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Ask Brian: How Long To Wait For Approval On A Vacation Request

September 29th, 2009 · Leave A Comment

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D. asks:

How long should one expect to wait to get approval on a vacation request? I have three weeks vacation and have only used two.

Vacation request? This time of year? I think you’re reading your calender upside down!

But, it seems my “how long to wait” answers are very popular. So…

Brian has an answer after the jump…

Brian Sayz:

Vacation request policy varies from employer to employer.  If your employee manual does not spell out a requested lead time for vacation requests or your employer does not have an employee manual, then it is time to ask either Human Resources or your boss.

I know some industries prohibit vacation during certain times of the year, so it is important to gain understanding if your employer has such restrictions. In addition, your employer might have already planned out the labor budget for the next few months and already has you booked for work.  Also, some places of employment have a vacation calender that allows for only a certain number of people to be gone on any given day. You need to make yourself aware of any of these vacation caveats.  Here is the method of how I would approach my boss or HR on inquiring about the proper lead time.

  1. Have in mind particular dates that you want off.  It is inevitable that your boss/HR will ask when you think you want to take your vacation time.  Be prepared to have alternate dates in mind, too.  Being that it is almost October, it is pretty late in the year to give notice for a week of vacation.
  2. Send an e-mail or phone ahead to ask if your boss/HR has a few minutes to discuss possible vacation time.  This way your boss/HR will not be grumpy when you spring a last minute week off on them.  If I recommend that if you have to be gone last minute for some reason, it isn’t a bad idea to preempt your request for a meeting with an apology. A meeting may also be required between you and your boss  strategize on how your work will get done or be covered while you are away.
  3. Submit your Vacation Request per the outcome of your meeting.

Now you are versed in your company’s Vacation Request Policy.  Congrats and Bon Voyage!

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