then you’ve likely done a good job of selling yourself as qualified.
  6. You begin plotting with the interviewer.
    The best interviews I’ve ever had were the ones where we were already making plans for the things I would be doing once I started. I had not only sold myself, I had sold a game plan for the improvements I would be bringing to the position… and the interviewer had bought what I was selling. “I can’t wait for you to get started overhauling that inventory system. Do you think you might have any ideas for our shipping system as well?” That’s what you want to hear.

And of course, you’ll know the interview went well if you hired a quality resume writing service to help you prepare your resume.

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  • tee

    what if it was short, but he tells u why it had to be cut short? due to unexpected changes? what if he tells you about how another employee moved up after only 6 months? or if it flowed naturally?

    • Jay

      I got an interview for asset evaluation analyst and a few days later the recruiting manager sent me an email asking me to meet for coffee for some thoughts on the interview.

      anyone ever had this experience b4? what does this mean?

      • Manny

        I went for an interview today and I wore dress Jeans. The first thing the interviewer or recruiter said was Why are you wearing jeans and have you done this before. I was like yes and I apologize for this its been a while. LOL what does that mean LOL,,, hahah other than that the interview went quite well, I hope he overlooks the jeans issue because i was in dress jeans and trust me my dress jeans looked more neat than the khakis this other dude were wearing and they were dark. But whatever. Please Lord Jesus hook me up.

        • 7alemeh

          I had an interview to fill a a cashier job at 7-11 store, well he asked me what salary you expect, I told him, well, taking for cosideration I hv to deal with godd and some times filthy people combined with the fact this job is one of the most dangerous job in America; my salary wont be less than 200000 $ a year then the interview ended and he told me get you a cup of coffee if you want. is that means I got the job!

  • Brian

    Hmmm. Lots of questions. If he actually tells you the reason it was cut short, then it’s probably legitimate. One of the points I was trying to make was that evasiveness from the interviewer is a bad sign. If he’s telling you how other employees move up fast, that’s probably a good sign. He’s trying to convince you this is a good job you should consider.

  • A

    This is great information – thanks! I was wondering: I just went in for my 3rd (and final) interview at my dream job – It is a quality engineer position. The interview was supposed to be an hour long but ended up taking 3.5 hours!!! I was talking to a panel of 3 senior engineers and we covered just about every subject imaginable. I ended up getting a tour of the facility and they introduced me to various employees. Before I left the receptionist even gave me candy (haha) and said; “see, you were all nervous for nothing!” (She and I had a little talk beforehand about how nervous one gets before an interview). They told me they would let me know in one week either way and it all had to go through HR- which explains the delay. Do you think I got the job? Thanks!!!

  • Mike

    I recently interview for a Police Officer position but the wierd thing is that the board members were all of which I have worked with in the past for several years. The interview took about a hour and after it was complete, I addressed the members and thank them for their time, Well what I ponder is that the Chief of the dept. had the last remark and it was ” Now get the hell out of here” smiling to me. Any comment about that?

  • Shelby

    Thanks! This information is putting my little heart at ease. I went in for a receptionist job at a law firm. Every qualification he asked for I could answer positively and then some. He asked about my past and even mentioned helping me when it came to getting me into the legal field. That after all, was a big reason I wanted to work there. He basically was telling me things I would be doing and extra stuff he could help me with, like taking me to court some times. He even tried getting another attorney for me to talk to. Then he said he would contact me later that day with an answer even though he said he still had interviews tomorrow. Also, on the way out he said “you will get used to walking this hall a lot”. So does that mean I got the job?? I’m so anxious!!

  • Joe C

    I am joe C yo, and if you get the job, that is a good sign that the interview went well.

  • !mimi!

    The interview seemed to go really well. I interviewed with the entire HR department. We laughed, spoke on personal topics, and seemed to really connect. Do you think the fact that they gave me the benefits package enrollment forms is a sign that they want to hire me?

  • cdwal72

    I just left a interview and it was scheduled for 10 am and I went back exactly at 10am,came out at 10:15,is this a pretty good sign that it went bad?We didn’t talk about anything personal,no jokes,and att he end of the interview ,while I was walked out she asked me would I need to work a 2 week notice at my job now,in which I answered that I’m not working at the moment so I’m available any time to start.I have had interviews and some have lasted longer than a hour but this is one of the shortest ones yet.

  • Lauwy

    I went for an interview the other day. It lasted almost 1.5 hours. I had a lot of case scenarios that were lonnnng. At times when I asked to repeat the 2nd or 3rd question they told me I answered it in my first. I hope these are good signs? I was told I would hear from them on Friday. Of course I’m sitting here thinking I could have answered things better but I can only wait and see. I got a lot of nods and some “good answer…good plans”.

  • Mathew

    I had an interview today, lasted about 30mins. I had to do a test which out of 25 i only got 1 wrong i think, well i done therest no trouble and got stuck on 1. then we talked about my supervisory skills and customer service skills and also about my stock replenishment skills which are all necessary in this role. She said she’ll contact me within 7 days and she had 3 other candidates to interview. Also she was looking for two people and there was me and 3 others so its like a 50/50 chance. does this interview sound good to you ?? Matt

  • Wendy

    I applied for a position as an admin assistant not long ago. Today I rceived a letter thanking me for taking the time to send in my application. Then it said my resume will receive consideration, alon with other potiential candidates, for the position and that the my resume will also be kept on file for up to 6 months. Then it said that should I be considered for an interview, I will be contacted directly to set up a convenient time. Then they thanked me for the interest I have expressed in their company.

    Is this a new HR routine? It seems like this letter is just creating the HR department more work, as they can just contact the people that are picked for an interview and then send out letters to the others that were not granted an interview. What does this letter really mean?

    P.S. I’ve been working in admin support for over 15 years and have never seen this before.

  • francis

    I was interviewed by the CEO of a, we chatted along the path of the job (a broadband IT firm) but he was not too sure of where to place me because i had done cisco and microsoft database training, however he interviewed me about the marketing/sales position. He later introduced me to Head Human Resources and Project Coordinator who gave me another round of interview immediately. please what do you think?


    I just had an interview and I’m not quite sure exactly if i got the job. The interview was quite long actually and she asked me about when school would end and asked me for my home number and she also wrote down some of the things i was saying. BUT at the end of the interview, she didn’t tell me when she would get back to me. She merely said ok, thank you. So should I wait for a phone call or just move on and try another place?

  • nicole

    Help! I have been trying to get into a particular industry for a long time but its one of those things that you need a job to get experience and you need experience to get the job. I finally got an interview and she seemed really interested in me over the phone. When I went into the interview she just talked the entire time, I couldn’t even get a word in and I didn’t want to interupt her. She hardly asked me any questions but the ones she did ask were about my schedule. She did tell me she would get back to me on Monday but the whole thing lasted only 10 minutes! I really want this job but I have no idea how it went seeing as I didn’t really get a chance to explain why I would be perfect for it. Also she seemed really rushed.

  • Mark

    I just had an interview. After the interview, the interviewer said to me: ” See you”. What does this mean?

  • Mark

    I just had an interview. After the interview, the interviewer said to me: ” See you”. What does this mean?

  • bipolar2

    . . . did you talk with the persons who have the power to hire you?

    . . . did you identify those persons through your own research on the company?

    . . . what kind of research did you do to find who the decision makers were and what they were trying to achieve with the position of interest to you?

  • April

    I had an interview which lasted just over an hour. We laughed a bit, and the interviewer brought up and shared a couple of personal stories with me. Overall, I thought I answered his questions well. The last question of his was about my salary requirements. Is that a good sign? But, then, at the end, after a firm hand shake and a smile, he said, “Good luck, one way or another.” I’m trying to stay positive, but does that sound like a “not interested” goodbye?

  • Becki

    I originally interviewed for a summer internship. During the interview I talked a lot about how much I respected the organization and would love to see a future for myself there. The interview went great and I think I blew their socks off. I did all the proper following up and what not. A few weeks later I got a call asking me if I would be interested in interviewing for a full-time permanent position. I went in for the interview and it was with a different person. I felt like the interview did not go as good as the first one. It wasn’t bad but it was shorter. The interview ended with them saying that they still had a few more interviews to do over the next few weeks and then they would be making a decision. I was hoping for a more definite answer. Do you think this is a bad sign?

  • Dave

    the best interview I ever had lasted about 20 mins. that’s pretty short, and when I was walking out I was pretty certain (and correct, as it turned out) that I didn’t get the job. But I got the next one. So how was it the best interview? I discovered recently that the systems they develop (I’m a software developer) were crap, and it’d be a nightmare working on them. A few weeks ago I accessed their site and I got a database error message. That’s a message I now know how to fix (and prevent), and it delighted me to email the former interviewer (by replying to the ‘sorry you didn’t get the job’ mail) and offer my services for a reasonable fee to come in and sort it out for them. Needless to say I didn’t get a reply, but I didn’t need one :-)

    • LMHR

      I just had an interview for waitressing. It only lasted 7 minutes if that. I currently already have a job but am trying to find more hours. i’m confused now hat I may have done wrong.

  • Thomas

    I had an interview today, I think it went well, I showed up early the interview was not back carrying his lunch. He saw me and introduced himself. I told him I was early he should eat his lunch, he told me that’s ok and took me to the back. He didn’t ask allot of B.S. questions. He told me the basics of the job that he knew I already had the info on, from their everything was very relaxed. During the interview he phrased things like, you will be working 8-5, you will be given a blackberry, and the salary had already been fixed before the interview. He said he was impressed that, I brought copies of my resume, degrees, certification, ect… and he actually took time to look at them

  • Thomas

    Sorry my son hit the enter key, I just wanted to add he said he had 2 more interviews and he will make a disition at the end of the week, dose this still sound Good to you??????????

  • Pete

    I had a 2nd interview scheduled for a Medical Services Manager position and it was supposed to be an hour long from 10-11am. The interview ended up lasting 3 hours and plans were already made for a 3rd interview for the entire division manager. Hopefully this is good news?..!!!

  • weird

    Okay, so I had an interview today. She didn’t ask any personal question whatsoever. But, she did have me sit in with a current employee to see how the job is done for 10 minutes and then told me that she’ll contact me next week. Is this good or bad? If it’s bad, why the f did I have to sit in with an employee for 10 minutes…?! Just to waste my time? !

  • Nickie

    I had an interview with our local police department for a court clerk position. Once I got in the room by escort, of course, there were 6 people sitting around the table waiting on me. I was very uncomfortable having all those eyes on me but I had prayed before I went and felt that I could make it through the process without totally bumming out or breaking into a cold sweat. Well the interviewers were all cool and we did discuss some personal stuff and laughed. At the end the hiring manager said that she wanted to tell me that “this takes a while” meaning the decision to make an offer is not instant. Well it’s been almost 2 weeks and I am so anxious to get this job until I don’t know what to do. It’s even harder because I’m not working and sitting at home by the phone all day is crucial to the mind. I just wish they’d call me and tell me ya or nay for crying out loud because the suspense and uncertainty is weighing me down.

  • mocha

    I just had an interview that lasted about 40 minutes as i was told it would, but at the end of the interview they said(2 interviewers) that we have a few minutes, so is there anything i would like to ask? i asked about the company and how long its been around and what they both liked about working here in this company. IS that good? I felt it was a great interview but at the end they thanked me, walked me out and said thanks for coming in. THere was no indication of when they would get back with me or anything, so that was odd, and I didnt ask, I let it go. IS that normal, or out of the ordinary.

  • jane

    mine was like a train… 3 hours and 6 dudes. damn.

  • http://youngandfirstinterview Anonymous

    i turned in my application next day recieved call that manager requested 4 my interview be set up immediately meanin next day at 10:45 was lost as wasnt told wut door 2 go in. finally pointed in right direction and went in 2 shake hand but was told 2 shut door so i did leavin her hand there was basic ? i hope asked then said would get a call friday wit answer then told wut would be done next aka background check but was also informed that i was the only 1 in very many on time and early at that asked if can handle work and school and sent on my way it was 15 min total time did i mess up wit the handshake thing?…..

  • Jake

    I am really an excellent candidate. My past performance history have always been either above average or excellent. I have 17 work experience with the Federal Government, but when it comes to interviews, it is another story. I do not do well in interviews, a matter of fact I hate them. Interviews should be eliminated. Good Luck to everyone………..

  • Diane

    I just had a follow up interview from a group interview of 375 applicants. Only 10 of original interviewers were selected for a follow up, I was 3rd to interview from that. My interview only lasted 15 minutes and with an abruptness when asked, what I did in my spare time, I’m F and work on cars, also I’m 50 years old but not to be egotistical, very good looking, so what does that mean, positive or not? PS: I was told, we’ll let you know…

  • James r

    i had an interview for a cook position but the restaurant is still has not opened. the interview was about 15 mins but he said that he will call me sometime next week what does that mean.

  • Joe

    It means he will call you sometime next week…..

  • Tiny

    I think I screwed up on an interview, I went in on a friday after 4 interviews that week, I had to take a accounting and excel test I did horrible on the accounting test and I told him. Well I got called back for a second interview with his wife. He said I was very weak on my accounting test and I said to be honest I had several interviews that week and It was friday and I think if I knew I was taking a test I would have been more ready. And he said he is a kind of person that likes to surprise people on interviews but you know I was about over it!!! Then I think the rest of the interview went good. What do you think did I screw up or what?

  • Hyde

    I just had an interview with a company for a sales rep position. The interview was going alright, until he brought out a bottle of wine from underneath his desk. He did this like it was nothing out of the ordinary. It caused me to stop answering a question he asked, but told me to continue. He continued to take out two wine glasses and a wine key, and preceded to open the wine and pour two drinks. I was pretty nervous at the start of the interview, and it must have been really noticeable. When he told me to drink the glass of wine. I had so many thoughts going through my head! If I don’t drink the wine, will I not get the job? Is this even ethical? I choose to drink the wine, out of fear that I would leave a bad impression. After a few sips, he stood up, and didn’t have any pants on! The next question out of his mouth was if I worked out or not. I stood up immediately, thanked him for his time, and walked out of the office. This was the third interview of the hiring process. It’s a dream company. Do you think I got the job?

  • JD

    I had an interview last Friday. It just so happen I know the HR person she was layed off from the company I am leaving. She was as suprised to see me as I was to see her. My appointment was with the Operations Supervisior and the Program Manger. After taking with the HR person who had admitted to having very little to talk about because she was familiar with my work ecthics and performance we talked more about things going on with the company she was layed from. The Operations Supervisior and I hit it off real good, she even have me pointers for the next interview with her boss the Program Manger. She commented about the thing she liked on my resume. The Program Manger was a little different but I think he liked me for the position. He gave me the full tour of the facility and introduced me to people along the way. He didn’t leave anything out including the location of the coffee pots and microwaves. He said the HR person would let us know either way by Friday which is tommorw. What do you think my chances are for getting this job? Did knowing the HR person help. I am so nervous I want this job so bad I can taste it. Let me know what you think. The interview lasted 1:15min.

  • CG

    I went on an interview 3 weeks ago. I had exellent references, and work experience. I really didn’t know how to answer some questions due to that it was a civil officer job and I didn’t have any experience on the job. I explained to them how I had the hardest job of them all which were my young adult children. A correctional officer, a military seargent, and a nurse assistant. I told them about I was a single mother for a long time and I made it my goal to raise good citizens and I did. But I started crying in the middle of the interview when I told them about my drugaddict exhusband and how that was the reason for bringing up good citizens. You think that they are not going to hire me because of that personnal info?

  • Kayla

    So I had a job interview today at a bank and the interviewer asked me in the last year what was your greatest accomplishment? I started crying and told her about how my ex husband dropped me off on my friends front porch with my three year old son and while I was 5 months pregnant. I told her that I found housing and found ways to take care of my children and get back on my feet. She told me that she had gone through pretty much the same exact thing. I cried in an interview!! I’m pretty sure I didn’t get the job.

  • Stopper By

    To Kayla – I think that this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Not only could the interviewer relate to you on a personal level, but they see that you have strength and determination and now have a feel for who you are and what you value. Good luck!

  • Amyaia

    I just had a share day with a company,you know when you spend the entire day not paid and that means parking as well, learning about the company, meeting the staff, etc. I thought I had the job in the bag until… I rec a email from the supv and she stated that HR just sent her a few more people to interview AND she has several share days lined up this week and a dec will be made by the close of business on Friday. I want to stay postive but… and I’m sorry to sound this way I have been on 25 interviews in the past 2 months all ending with the you rocked upon leaving the place attitude from the interviewer. I even had someone tell me I will call you Thursday to discuss benefits song and dance only to find out the call Thursday was “I’m sorry but we found a better person…” What the stars????

    Fed-up Job seeker

  • wootena

    I just finished up a second interview. They called me back from the first interview early the next day. Everything flowed well and she gave me a definite day that they would have a decision, but she also mentioned they were interviewing a lot of other people. Is this a bad sign saying that my interview was just okay, or could it possibly be a way of drawing it out?

  • sid

    Alright, so today I await the call the interviewer promises only to find out they haven’t called when they said they would? Ok? So I call back and I’m given an answer like, “Yea, our manager has been out sick. Maybe you’ll hear from us next week.”

    Why the hell did they tell me they’d call me Friday and not follow up? When I asked them to what happened it’s a whole different story? Come on.

  • pinkie

    i went for a first interview which went really well. i was called that same day to come in for a second interview. i just finished the second interview and i’m not sure if it went well. i did meet with the manager and director, simultaneously. the director did ask me when would i be available to start. is that a good sign? the director also asked what kind of work environment i would like to work in and tried to sell me on the idea that this work environment was a good one. the interview didn’t last that much more than 30 minutes. cross my fingers!

  • bb

    Just wondering if a interview last an hour and the persion shows you things you would be working if hired and goes on about you would be making more than this and sit down with our deparment and says they will call on such and such a date about if you got the job or not and some personal infermation gets shared and the persion says they were ifey about you working for them but now there mind is changed. are those good sings to look for if a persion got hierd or not

  • Glenda

    If they tested you on interview skills, I would flunk. I have gotten over the nervousness and try to “just be myself”, so I can relax and remain calm. I just want to tell people, from experience, even if the interview goes well, it doesn’t mean you got the job. Don’t let it bother you though. The right job will come along, just keep practicing. I say this, because I haven’t had any problems with my resume in landing interviews, but I have had problems in getting the job after an interview. My interviews are long, I even get told they will contact me, but could they please still conduct the interviews they already have lined up? Or something to that effect. I have come to the conclusion, if they don’t hire you on the spot, or give you an exact date (not talking time frame, but a date) then you probably should keep looking. I remember interviewing and getting the job on the spot. The way that I convinced him was I encouraged him to try me out even on a temp basis, and reminded him of how much it would save him from looking at other candidates (I don’t think any employer likes to keep looking) and he took me up on the offer. If you can convince them to try you out and save them a lot of time and effort in continuing their search, you may win the interview.

  • Truly Positive

    I recently had a telephone interview that I felt has my name written all over it! The Hiring Manager went over the process and asked a few technical questions that I was able to anwser and explain..I felt our dialogue was very good and the Manager mentioned he selected my resume himself during the initial screening of resumes..should I be excited? I’ve had similar interviews but no offer..scared to get excited about this one even though it appeared to go great in my opinion without being biased what so ever..

  • Huh?

    I just had an unusual interview experience. I submitted a bunch of random resumes to companies I wanted to work at and the director for an advertising company called me back and asked me to come in for an interview for a position, so I had good hopes for this!

    However, at the interview, the first thing the interviewer said was “remind me what position you applied for again,” and proceeded to not have any eye contact and muttered to himself.

    What kind of sign is this? I thought he was interested because I sent my resume on friday evening, he called me first thing monday morning and scheduled an interview for wednesday. Was he not interested by looking at me or what?

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  • Jenya

    Even if they don’t hire your on the spot, it doesnt’ mean they are not hiring you. Some companies can just make an offer right at the end of an interview, and some have to put your info thru HR, get their approval, and then contact you with an offer. Good luck to everybody!

  • dee

    I’ve recently interviewed for a Parent Liaison position at a school. There were 2nd seperate interviews. The first was the longest and was more formal. The management company & my (potential) direct boss interviewed me & said “I’d hit the nail on the head” with regard to the person they were looking to fill the position. They scheduled another interview but said the main goal was to see if the principal thought I’d be a good fit. This interview (which was yesterday) also seemed to go well;however, it was stated that they were looking for someone to start on Mon. (but they were hiring for 6 different jobs). It’s Friday now and I haven’t heard anything back (so it’s only been a day). Should I be worried or might they have just been busy with other interviews>?

  • bc

    I had a interview for unit coordinator last week. The job pertains to medical termnology and i have a degree in Medical Office Tech. At the end of the interview she was asking if i mind working from 3-11 and was telling me about what the job consist of and what i would be doing. She told me that i would be working around alot of people and would i mind working under a supervisor. Then she said that on my last job she knew that i worked around alot of people and that i should have mp problems working around alot 0f people. That i was use to working with people before i could give her a answer. Do you think i have a chance for that job. I have a degree in everything the job was required to do.

  • Monitorjak

    i previously went into chik-fil-a for an open interview (where there is a group of applicants and a few intereviewers come and get a person at a time) my interview last 10-15 minutes, is that bad?

  • Monitorjak

    i previously went into chik-fil-a for an open interview (where there is a group of applicants and a few intereviewers come and get a person at a time) my interview last 10-15 minutes, is that bad?
    the interviewer told me, he was going to send my information to the people who has the power to hire and it is their decision to hire me or not

  • Arelis

    I applied for a position that seemed very promising. I first had a phone interview with the Hiring Manager for 1 hour. Then was a invited to an on-site interview which lasted for 1 hour 45 minutes. The Hiring Manager and I made a great connect. I was introduced and also interviewed by someone else I would be working with. I had all the signs of a good interview and was also asked my available date to start and also was given a definite date by when I should hear back. Bottom line, I heard back within 3 days with a decision we decided to go with another candidate only because she had more experience. Bottomline, I really aced the interview and it was an experience/entry level position. It all depends on the market. Right now is very competitive and Experienced professionals are taking pay cuts.

  • crockit

    Well my experience is like most. Iv had 4 interviews, but the interviewer always seems to talk about himself. Most of the people that seem to be interviewing are doing it as a socializing thing for themselves. A guy last week put me to sleep, i mean he bored me to death! very odd.

  • sekaa

    So, I just finished with my first interview, everything seemed to go well- we laughed, made jokes, and didn’t talk only about the postion that i applied for (office assistant). At the end he told me that i was the one so far that he liked, and that he would make his dicession on Satursday morning which 4 are going to have a second interview… What those this mean? help..

  • Naresh

    HR said Good luck at the end of the interview .. what does that mean????? pls replyyyy

  • http://none Mwhee

    I just had an interview yesterday and unfortunately got the time wrong and went in an hour late. I was 20 minutes early according to my time. They didn’t say anything at the time. and I also happened to go to several wrong buildings before the interview and mentioned this to them. After the interview I realized what I had done and called the interviewer and left her a message because she wasn’t available. I explained what happened and apologized. I’m afraid I totally screwed everything up. She was very nice and told me all about the position. She asked me about my experience and we chatted about the current place I work. She said they had another interview or two and she would know something tomorrow and if I dont hear anything then to call her. She gave me her number. I can’t believe I made such a big mistake. Another thing is she asked if this job was something I would be interested in. I assured I was very interested. I don’t want to get my hopes up though because I probably wouldn’t hire someone who showed up late. wdyt?

  • Pain2010

    Hi, well Yesterday I had a 3rd and Final interview and I felt that it went well. The position that I applied for was an internal position for the company that I already work for. I was talking to another applicant that sits right next to me and figured out that over 6 other employees applied and were rejected and I am in the Final run for the position. The first part of my interview was a few questions and prescreening…a test. The second part was a one on one with the actual supervisor of the dept and the 3rd interview was with the HR dept. She asked me the “Why you question..and 4 other S.T.A.R question in which i felt I answered to the best of my ability. She actually told me that there was another guy that they are considering and that she and the sup will collaborate first and then give me and answer on Monday.. Im very nervous. I sent thank you letter to both and I also did a powerpoint presentation that i printed out that showed my sucesses in 2009 and 10 points on why I should be hired for my second interview. I wanted to stand out from all the rest. Should I have done more??

  • Tawny

    I went to Houston to visit some family and my boyfriend and while i was there I emailed a potential teaching position I recently applied for. I was told to come in the next day to meet and interview. Because of my Kinesiology background I was qualified to teach health and physical education and with an English lit minor I had an little extra to give. They interview went well and i even met some of the teachers who were pulled out of class to tell me how the experience was working for this particular school. Because the interview was unplanned she asked me to jot down a few references. As I think back now i tried to pull out the obvious signs like, “Wow you also have a literature background.” Also, that the interviewer spoke as if I was an asset and what i could contribute. I was told I would bear a word back this week and like anyone, waiting is the hard part mainly because it is still early and I am sure applicants are still pouring in. Do you think I got it? Also, should I keep looking for other positions in the meantime? Thanks

  • ralphm

    I went for an interview at hospital for ward secretary , but i was late they even called me then i got in and they asked their question and answered everything well whereby the face of other interviewer was showing interested, but they didnt say when they will camoe back to me so do u think i got that job?

  • john

    what if they said that they got to interview one more person and they will make a decision by next friday….please email me the answer back

  • Neimo

    How do I know If I did well.
    Here is the scenario.
    I worked for a company in entry level position and is new employee. I have been recently considered for a promotion in another branch of this company. This promotion includes a educational program financed by the company. this promotion is very rare for a new employee. The company did everything to facilitate the interview by accommodating my schedule.
    I did a profile assessment few days before the interview. I had the interview last Tuesday. Before the interview, I was in the top 4 in their short list. After the interview, the interviewer told me that I was in the top 3. He also said that he will make his decision and will have to wait the approval of his supervisor. This will take about 3 or 5 days and he will hope to get the answer before the starting date which is the next Tuesday. He will inform me as soon he get the approval.
    During the interview , he said the following things.
    I answered all his questions and would like to ask too more questions to confirm my profile.
    He didn’t take a lot of notes during the interview.
    During the interview, He also talked about himself such as how he became the manager of this branch, how much time per week is really spend in working and studying. He also talked about the community, his team and their success.
    He also gave me a very detailed descriptions of the training program, duties and responsibilities, the weekly, monthly goals, and how the company will help me to learn and grow and to perform.
    At the end of the interview, he said that this position was a dream job for a lot of people, and this opportunity to be considered for this position was very exceptional.
    He also mentioned that there will be a lot of opportunity in this position and the company will do its best to keep their people.

    Today is Saturday and the company is closed on weekends. the next Monday the company is exceptional closed due to holiday. the position should start on Tuesday.
    Since my interview, I haven’t heard from him. Therefore I don’t know yet where I will work on Tuesday. I am waiting the phone call. What do you think about the interview? Do you think I will get the job?… please e-mail me back.

  • Shutup

    Shut the fuk up with ur questions and just wait for the call if your hired r not. We can’t answer if u got the job or not

    • flashdollar

      Sometimes it just helps to hear something from someone else whos gone through it. Most of these people have a pretty good idea on how it went, they just need someone to say “hey, it’ll be alright, you are doing good” quit being a dick.

  • stresssed

    Still waiting anxiously, I was told id get the result today (Fri) – its 5.25pm – nothing so far! guess il be waiting till monday ! grrrrrrrrrrr

  • chinspatel

    vel….i got a interview call 4rm meijier which is in lima OH, how vil u kno if u get da job; i mean thay vil u kno da results on da same day of the interview whether u qualify 4 da job or wht……how vil u kno that???…..r dey gona say that ur in or vil dey call us like couple dys ago

  • chinspatel

    sorry da very last word sud have been vil dey call like a couple of dys after ur interview wid dem

  • bob

    Hi there

    i wnet to nterview, for all day, after that they told me they liek to take me to dinner. i think all they it went well, dinner they asked question i answerd but was a little steers full. but i answered them, now two weeks passed, i head nothing, no rejection no confirmation that i got the job. they told me stay in touch and positive. what it means?

  • Anxious

    Hi, i recently went in for a interview, i think the interview went well, and the interviewer said she will let me know, its been almost week since the interview and i havnt heard anything. I have sent a thank you email, do you think i should email the interviewer asking if i have the job or not? Do you think its a good thing that i havnt heard anything yet? Please answer

  • Ana

    So i just got called from a company I applied for, and she asked me a few questions , the whole phone call only lasted like 3-5 mins !!!… but at the end she said ” Our on site interviews are in two weeks , we dont have a set location yet, but as soon as we decide where, I will give you a call to let you know the location.”

    … does this mean I have the possibility of getting a one-on-one in person interview ? even though the phone call was suppperr short!!!… or should I not expect a call anymore

  • bob

    you guys are stupid

  • L

    Just had a second interview and know they checked all personal references, does this mean I got it or theyre just interested?

  • impatient

    I’m crossing my fingers! Had an interview on monday, should have an answer next week!!

  • Waiting

    I just want to hear some type of reassurance/advice on a few things. My husband ust graduated with his MBA and has sent out nemerous applications and is finally starting to get some calls/e-mails back for interviews (like they were waiting for him to graduate or something, weird since in Grad school they have you start sending apps. in 6 months out). Anyway, we will be relocating to the area that most of the jobs we are applying for, so many of the interviews have been over the phone thus far. He had an interview over the phone 2 wks. ago on a Friday with an HR manager for a big banking company for a consultant position (this is the job he wants over any of course), she said she would get back to him the following Mon. or Tues., he heard nothing so he called and left a VM on that Wed., still heard nothing, called her again on the following Monday and she said I set up two apts. one on Wed. and one on Thurs. with the hiring managers. Turns out they are hiring for the same position but in diff. depts. so he has the potential for two different positions. Anyway, so he interviewed with both of them. My question is this….I have read that if they tell you that they have a few others to interview and they will get back to you “sit tight”, it is a bad sign. Well…both of the gentlemen told my husband this. He said the interviews went well, and seemed to be a good fit. The managers said they have to collaborate with one another after the interview process is finished and decide who goes with what manager out of the selected canidates. Could this really be the case or is it complete BS. Our lives are riding on this one response, my husbands other job just ended and we need to know that something else is out there. So I am just curious if you think they are toying with him or if it could very well be legit that they need time to discuss the potential employees with one another. I mean I guess one couldn’t have hired my husband on the spot without consulting with the other…who knows, I am just getting sick of the mind games really!!!

  • Wondering

    I received a call on my home (answering machine) a week and a day after my second interview (three days were weekend and a holiday). The message went like this: “Thanks for your interest in working for our company, but we have decided to go in a different direction at this time. If’s it ok with you I would like to keep your resume on file, we are planning a expansion in a few months, and I would like to revisit your resume at that time”.

    If this a typical blow off or should I keep up my hopes up. I have a job at this time, but this job is my dream job.

    I would also like to know if I should contact the person who interviewed me in a few months.

    Anyones opinion on this call and advice is greatly needed.

  • Alex

    I just had an interview. He told me I did well and that he will email me within a day or two and let me know. He said that there are4 more interviews today and there is only one position available. I was the first interview and he will chose the best one? Does this mean I wont get the job? I dunno

  • Fary

    I had an interview yesterday, I think it went pretty well, the guy said he liked me, and I looked perfect for that job. He said that people like me he need it around there, he is the CEO from that organization.
    We were talking for almost 40 minutes, we ended up talking really personal things about kids, and married life, and my family.
    At the end of the interview he said he really liked me and will definetly give me an answer at the end of the week or beginning of next week.
    So I don’t know what to think but I am going to wait until next tuesday.

  • Moi

    Just had a second interview yesterday. It went for two hours. 1 hour for each VP. They said they will have an answer friday. Got along well, discussed some strategy and how I work etc….felt like a personality thing too – trying to see how I did individually with each VP. The first interview lasted an hour with a different VP – he said I made top three. Funny though, the two I met yesterday talked in the ‘tense’ that I was already the guy. Not sure if the first guy was just bs’ing or what.

  • cookie

    i went on an interview for a teaching position i took my portfolio and did not show it my interview lasted about 25 minutes is this a good sign or not?? i feel as if i am a good candidate but the interview went to quickly! the ady seemed as if she was in a rush as for the other 5 people they seemed very nice! give me some advice

  • Moi

    Called back for one last one with the Prez. They also asked for my reference list. I gave’m 5 names. Crossing fingers.

    cookie – I had a quickie too last week. About 30 minutes; straight down to business. What questions were asked?

  • Another Anxious

    I know I’m not likely to get a response here but I’ll share anyway…

    I went in for an interview for a better job in the company I already work for. The interview was scheduled for 1 hour but lasted 2 and ended with a tour and introductions to the team that was available. I only stumbled on one question and wound up getting a ton of “what if” roleplay type questions between the questions the interviewer had prepared. I know the HR process requires a bit of time but I’ve still got to wait until 2 weeks after the interview to hear back with an answer… I know I hit a homerun but I have no idea if anyone else hit a double, triple or grand-slam. The waiting game is killing me. Heck, I’m blabbering to total strangers at 3 am for Pete’s sake.

    P.S. I’ve seen a few questions here about the “good luck” statement at the end of an interview. A: If they are not qualifying it with a specific event (i.e. Good luck on that thing we talked about) then it is a poker tell that they’re most likely planning when to make the “sorry” call.

    P.P.S. Showing up late = sorry, not going to be you unless you really blow them away with the interview. Yes, that even goes for legitimate issues that could have delayed you.

    P.P.P.S. @Neimo (Yes, I read the date but this could help someone else) – If the hiring manager is describing how he got where he is in the same interview that he tells you “this position was a dream job for a lot of people, and this opportunity to be considered for this position was very exceptional” it means he decided not to hire you but he thinks you have potential for something else and he is giving you clues on how to improve.

    (There, broke the streak and answered a few questions…)

  • Moi

    Another hour interview. I’m losing focus! Actually not. Went well – it was basically a discussion about the company and what he expects from his employees. Almost the formal ‘what I expect from you in this position’. It was personal at points – he said I was respected by the other guys; which hopefully means good things – it was a personality fit really……plus the expectations once I get in…..haha, “IF” I get it. Discussed salary too – now I wait.

  • Moi

    Got the call. Offer comes tomorrow morning.

  • Piyabh

    I had a telephonic interview, which went pretty well (I think) though I don’t exactly match the background or experience they are looking for in the position. The interviewer told me that he would get in touch with me by the end of the week one way or the other. And the interview lasted 18 mins. Will I get the call for the next step in the process?

  • JC

    1st interview by phone with HR, went well.
    2nd interview by phone with CFO, went well.
    3rd interview by skype with CEO, went very well.
    I was asked to fly cross country for personal interview. They paid all expenses. I thought they were very interested in me. Wanted to know when I could start. That was three days ago. Am I overly anxious?

  • SLS

    So, only a few hours after emailing my resume and cover letter I received a response about a position in another state. I called the HR manager and we chatted for a while about the position. She told me that she had already forwarded my resume to the supervisor and that when we got off the phone she would call said supervisor and “put fire under her” to get the process moving. Later that day the supervisor called me to set up a phone interview. We chatted for a minute and laughed etc and set up a phone interview for the following day. When we spoke the following day for an hour and a half we really clicked and the language she was using was like “I want you to feel confident in closing out what you need to do with your current clients and I want you to tell me when you think you could start.” This was her response when asked what the timeline was for a start date etc. She then said to fax the application packet she had emailed to me with a reference sheet and once they called references they would be flying my out for a second interview. I really feel like I’ve nailed this but I have no idea. We hit it off extremely well. I am giddy with excitement. This is my dream job and this would be my supervisor and I’m freaking out! My references should be contacted starting tomorrow so I’m hoping to hear from her on Wednesday about scheduling my in person interview. I need to get out of here and this is my ticket to a new place with more money and less stress!!! I need to calm down!

    • new grad

      same here, im a new grad, looking for jobs for a month….and working in a restaurant, went for two interviews, i did bad on both interviews……..waiting is painful, not hearing anything is even worst.

  • Going Nuts Waiting

    -Submitted my resume for a Director level position on a Thursday and got a call from an HR rep on Monday to set up a phone screen interview.
    -Was told the phone screen should last 15-20 minutes and was scheduled for the Friday just before Labor Day weekend. Interview lasted about 40 minutes.
    -Toward the end of the interview, the person proceeded to tell me the salary for this position. I told her it was within my range.
    -She allowed me to ask her a lot of questions and then at the end, she gave me her direct phone number in case I had any additional questions after we hung up.
    -She also added that she will be interviewing additional candidates the following week and would get back to me by week’s end. And she repeated this part a second time before we hung up.
    -Because she is a senior HR partner in the organization, I wrote her an excellent thank you letter and FedEx’d it (she should have received it today, Wednesday).

    Today is Wednesday and she’s supposed to get back to me by Friday. I’m really hoping for a second interview. I think the fact that she gave me her direct phone number is a good sign. I also think it’s good sign that she told me the salary for this position. Although it’s possible she tells all candidates in order to weed out people. Any thoughts from others out there would be appreciated!

  • Lee

    I had an interview yesterday. It is the first company I have interviewed at and I think it went well. I gave a presentation which my interviewers seemed impressed by and did a good job answering their open-ended questions. This was my third and final interview at this company so it was more like a conversation between my interviewers and I as opposed to a typical interview when they just throw questions at you. Toward the end, they gave me an opportunity to ask them any questions, however I was at a loss for words since I had asked all of my questions throughout the interview process. The first thing that came out of my mouth was “What is the pay range?” Now I am kicking myself for asking this. The interview had gone well and I am nervous that I came across as greedy and more interested in money than the actual position. I am worried that me asking this question can be a deal breaker on whether or not I get the job. What do you think?

  • vitid

    I am wondering why no one wants to share whether or not they got a job after all. That would be very interesting and helpful…
    Lee-I don’t think you should be worried. It is appropriate to bring this up at the end of an interview so what you did. In theory an interviewer should tell the candidate about the salary range upfront or ask you about salary expectations to clear things up. The bottom line, many people start looking for a new job for one reason–they want to “sell” themselves for more money. So yeah, I would definitely ask this question also.

  • Chris

    Thanks for taking time to put such helpful information together.
    What would you do if you interviewed, it went well (personalities meshed), and they called to ask for my references but it’s been 5 days with not a word now and they did call one reference.
    Since it’s a sales job, would you email, call, or write? They even gave me a solid date they want to have someone in place. That date is less than 2 weeks from today.
    I really want the job!!

  • Frankie Valley

    What a bunch of pathetic morons. Noone but the interviewer knows if you got the job. Losers.

    • Iwamoto


    • iwa


  • Monty

    Frankie Valley- You call these people pathetic morons and losers, yet you took the time to read their comments and questions.
    Obviously the interviewer knows who got the job, but there are signs in an interview when you know if you have a chance or not. I think that is what people are trying to figure out here.

  • Leslie

    Good points but i don’t think all of these is accurate. I had an interview one time at a pet store so the meeting lasted for almost two hours. The manager also described another position available I wasn’t applying for. He also talked about a previous employer who left the job and blah blah.. at the end they told me they were going to contact me in two days and surprise! I never heard back from them not even after two weeks…

  • Jones

    You have the job if interviewer shows you your desk, the lunch room, the rest toom and gives you a tour of the place.

    • No

      not neccessaraly, i got shown all around in my job int once and nothing but a call, are very positive one, but i didnt get it

  • zztop

    @ leslie not be rude but they probably found someone more quilified for the job it the best of us..all of this information is correct to date…But..i had an interview that went on for a half hour longer than expected…i then called back to see…and they said they would call me back within a week its been almost a month.. =(

  • Tyler

    I am already an Admissions Counselor and have been for almost 4 years with another company. I applied for a educational recruiter position on a Tuesday and got an email to take an online wonderlic the next day. I took the wonderlic and then on Friday the Director of Recruitment called me to set up an interview. She also knew that I wanted to become a Manager and eventually a Director so she told me that there was a Manager position open and to apply and we would talk about both positions when I came in on Saturday so I applied. I came in a week later on a Saturday to take a personality test and another wonderlic and then the Director conducted a 45 min interview with me and took me on a tour of the campus. She then set me to come back in on Monday night to meet with the Campus Director. She called me on Monday and told me he could not do it on Monday that they would have to reschedule. He was going on vacation the rest of the week for Thanksgiving but she was able to schedule me in on Tuesday morning on his day off to meet with me. I came in and had a 25 min interview with him. He asked me if I filled out my application and I said yes last night and he said then they have already started the background check process. He said it would take 5-10 business days to get back and then he would sit down with the Director of Recruitment and discuss all the candidates and call me back and let me know if I got the manager position or not. I followed up a week later with the Director of Recruitment and she said they were still conducting interviews and that some could not be conducted prior to thanksgiving and that she should be in touch soon. Is this a good sign or a bad sign? I would like some imput.

  • Anxious

    I had a phone interview this morning for the same position I applied for 6 months ago. The directors (whom I will be working for should I get this job) emailed me to inform of this position becoming available. We exchanged emails and finally had the interview set for today. I got heads up from the source which makes me think that I have a advantage. The interview was scheduled for 1 hour but we got off the phone after 30mins! They told be they’ll get back to me in a few weeks as it’s the beginning of the year and there’s a lot to follow up on. Also there’s another candidates for this position! They did not give any specific date though which made me worry more! At this moment I think the worst that can happen is to get rejected a 2nd time from the same people for the same job! Sigh! Wish me luck and all the best for those who are still waiting!

  • Scott

    well i had an interview that went over 30 minutes with 5 people 4 for one job and 1 with another and we all laughed, talked about the job and i felt completely comfortable and they told me they would make a decision in a couple of days. how does that sound

    • Mike

      Well I had an interview and the person greeted me. How does that sound?

      • zchemic


  • Ignite45

    I have a quick question. I went on two interviews with a company and they seem to really like me. After the second interview they said give them three weeks before they can get back with an answer. Is it ok for me to follow up after the second week or should I wait three full weeks before I can email them?

  • Jennifer

    I got 5 out of 6 of these today. I hope thats a good sign…

  • Godspaz14

    I interviewed today for a position at a Daycare center. i have over 3 years experience and felt the interview went great. I got 4 of the 6 mentioned above in my interview this afternoon. i also got asked to come back for a second interview tomorrow. this one where i actually go into the classrooms and interact with the kids. i am anxious and kinda nervous but excited. i feel they really liked me and the manager was actually talking to me about what i would do during the day, and the possibility for more hours. She was planning into the future with me in the picture which made me feel secure. each time i have been called back for a second interview, i have gotten the job. so keeping my fingers crossed for this one. i have been out of work for 5 months.

    • Highland Chck

      Did you get the job? 

  • Mkabukha

    Today I got a response saying,”we will be considering other candidates for this position.” Does that mean I didn’t get the job?

    • Anonymous

      Probably. Sorry.



  • Flyinghumanoids25

    I didn’t get any of these, haha, I had a feeling this would happen..

    • Claires29

      I am waiting to hear back from a position for which I applied months ago I had a telephone interview which was successful and an instore interview on Tues all of the signs are looking good according to the above (today is Thursday) so I am awaiting the all inportant phone call sometime by tommorow. ( was told by Friday)  nervous .com lol x

  • razzo

    the worst is when they tell you they are going to contact you for a second interview. You do some waiting. And as you are continuing applying for other jobs, you see the same job post going up…..that really sucks…

  • Seanp07

    1. They said within 10 business days.
    2. Didn’t think of that.
    3. Not sure how long I was scheduled for.
    4. We talked about the weather. :)
    5. Nope.
    6. They told me what I needed for the job and courses I would need to take.  The manager and supervisor told me what courses and things I would need to do if I got the job. I hope that’s a good sign (:))….

  • Isabella27

     Very interesting comment :) 

  • Highland Chick

    I recently had an interview and the 2  managers told me that I did a phenomenal job. They even told me that I will be in charge of showing the difference between research and application of the research. They commented on my response and even reply that the questions that I asked were highly intellectual. Before the end of the interview I was told that I possess the skills that the company needs and that I will not have any problems getting a job (since I have skills that they want to incorporate more often). I asked what impressed them about there current employees and the most recent hired employees.  The interview did run long and they ended up showing me the facilities and people afterwards.

    Less than 2 hours after the interview the recruiters followed up with a phone call letting me know that they are still interviewing people and that I would know the answer within a week. The recruiter even asked me whether I would prefer a certain day, such as “by Wednesday”.

    I am still awaiting a response (since my interview was this past Tuesday and today is Wednesday). 

    We didn’t get too personal  and  interviews after me were not cancelled so now I am a little concerned. I feel as if it went well (even though my voice was breaking initially :)

    Thanks for the insight on the minds of the interviewers. 

  • Bamgettem

    she wrote my name an dnumber down & said she would call me back to sign my papers & my background check & drug test. is that a god thing & this job was at k mart…

  • GirlFromBrazil

    u must have been white

  • Katzsandbox

    I am expecting a job offer any day now.  I have a family vacation scheduled for 3 weeks from now.  How do I address this with my prospective new employer?

  • Kraalik01

    I applied for a position and the manager said Good Luck!. I hope thats a good sign, I have a feeling thats a bad one

  • Kessiie

     Hello, I went for an first interview and they called me for a second one.. on the 2nd they got personal and told me what i will be earning and my time schedule as well as there policy and where i was based .. after this they wrote my CV qualified and told me they will call me on friday  where i waited for there call but they never called me.. since they had told me to report on monday i went there and they told me that they hadnt had time to call me  they told me to call them on thursday that very week… when i did they told me to report at wrk at 9.00 to arrange everything… i afraid that this guyz are like not serious… what should I do

  • Dlbutler22

    I had a drug test after a interview with Cabela’s for a new store opening in tulalip washington. Then I had a interview after that. Just wanted to know if that’s a good sign. The interviewer introduced me to a manager after the interview. Said they call in about 2 weeks training starts in about 4 weeks. 

  • Braintruste

    Ok so some of the advice is completely contradicted by a class I just took from my employment office on interviewing. They said NOT to mention personal stuff at any cost and called it “oversharing.” You advocate getting into personal stuff and they said absolutely not.
    Make everything relevant to the job. Also, they are doing “behavioral interviews” now, fyi.