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Ask Brian – How Long Should I Wait To Hear Back? – Some Rules

February 28th, 2008 · 209 Comments

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Reader Iris writes in:

I went for an interview about a month ago and got invited for a second interview which I had two weeks ago. They initially said that a decision would be made in a weeks time, so after a week I called to follow up and they said they were very happy I called and appreciated that. However no decision had been made yet, but they would definitely let me know as soon as they make a decision.

Now it has been a week and a half since the follow up and I have not heard anything! Should I call/e-mail them and follow up again, or should I just presume that they have found someone else. Please help as I can not stop checking my phone and every time it is a disappointment!

Brian answers after the break…

Brian sayz:

First, let’s answer Iris’ specific question.

Since you’ve already waited a further week and a half, wait a few days more and let a nice round two weeks elapse. Then, call, email, visit in person. Do what you feel like. You certainly deserve to get an answer at this point. You might get some further insights why by reading below.

Now, to delve into this further…

I don’t know why, but this question (and variations on it) represent the number one most common Ask Brian question. I’ve touched on answers before, but this question still comes in on a weekly basis.

I’m not sure if there has been a sudden breakdown in recruitment decorum, or if it has always been thus.

One thing I’m sure of, however, is that you have a right to know if a decision has been made, and even given an expectation when a decision might be made.

Not a Constitutional right, of course. But you definitely have rights just in the sense of common decency and professional manners.

So, since this is such a popular question, let’s see if we can’t flush out some hard and fast rules to stick by. Thus, here are:

Brian’s Rules For Following Up After A Job Interview

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask when a decision might be made.
  2. If they give you a firm date (say, something like, “We’ll be making a decision by the end of the month.”) then don’t inquire before that date. If they’ve given you a date, consider it real and don’t follow up until that date has passed.
  3. If they don’t give you a firm date, wait at least 1 and 1/2 to 2 weeks before following up and inquiring about a decision.
  4. If you do follow up, follow up in the least intrusive way first. Get more intrusive if you don’t hear anything. In other words, start by emailing. If you get no response, try calling. If still no response, follow up in person.
  5. If you have followed up and made contact once and they give you a delay (as they did to Iris… saying they still haven’t made a decision) give it another 1 and 1/2 to 2 weeks to follow up again.
  6. If you have waited 4-6 weeks, following up regularly, using all the methods described above, and you still can’t get a response… then write that company and that position off. Move on to the next one.

And of course, you might hear back sooner if you’ve hired a quality resume writing service to help you prepare your resume.

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  • Kevin

    There have been LOTS of time where there has never been closure. I think that is rude and unprofessional on the part of companies after I have been interviewed. All they have to do is send a “Thanks but No Thanks” email so I can have closure.

    I know I am not alone in feeling this way!

    • jb1

      I was interviewed for a position that I was overqualified for, but after ten years of not working, decided to get into the job search. (My plant closed) My interviewer was not an HR person, but a maintenance manager. I was nervous as heck. He told me that they would get back to me, yeah right. I too wonder how long until I’m, contacted. If they decide not to hire me, I look at it this way–your loss. My qualifications and education speak for themselves.
      1. 25 years at Fortune 500 Company
      2. Engineering degree (magna cum laude) from Michigan.
      3. I would hire an older experienced worker than a young person with less experience and education.

  • Iris

    First of all thanks for the insight Brian. I will follow up some time next week.

    And Kevin you are completely right. Everyone says that companies should follow up, but most of the time they never do!

    I went in for three interviews for a position in a big, famous company and every time I followed up they kept saying that the decision should be made next week! 4 months down the line and still no official response from them! I find that very rude and so unprofessional!

  • Richard Rinyai

    I have been in situations like this as well. The company would say that they would contact me and I would follow up a few times. I would never get an answer.

    Personally, I wouldn’t bother with them. Imagine how they treat their employees and clients if they treat you this way. It’s just unprofessional.


    Richard Rinyai

  • Jodith

    Just one thought on the company’s possible motive. Some hirers (is that a word?) don’t want to send out the No Thank You letters until their preferred candidate actually begins the job. It’s not unusual for someone who is job hunting to give a yes to the first person that asks and then change their mind when another offer comes through (or a counter from their existing employer). So, employers will keep all applicants on a string until the new employee is actually in the office.

    Is it fair? No. Is it polite? No. Does it happen? You betcha.

    I’ve also noticed, though, in my last few rounds of job hunting, how many employers never acknowledge your existence again, even after the interview. Once upon a time, a letter or postcard was sent out to everyone who applied, and a phone call was made to anyone who interviewed. Then it was only a letter to those that were interviewed. I’ve been on a number of interviews in the last 5 years where I never received any response at all unless I called them. And that is, I agree, quite rude.

  • Gary Johnson

    Just like a cover letter send them a follow up letter asking them if they need any more in formation from you about your qualifications. At this time ask them at this time if they have made a decision on filling the job. After that every two weeks is good because if they have not filled the job they may need to pull your file to put your correspondence
    in and this keeps your name on there mind.

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  • Michael

    Thanks for the list.
    In my recent search I have gone through three levels of interviews with two companies, and both just stopped answering inquiries. When I employed a more “intrusive” method, I was told that they had decided to go with a consultant instead of direct hire. Both of these companies asked me to solve detailed issues as part of the interview process. I now think they were just mining the top candidates for information and had no intention to hire. “Common decency and professional manners” certainly seem to have been diminished of late.

  • Sarah

    I agree – it’s such an unprofessional way to run a business. I went on 2 interviews with a well-known company for a news research position (no HR – just the potential bosses). Inbetween 1st & 2nd interviews I did some research of my own, and email it to the interviewer (it was pertinent and timely, and was discussed in my 1st interview).
    During my second interview, the woman said I found information that their team hadn’t even located, and now they are reconsidering the structure and people on the team. She asked for references and I sent them, along with “thank yous”. Waited…waited…waited. No response. No check of references. So I emailed. No response. So I called. No response. Today I saw the job reposted. I don’t know why I didn’t get the job. Although I would love to know why, I think it’s even more important that they have the common decency to say “no”. I did invest time, money (gas prices!) & energy into the process.
    It should be a golden rule that once someone comes in for an interview, a response/closure should be given, out of common human respect, if nothing else.

  • Tiffany

    I applied for a graduate assistantship at the University where I plan on attending graduate school. They said they would call Saturday and let me know which two people got the position. They did and said that they had to leave town earlier than expected so they were not able to make a decision and they would call Monday. That was yesterday, I am wondering if I should call them and if so what I should say when I call.
    Any advice will help!!!

  • Minnie

    I had the same issue! I went for an interview and it went well. They informed me the exact date they would make a decision. Then, I emailed them on that day. They said the decision was postponed to another exact date, which was already passed few days ago. I still didn’t get any response from them. Should I contact them again? I totally agree that the company should give candidates a response althought it’s a ‘no’. It’s a professional way.

  • Carla

    I had an interview with a company about a week ago, and they didn’t even really make it clear when they would decide.

  • Val

    It’s amazing how often this seems to occur. Currently, I’m playing the waiting game after being asked for references a 2nd time. My initial interview was offered less than a week after I applied, and my 2nd interview (which required a 4 hour car drive and overnight stay) was only 2 weeks after that. I waited 3 weeks to follow up, only to be told that a decision would be made the next week. A week later, they requested my references, which have not been contacted to my knowledge. Next week will be two weeks, and I plan to follow-up for what I hope will be a definitive answer either way.

  • dionne

    Very discouraging news here! I am also playing the waiting game. I am a recent graduate who’s student loans have run out. Am I supposed to get a crap job in the interim so i can pay my mortgage (maybe) and stay alive until i find a “real” job? but then i wouldn’t have time to do a good job search. ??? Waiting to hear back from a co. i interviewed with last wednesday. interviewer said they would be making a decision by that friday. we emailed a couple times with info we forgot to share in the interview( he initiated that correspondence) and the last i heard was “sounds good…” still waiting…and going broke in the mean time…

  • redsoxfan

    I recently had what I thought was a great phone interview. The woman ended by saying I would certainly be called for a personal interview with the man who would be my supervisor. She said to expect a call in the week and a half. Well, no call came so I called her again. She said she was still interested in me but they were now interviewing internal candidates and that she would get back to me in a week or so. Well that time has gone by. I have called her a couple of times and left messages with no reply. I do not have her email address as that would be my preference. How much do I pester the poor woman? My plan is to call again on Monday and inquire about the position. She was so excited about me during our phone interview but now I worry that it has been so long that she has forgotten how qualified I am.

  • Apanthesilia

    It is frustrating to hear that so many others are going through this, too! Right now I’m waiting to hear on an interview that I thought went really well and I really want the job. They said they would let me know by the end of last week but it is Monday and nothing… It has been this way through the entire process though- I had to take a written test and they gave me the results a week after they said they would, they didn’t give me an interview time until almost two weeks after the written test results (and a full week after they said they would give me a time). So I know they have a track record of being a bit behind schedule and I know they had a particularly busy week last week. But knowing all that doesn’t stop how hard it is when I’m constantly checking the post/phone/ email and have nothing.

    It’s harder for all of us, I think, because it is not necessarily standard practice to send a ‘thanks but no thanks’ letter or call. So we don’t know if we just didn’t get it or if they are being slower than we would like! Whatever the case, I just really wish that employers would keep us potential employees informed of developments. That way we would at least know where we stand and it maybe wouldn’t be so hard!

    My mother does a lot of hiring in her position so she keeps telling me that from the other side it never feels like it is taking so long and they can sometimes forget how hard it is for the person waiting. Sigh.

  • Pamela

    I don’t feel so bad anymore. I actually went on the interview that went well. The lady told me she would tell the big boss about me and call me the next day. I didn’t hear from her, so I called the following day to follow up. I didn’t hear from her until a week later when she called me and unofficially offered me the job. She told me that someone would be calling me soon to go over the fine details. She also told me to call back on Monday to get the slip for drug screeing. I call on Monday and she sounded as if she forgot why I was calling. She also sounded shocked that I didn’t hear from the person she told me was supposed to call. She finally told me that she was going to e-mail the big boss to find out what’s going on. I’m losing my mind. Do I have the job or not??

  • Harry Potter

    Apanthesilia — lol, your description of that company sounds exactly the same as what I am going through. But yes, I am in a similar state and the recruiter has already misled me by hinting at an offer before the final round interview. Had the final interview two weeks ago, it went fantastically. I got a follow up call from recruiter just days later that the interview did indeed go great, and that an update would be coming the following week. (last week) Cut to the end of last week, still no response. I follow up and recruiter says they were very occupied last week so no new news yet! So now, it’s into the fifth week since I first began the interview process- phoning, skills testing, first and second round interviews, and still, no offer made or feedback given, not even negative feedback. I mean, seriously?! lol. I can’t take it anymore! I can take “no” for an answer, but it’d be great if they’d just give me an answer! Any answer! The lack of any response really does drive you nuts. Employers out there – I hope you are reading this, and if so, get your act together please.

  • Kate

    I had an interview and was told that they would like to take me on board. I waited a week and half to hear anything and did not. I called and they postponed me and said they would be calling within the next week. They didn’t. It has now been a week and a half again. I am so bummed. And with no clue what to do!!!

  • Papa Blanco

    they hafta just call the ‘wrong’ people and tell’em right on the phone/leave a message ‘excuse me, but you r not the right candidate, so…go and read some more books and have a nice asshole))!’, just plain and simple.
    A big company’s policy is usually not to inform the guys who didn’t make the cut.

  • dee

    Thought i was alone. It’s surely pandemic! I aced the company’s interviews, no doubt. Explaining different technologies to them and all that. now they said they’ll get in touch….so the waiting begun..checked after 2 weeks..and oh the Dev Mgr is on vacation. yep! checked back after another 2 weeks..and this time no reply to my email…following week i call- voicemail. Is saying yes or no that difficult and costly to companies balance sheets. Grrrrr!

  • vicki

    yep, the hardest part of job hunting is the waiting and waiting and waiting .just when you are ready to forget about it they call with an offer then you wonder if you still even want the job!in the meantime you do not pursue anything else,just in case they call. if they do not call then it is back to square one! frustrating to say the least.

  • sally

    Just had an interview on Saturday morning.Really want the job.Thought the interview went especially well,completely qualified for the position,good rapport with the interviewer,it all felt positive. He was honest,needed to conduct more interviews,follow up on references,blahblah, the usual.Completly understand the formalities but he has until Wednesday to call and offer me the position, then well,their loss!Gotta move on,rent is due soon and cardboard boxes on the street are difficult to decorate-no studs in the walls!Good luck everyone!!!

  • Suzan

    Yeah same with me, but i think i need to wait more lol. I mean i have waited for about 2 days? I had an interview on saturday too, and they said there is not reason to reject me and i would be perfect for the job and that they will get back to me in a few days or next week (e.g. this week). Just hoping they accept me… really do :( but i’m going to wait til sunday and then ring them up.. maybe next tuesday? if they haven’t contacted me yet.

  • Laura

    This is happening to me right now!
    I went through three inscrutiating intervies, took time off from my current job and even went in really early on my birthday! I was told the decision was being made last night and the candidates called this morning. Yet I have heard nothing! I emailed the HR manager and she did not reply and that was HOURS ago! It is so RUDE! They made me feel like I had the job and now nothing! I would just like an email back stating that I was unsusccessful so that I can stop wondering. Its just WRONG!

  • Nellie

    I am so pissed off. I too have found myself on the end of a line ..waiting..I went in for a two day trial and was told I would be given the verdict on Friday- today ( God it sounds like a sentence) anyway.. and now I have heard nothing not a phone call ..or even a voice message to let me know the result. It says more about the company and the people than it does about me! So their loss! and not professional decorum to begin with so put that in your pipe and smoke it or eat it whateva!!

  • An aspirant

    I have had numerous such experiences… the most common one of them being with big companies that would schedule a phone interview, and would never call on the actual time/day! One such time, I called the HR after waiting for 1 hour, and she apologised saying the interviewer must have gotton busy. Go!! This other time, they interviewed me on-site, then said they are very impressed and all, and then never got back. I wrote back a thank you note right after the interview, and also wrote back a follow up mail about a month later, no response. Then about 6 months later, teh same HR sends me an email asking if I were interested in that position.. I said I had already been interviewed, but had not heard back yet.. then she said she was sorry she didnt know that. How weird is that!! :-)

  • Sean

    It really is a horrible feeling when they don’t reply.

    I think the delay is because there is some kind of change of mind or they are not interested. Their HR reps don’t have the balls to put the dog out of their misery and so you play an anticipation game.

    I went for a second interview with a large multi national. The dates for decisions they gave me in the past were accurate and they gave me positive responses on time. Now, their decision date has passed for the result on the 2nd interview and no word back. If they were so interested in me they wouldn’t play a waiting game. It sucks – but its a going to be a no.

  • Jamee

    I am actually employed through a company and interviewed for same company different department. And I can’t even get the courtesy of an inner office email to let me know what is going on. GET IT TOGETHER PEOPLE!!

  • Staci J.

    I am so happy I am not alone in these type of situations. I had a long interview with 3 different people for one postion all in one day 2 days ago. I feel as if i did really well. Even through my interview the mgrs was telling me that I did good. It made me feel really good. Well I think since it’s been 2 days that I should write a thank you letter so that they can kow that i really appreciated them and then I can be on their mind much more for the position. I was told I would know something sometime this week. Maybe I am just being to anxious. I’m just praying that I got this job. And yes….. I agree with the the above statement that it is Totally rude for a company to let you know through an email that you didn’t get the job. That had happened to me numerous of times and it is so umprofessional. It is especially rude when it is sent and the had told you that you will get a call. They NEVER said that you will get an email. Just straight liars. I can’t stand them. GET IT TOGETHER COROPATE AMERICA!

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  • Theresa

    Once I interviewed in April, and in August I found out I had been hired and no one told me! I found my name on their staff list on their website!

    • Guest

      now that’s weird.

  • http://none Big6ft6

    I have to admit I’m one of those “companies” on the other endof the line. Hiring is a very very difficult process and nobody likes being the bearer of bad news.

    I believe that most of the time that a company fails to respond in a timely manner it is becuase the company themselves sin’t sure about one of many possible things.

    1) they havn’t quite defined the job well enough and now they are second guessing what skills are really most important.
    2) they aren’t sure they really need the position filled after all, but the jury is still out
    3) filling job is so far down on the priority list that they only remember they are hiring somone after an applicant reminds them.

    None of these things are good excuses, but I belive they are usually the culprit of no/slow response after an interview.

    My best advice to an applicant would be to move on. If they were really impressed with you, that would’ve inspired them to move on the issue inspite of the obstacles listed above.

    Remember no matter how “big and famous” a company is, it is still run by humans, and there are many factors that go into hiring and choosing an applicant is one of the few qualitative decisions many people have to make in their careers.

    Everybodies resumes look good usually, it comes down to hiring someone who is going to fit in in the office, doesn’t seem “wierd” or “akward”, and creates a good “gut feel” for the person responsible for the hire.

    If they havn’t called you back, they don’t have the “gut-feel” for you…move on with the attitude that it is their loss!

  • Marilyn

    Oh geez, now I don’t feel so alone!!!!! I am sitting here debating what to do. I had my 2nd round of on site interviews 2 wks ago and no word- just a vague “I hope to make a decision this month” I suppose if they were really impressed by me they would have followed up right away?

    I had bought a book that said never call to follow up (supposed to make you look pathetic) but most of what I read online says that you should because it shows you are really interested. I guess I just go with my gut feeling and send a polite inquiring email to HR.

    They were so gung ho about seeing me and scheduling this mtgs right away and then nothing.

    I know companies are busy, etc but it’s just common decency to let people know. I’d rather know even if it is a no just so I can close that door.

    Btw, one huge company told me to come in on a certain day to meet more people and then when the day came it never happened. Nobody answered my calls or emails. I had no idea what happened but wow, that was an eye opener.

    Soooo…I feel for everyone who wrote in. All you have to do is put yourself in someone else’s shoes.

  • Stuart

    I recently applied for the vacant post of manager in my current workplace. Before the most recent manager there had been a 6 month lull where I was forced to do the managers work without any kind of thanks. Half the office expecting me to get the job and I was quite excited at the prospect.

    I knew from past experience that the “big people” took a very long time to sort these things out so waited for over a month for when the interview was going to be.

    A month and a half later I discover that a completly unrelated person is moving into the former managers office, I send an e-mail to the big chief enquiring if there has been any kind of change in the position to then be told that if they got anyone “tomorrow” they’d be sharing an office with someone else. I was just abruptly told that HR should have informed me.

    Not only was I not given the chance to stake my claim for the job, they couldn’t even be bothered to tell me they weren’t going to give me a chance! It’s not even a big department!

    Since then I’ve started applying for jobs (I need to move unwards and upwards anyway, the whole incident was just the final push). I had an interview last friday and they gave the impression of a quick decision although probably not the same day. Haven’t heard anything since though :(

  • Marilyn

    Stuart, that’s awful and in your own company too.

    Quick decision? For your sake I hope so. Hmmm….it’s been my experience (and that of friends and colleagues) that the hiring process is sooooooo long. Many times they either rush to set up interviews with you and then nothing. You get all excited thinking they are going to make a decision right away to than hear nothing. I have had friends who waited 2, 4 and even 6 months to finally get a job offer. I don’t get it. You get all fired up about a prospective job only to be deflated by no communication at all.

    I know the general wisdom is to have several things going at once but sometimes that’s not possible (lack of jobs in your field, etc) or there’s one company/job that you really really want.

  • Stuart

    I did hear back today… didn’t get the job :( but at least they took that little bit of time to let me know. It was just a simple short e-mail but it really does make the world of difference to get the closure on it so I can move on without nagging thoughts of what if…

  • fu Big6ft6

    This is for Big6ft6 fu we’re humans to. Send a letter or do something to tell people no.

  • Christian

    I am in the same situation. Glad I found this website when searching for some answers on “what do I do now…”
    Interviewer told me decision would be made in 1 to 2 weeks. It will be 2 weeks Thursday. I really want (ed) this job and feeI I could have done a fine job for them.
    It seems to me that these companies all want the best person with manners and skills and experience, and yet – I see the same job reposted time after time after time. Seems they hire drips and they don’t work out, so they advertise again. No, I’m not 25 years old, but I have 20 years management experience and a great education. I’ve been working in the loan industry for 5 years, so you know that job has gone down the toilet. Why don’t people want “people like us” who have a proven track record, present outselves well, and take the time to research the job and be prepared.
    Pi$$es me off royally.
    I feel for everyone who has posted here. We all seem to be in the same boat, and there doesn’t seem to be a stupid or insincere one among us!

  • N-C

    What I hate the most is when they act like you have it. They’re smiling, joking, asking when can you start, winking, waving, damn near dancing with you, telling you all about the company, giving you the tour… 2 weeks go by and you never hear from them again. My thing is keep the mean face with me. Don’t smile at me and then turn around and don’t give me the job. Keep the smiles, giggles, and jokes to your damn self cuz I’m tired!!!!!!!! Oh yes… and I’m on playing the waiting game as we speak. Its Thursday I had my interview last Friday… so tomorrow will be a week. God help me… cuz I’m tired!!!

  • AngryChef

    N-C is right. I was flown out for an interview one month ago. Set up in a hotel, rental car, tour of the area, meals, all happy-happy from Regional Director of the company, CEO of the facility, and unit level managers!! Two weeks later, had to follow-up with the Regional Director and received an email stating I will definately get an offer…many accounts interested in my talents and creativity that they need! HR recruiter calls me and sets up another interview at another account and reassures me that there are numerous possiblities within the company and I will receive an offer…still waiting for a response on that one…is another follow up email in the works?!?!?!?!?!?

  • IfOnlyIWadHired

    I am definitely in this situation right now. I had my interview and it went well (not perfect but pretty close considering there were 7 people grilling me with questions!) After the interview the hiring manager told me they expected to make a decision Oct. 15. I wait around making sure to have my phone with me at all times and she never called. So I emailed her that night and she responded that they “hope to make a decision soon”. What does that mean? Am I still in contention for this job?

  • Moving On

    You guys and gals are absolutely right about these companies. They have the nerve to want job seekers to be on point, but what about them? I went to a group interview which I find a little impersonable. Anyway, I did not get the job but a few weeks later I saw the position posted again. It gets me how these companies run their business because they want everything for a small wage. For those of you you are waiting for a company to call them back continue to look for something because they don’t know what they are missing. If you truly want to work for the company and can wait to start working then go ahead and do so, but don’t wait too long. You may miss out on something better. If you are a little frustrated and unsure of whether you want to work for the company after waiting for so long then move forward, there is something else out there. Even if it is something part-time until something better comes along. I know that I am a hard working who goes above and beyond my job and as a matter of fact will help others with their work. For those of you who are not sure about contacting the company (follow-up) after an interview I think that you should go with your gut instinct. Everyone and every piece of material gives different advice, but I say don’t be like these airhead companies. Be considerated of others and do what you feel is right in a polite and respectful manner. Well, good luck to everyone who is either looking to plant their feet with some company or to those of you who have lucked up and are just getting settled.

  • SMS

    Great advice, everyone! It sounds like I’m in the same boat as everyone else. I’ve been to two multiple-round interviews with the same company. All went very well, or seemed well, during the interviews. I was asked when I could begin; yada, yada, yada. Then, I received absolutely no response. It has now been over a month since the last time I’ve heard from them.

    Just a few weeks ago, I got called to interview for an analyst position for a major investment bank. The interview seemed to go even better than my past interviews with other companies. The two interviewers really enjoyed speaking with me– each interview went over the scheduled time by 30 mins. Both interviewers also told me that I should definitely hear back in one week. It’s now been a week and half. I’ve since sent emails out to the two interviewers and HR. It’s been 4 days, and I still haven’t heard anything. What should I do!?!


    Does anyone have any insight as to how long one should wait to follow up after the initial phone interview??

  • Diane

    I don’t feel so bad having read all the comments. This has happened to me on several occasions and I agree with NC, keep the smiles, giggles to yourself if you are not sincere. I was actually brought to an office and told “this is your office” not “this would be your office” and after two months waiting (after many, many interviews) and sending emails and calling I got an email saying that the job was cut from the budget. I used to work at a company that would pull this stuff, have people come in for interviews and then decide maybe that wasn’t the exact position they should be trying to fill or simply deciding they were busy and would get back to people a month or two later. Don’t HR people have seminars/conferences that tell them they should follow-up with candidates? They make their company look bad.

  • Pieman

    Good to know that other people are feeling just as despondant with big companies. Waited 2 weeks so rang up today and the lady said all communication will be posted tomorrow. I thought the interview went really well, being informed by post ois this a good or bad thing any advice will be great??? Good luck everyone!!!

  • Lane Zane

    I went on an interview which I thought went well. The manager told me a decision would be made on Dec 1 or Dec 5. I called HR and was told they were “still interviewing”. I have not heard from the company since. I think it is very unprofessional and frankly, I don’t think I’d want to work for somebody if they don’t give you the courtesy of a call back to let you know –there are so many people right now, employers are overwhelmed and manners has gone out the window, I guess.

  • sabi

    I’m in the same situation. Had an interview last Friday and was told that they would let me know by next week. I did the whole thank-you not etc. on monday and… well… today this “next” week is over and I haven’t heard from them. And now? Now I wait… and since Christmas is coming up, if I don’t hear from the soon, I probably won’t hear until January… What kills me about this waiting is that I don’t know if the decision just takes longer or they offered the job to somebody else….

  • Corrie Tempest

    Clearly your prospective employer should honor the date given as a time to get back with interviewees, but of course, sometimes there are unavoidable delays, and sometimes there are simply questions as to who is the best candidate.

    That aside, it is unprofessional not to followup with people who took the time to meet with you.

    Waiting for a response is such a difficult thing, especially if it is a position that you really want or need. I think that Brian is correct, though, although it is possible to get a call back many months later, four weeks should be your time limit. If they want you, they are going to make sure that you do not slip away to another employer, so they are going to do all that they can to keep you posted.

    Looking for other jobs and getting other interviews is a spirit lifter, keep moving toward your goal and you will ultimately be successful in your job search.

  • Carol


    I couldn’t agree with you more! With two recent companies I was given a tour, salary with the one place was mentioned by them – I thought I was in, they both said the same line, “We’ll call you by this day or the next by the latest.” Well, today is “the latest” and my phone still isn’t ringing.

    I read many articles today about the “Why don’t THEY call back when they said they would?” issue, and they make it seem like its our fault!

    Stop dangling the carrots! There is still time for me to do a follow-up with the second company*, so I’ll give it a try. And like another poster here, my savings are slowly depleting.

    *The inexperienced interviewer (her sister owns the place) actually asked me two illegal questions my age and if I was single! How is that even allowed? I’m too nice to say anything about that. I know I’m qualified for the job, and I hate this waiting cat and mouse game these companies make you play.

    I can do better with the follow-up calls, but that doesn’t excuse interviewers with lying about “calling you back” when they don’t plan on doing so. There really should be a law about that since most of these companies like to keep people waiting.

  • So Disappointed

    I had two interviews last week. They both went well, I even have an old soccer buddy who works with the company tell me that the interviewers really liked me and weren’t interviewing anyone else.

    I’ve sent them emails and called as well. My emails go unanswered and my phone calls are never returned. The person’s secretary even told me that the guy was in the office and would return my call later that day.

    Still no call…

    My money is running low and I don’t have time to play these games…

  • I totally understand

    I can really relate to everyone’s concerns. I too interviewed for a great position out of town. Thinking about relocating to another state in March. Anyway, I wrote the hiring panel three individual thank you letters and followed up with a phone call to their HR dept. I was told due to the recent holidays and the hiring managers vacation a decision has not been made. Well that was a week ago. I have been applying for other jobs in the meantime. I guess if I don’t hear from them in another week, I will take the interview as a learning experience and move on. Good luck to everyone who posted. Keep looking .

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  • DC United

    I’ve applied to about 30 jobs and I can’t even get a phone interview! A lot of help 21 years of school and 3 degrees will do ya!

  • Greg

    A common thread among most of these posts is that thought the interview SEEMS TO BE successful, nobody calls. Well, I think the bane of most recruiters and HR people is hiding being a facade of politeness and foolishly trying not to offend the candidate! Believe me, the smiles are painted, the “oohs” and “aahs” are as fake as they get, and the handshakes are all contrived. They probably close the door behind you, grimace, and chuck your resume in the trashcan! All I can say is “Looks and mannerisms are deceiving”. Do not be fooled! Treat each employer as disposable. Don’t sell your soul to a bunch of losers who power trip and look down on you contemptuously just because they are wielding power! Go for the interview, try getting an answer in 2 weeks. Then, move on to the next one. They are just not worth it!

  • Anna

    Hi Everyone,
    I can sympathize with your situation, and was wondering if anyone had ever encountered my particular dilemma. I went on a great second interview and received a note in the mail from the interviewer thanking me for meeting with him and saying he would love to work with me in the future. He closed it by saying “good luck in your job search.” Does that mean I didn’t get the job, or that they’re still deciding and he was just thanking me for coming in? He wrote it the same day of the interview and put it in the mail that day. I don’t have a lot of experience with the interviewing process (this would only be my second job in the ‘real world’), so any advice you have would be appreciated. Thanks!

  • Dan

    Hello Everyone,

    I too am in the same position and am sad to hear that there are so many of us in situation. Especially with economy and lack of real opportunity. I recently had three interviews over a three week period with a rather large local health care system in my area. I have met and interviewed with about ten different people. I got all the winks and nods and a the love they could offer me. I was assured an offer and would be called with in 5 days. They went as far as showing me my office and explaining my company car. It has now been well over a week and nothing, not even an email. Is there a proper way to contact this person and inquire about the decision with out hurting my chances?
    I understand this company is rather large and they are very busy. What is the time line? thank you for any advice and wish all of you the best of luck.


  • msrita

    WOW!!! Reading all of these responses really gives me insight. I am, of course, going through the same thing. I am currently in a job that I ABSOLUTELY hate and hating more and more each passing day. So it goes without saying that I am on pins and needles waiting to hear back from a company that has seemed so interested. It’s been a week since they sent an email requested clarification concerning my undergraduate date of graduation. I guess that means I am in the “background check” stage. But I hope they let me know either way and let me know something soon. It is beginning to get hard to wake up each morning and go to a job that constantly chips away at my spirit. :(

  • gibson42003

    I went on an interview back in February 7Th, I was told if I got the position to expect an email asking for information so the could perform a background check in 5 business days. The time had come and gone and nothing, so I decided to call on a Friday. I was told at that time that they hadn’t made a decision. I called on Tuesday for any updates, the interviewer didn’t answer but the assistant. I was told by her that the position was filled last Monday. I was a bit upset that I didn’t get anything informing me of there decision. They could have told the truth the Tuesday that I called. People need to grow a back bone and tell us the truth. Yes we might be upset with not getting the job but it makes us angry to be lied to and strung along. They think if enough time goes by that we will just forget , what they don’t realize is we are sitting at home by our phones and computer pulling are hair out just waiting… don’t they realize, they are making are lives more difficult than it has to be.

  • what is going on

    I went in for a interview a month ago for a my dream job. I called back two weeks later and found out the job was filled. So I continued looking for a job. I finally get someone interested in me and was told the job is mine if I want it. I went home to discuss it with my husband, He was behind me hundred percent. Fast forward to later that day. I get an email for a background check from the dream job. I replied last week, no answer, I called yesterday to see what was going on. I was told they would call me soon. How long is soon? If I’m going to call some one soon I would call back that day? If I wasn’t going to call back the same day I would have said I will call you tomorrow, or Wednesday, etc. Now I have sure thing but the job sucks or my dream job. How do I decided? I don’t want to except the crap job and have to turn around and quite the same day, but money is tight. How long should I wait before giving up. I don’t want to loose a sure thing waiting for my dream.

  • J

    I found my dream job, emailed a resume-nothing, waited a week, nothing. Went to the company and dropped off a resume, waited a week, nothing. I finally got a message from HR to call for a phone interview, which I did, waited 2 days and got the phone interview. Came in for a face-to-face interview and was offered a working interview, scheduled for 5 days later. Went in for working interview, lasted 5 hours, thought it went very well. That was 4 days ago. Nothing. I am trying not to freak, I mean, they have been slow this whole time but I think if I don’t hear from them Monday, I will call them.

  • Torture

    I wanted to comment that I am in the same boat as all of you people. I interviewed with an amazing company that told me they would get back to me in 2 weeks. Within a week I received an email politely telling me that I did not get the job.

    Fast forward to a few weeks later, I got a call from the same company again asking me to come in for an interview again for a different department which I gladly did. I knew someone who worked there who gave my resume over to HR. Again I was told 2 weeks. Only this time, I did not receive an email…so I called back 2 weeks later hoping I am still in the running if I hadnt been rejected. No return call from HR. It will be 3 weeks today and I placed another polite call to the HR rep inquiring about the status of the position. Again, no return call today. And this was even with a referral from someone who worked there! I’m anxious, angry, and upset over this. I am chalking it up to not getting the job, but a part of me is still hopeful that since I wasn’t rejected like last time through email, I might still have a chance.

  • Torture

    Has anyone who posted here ever gotten a phone call back after an extended period of time and actually got the job they thought they were surely out of the running for?

  • Amy

    I had an interview on Friday and honestly could not tell if it went well or not as the guy had no signs of emotion on his face. He ended with you will hear from me or the recruiters but there was no date specified. Could this be a good sign or what all of you are looking for?

  • Amy

    Oh and one more thing, I noticed that the job was resubmitted/refreshed today on CareerBuilder, is that automatic or once again, a bad sign?

  • Amy

    Good news everyone! I got a call a week after the interview and have an offer

  • Sabina

    I know it seems very rude and discouraging that a company had no decency but a positive attitude is a good way. If you have not heard from the company in two weeks. They have filled the position.

    After any interview, I dont put all my eggs in one bascket. I keep looking for a job and posting my resume.

  • lala

    I completely agree–I had an interview last week and felt very positive about the whole process and it is now one week later and I have not heard back from them. The job searching process is extremely anxiety ridden and would probably responsible for a heart attack when I am 50.

  • Deborah

    This happens to everyone at some point in your life and I think it’s important not to initially feel like its your fault. It may or it may not be. I know that most professioal people are highly unprofessional even in top management jobs. If they want you then you WILL hear from them and if they don’t they won’t give you the time of day. Follow up enough to know if this is whats happening but don’t follow up so much that you lose some of your self-respect. Move on and feel fortunate that you know now that this company is not the right fit for you. Next do something positive with your time until you happen to run into the right employer.

  • Mark

    In the same boat. I had a 6 hour interview almost three weeks ago, which is a grueling process in-and-of-itself. As I was being walked out I asked when a decision would be made and was told “next week.” The following day I sent a thank you letter, and the following week an email to HR. Got a reply! They said that they really liked me and would be in touch about next steps. That was two effing weeks ago! Since then I’ve gotten another offer, so I’ve emailed the HR woman a couple times asking about the status of my candidacy (if a decision has been made, if I’m still being considered), explaining that I’m being pressed for a decision on this other offer, but nothing. No reply. This is a huge multi-national company, and the hiring manager was less than timely when we were setting up the initial phone screen, and then the formal interview (and the scheduling was screwed up so I actually ended up staying much longer than anticipated), so maybe it’s to be expected. I’m SOOO reluctant to start the whole interview process with new companies because it’s SUCH a pain in the ass, but Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, how long am I supposed to wait?

  • SoTiredOfTheGame

    So happy to have found this article. My husband has been waiting around for FOUR MONTHS for his own company to decide if he’ll get this new job! Not only does it effect his life, what about his family? This job requires a move and we are prepared to move our lives around to the new location. Every week it’s the same old song and dance…next week, next week, next week. Everyone around him gave a positive reference for this job and he’s earned the job. My heart is breaking watching this unfold. Thank you for making me feel we are not alone…

  • Devlynn

    I, too, am in the same boat and am completely frustrated. I’ve had three interviews now, the last being one that they paid for in order to get me there as I live in another state. It was an entire day of interviewing, from 8-4:30 and felt like boot camp, however I believe it went great. I sent a thank you letter the following day and heard from them saying they’d be in contact with me as the search progresses. The problem is in the first interview I told them that I was already planning on moving to a different state (one about 1000 miles from theirs) but I would be completely ok with moving there instead for this position. I stated my move date (which can’t be changed because of all the logistics of such) and during the interview even asked when a decision would be made. I was told “by week’s end.” Well, that time has now passed, I have a mover coming this Sunday and I have don’t know which destination to give him unless they call me like NOW! What in the world am I supposed to do? I can’t wait another week, heck, I can’t even afford to wait another day really, as my mover is understandably demanding to know what destination city he should be moving my things. UGH! Anyone have advice on what I should say in the followup email or phone call????

  • SoTiredOfTheGame

    Hi Devlynn,
    Sorry to hear your in the same boat. We are still hanging as well. I think you have no choice but demand an answer due to your situation. If they don’t give you one then walk away. Should they come back to you after your move, they’ll have to pay moving expenses. Hope this helps and good luck to you! :) You are not alone in this nightmare.

  • sat next to a recruiter

    Hi. I hear all of you. I sat next to a few recruiters. Some are good. Some are a little full of themselves. There is no real skill level they need to possess to do their job. We all have used that skill in a bar at one time or another. The best ones are more than recruiters. They do get mad if you blow them off. Play the game. What gets their attention is if someone is sniffing on their turf. Imply another company is on your trail and (hopefully they are) although your preference is their company, you need to make a decision soon. Do it gently. Don’t say you have another offer unless you do. Don’t be arrogant such as company B is offering me 10,000 more.
    Don’t say you are dirt poor and need an offer although I did hear someone use that tactic.

  • TwoWeeksOf Silence

    I’m dealing with a well-known company in my industry *who called me* and asked me to apply for a management position that recently became vacant. The company is, to put it nicely, in need of new direction. The managers doing the hiring feel they made a mistake with the previous person who held the position–and have said as much in interviews. So, after calling me and *asking me to apply* (I have several friends who work at the company.) I had three interviews with successively higher level managers within a two week period. Everything was “rush, rush, rush…” Two of the hiring managers asked me to write detailed analyses of the company, wherein I offered some solutions to existing problems, as well as some indication as to how I’d run the operation. In all, I wrote about 6,000 words of detailed analysis for them. Each person I interviewed with told me they like me for this position. Now, it’s been 2.5 weeks since I’ve heard a peep from them. The interviews all went went well. But, my assumption is this: no matter how well interviews go, there are millions of job applicants out there. Someone with better qualifications (or connections) may have jumped into the mix. That’s very likely. Still, it’d be nice to hear something, since my wife and child are now in limbo waiting to hear whether we’ll be living in another state come September (when school starts). That’s what I find most objectionable about how companies handle these situations now: They seem to forget they’re dealing with entire families who need some indication as to what’s happening–even if it’s bad news.

    • Lindam761

      Yes I understand what we all are going through a lot.I was sent to a wrong address to look for a job by a so called agency . And  I didnt get the job because I was late . I believe are goverment is the cause  to are problems of no jobs we have had dishonest people in all walk of  life. I pray all people find job soon . Thank God for unemployment and other programs that we have for people that have the right to work in the great USA. Try to keep going go to church it will help you if you go to the right  one. Take care I have looked for a job for 2 years love the interviews Ha Ha .The people are so kind .  

  • Henry

    I have been sending my CV and cover letter to several nonprofits and no one has yet to respond back to me. I did this on July 1 and July 9. When should I email them and ask how the application/hiring process is going? It’s been 18 days for one application and almost 10 days since the second. Please advise.

  • Joan

    My husband went on an interview about 6 weeks ago. We live in a very small town and there is not a lot of professional talent in it nor are there a lot of places for a professional to work. He has called the company every week since the interview and they keep telling him he is a candidate but they don’t know when the position will be filled. Does anybody have any insight as to what may be going on?

  • Tink

    Nice to hear other people are in the same boat as me! I am a recent graduate and was interviewed for one of two posts over two weeks ago along with many other graduates from my class. I was told I would be contacted with an answer (yes or no) on the Monday, that was nearly two weeks ago. On the Wednesday I heard through the grapevine someone I know had been offered a post and everyone else I know of who were interviewed recieved an email that day to inform them they did not get the job. So I contacted the company on the Friday asking if I shouldve recieved an email, only to be told they were still making a final decision on the last remaining post and they would send me a letter (nobody else recieved a letter, only emails). That was a week ago and Im STILL WAITING!! Don’t know if I should call them again?

  • Carl T.

    Well, After going for my first interview after my previous contract expired, I simply decided that I am not going to put up with any more of those contrived smiles, fake oohs and aahs, cheery-voiced assurances and empty, shameless promises not worth a damn from power-tripping interviewers who think they are God (not)! After reading here how many employers treat people like dirt, I feel for them.

    I am starting my own company and leaving them behind in the dust. I am so busy laughing at those hypocrites that I have no longer any time for any of their phone calls or emails! I will never need to work for anyone else in this fake world!

  • CorporateAmericaSucks

    Yeah. I am feeling better now after reading all these posts. Went for an interviews two weeks ago and recruiter told me it is very promising and will probably getting offer two or three days afterwards and nothing! Not sure if I will even take that job even if they offer me eventually since I am not in a hurry anyway!

  • Greg Chisholm

    To the question, “How Long Should I Wait To Hear Back?”, I say “Till hell freezes over”? The arrogance of these uppity HR people and managers is appalling! It is outrageous that human beings treat fellow human beings in this way, exploiting their emotions just because the job-seeker happens to have the lower hand and is in a vulnerable position? Unacceptable!

    I believe that people should start jamming these losers’ email with fake resumes tailored to the job description (with mega “experience”) and make them sweat it out following non-existent leads! It is easy to send these from anonymous email accounts. BITE BACK, folks! Get your revenge! Start a movement!

  • BW

    In the same position as a lot of other people here. Companies should know that especially when you’re dealing with certain fields where talented people know one another that if you leave me hanging I’m definitely going to recommend to my friends that they avoid the company completely. In the tech field where websites are at risk and smart people are needed to solve problems quickly, this can be pretty risky.

  • Robert Smith

    There was a time not so long ago when I remember getting rejection letters. I don’t know how many of your recall the 1980s-1990s? Back in the day when few people knew word-processing, let alone the internet..well in those days there were more jobs than people!!!! It’s true. And if you could type and knew a few different wordprocessing software you could name your price. I worked as a “temp” because I could command phenomenal rates and go with whomever answered the highest call. Heck, I wouldn’t take a job if there weren’t a good office space or decent coffee. But times have changed. The rule is one of supply and demand. When there are tons of jobs and no people in a rocking good economy, then you get the sugary sweet letters..and they aren’t rejection they are – if you reconsider taking the position…and they give you free lunches and yes CAR SERVICE and offices with space and good light. But let’s face it folks…this is the worst our economy has ever been in my lifetime. It’s terrible. There aren’t that many jobs and for every job they have at least 100 resumes. So you ask, “How can I get around this?” Well…you need to have skills that no one else has. Warren Buffet says that there’s always room at the top for the best. And this is true. Maybe you already have the skills, maybe they need someone who does everything you do, but also has Hungarian as a second language…this could be you. And don’t forget that also decisions can be made based on where you went to college or if you play golf or if your mother and their mother went to the same garden club! Nepotism is worse than ever. It used to be that you could get a job if you were a guy because they didn’t want to discriminate – as in Law…I worked as a Wordprocessor..and they’d hire me because I was a guy..but now they just want big mammies..and they get away with it because they say, “she was the most qualified…” yeah as in Gone With The Wind. What I’m saying here is can belabor the issue by bugging the heck out of your prospective employer..but imagine if they interview 50 candidates and you are that one annoying mosquito carrying the H1N1 for all they know…they’ll probably tell you to “bug off” just to get you to stop making incessant phonecalls or filling up their email space with you hundreds of emails…”Why didn’t you hire me? Or Why wasn’t I good enough?” I will tell you a truth that no one else on this site has hit on yet..the days of the polite and ettiquette interviewer are over. Yes, we all want those nicely typed and scented rejection letters that say, “Unfortunately it wasn’t a good fit, and you do have impressive if something become available in this world of ours for you, we will certainly call you..because we like you..we really like you!!!!” But let’s face it folks, there isn’t enough time on this green earth. The unemployment rate is so high that they could ask for whatever they want – and probably get it…plus they’ve probably combined two or six jobs so that you need to be part creative, part financier and part circus sideshow! Because even if they wanted to..they couldn’t get back to you and the five hundred other applicants they ran through their drive through interviewing process. I’m going through the same thing. Three interviews in the last 2 weeks. They all loved me…yeah right! That and 2.25 will get me a ride on the subway. Forget the empty sentiment they all hand you. You don’t have the job until you are there on your first day filling out paperwork, and even then they can lose you in the 90 day trial period. There is no job security. Take my advice and treat your prospective jobs – and the interviews that follow like a lottery ticket. Now when you buy a lottery ticket you do not call the ticket agent every day to see if you won? And if you don’t you wallow in self-pity and examine and re-examine why you picked the numbers you did, or why you didnt’ use a crisp dollar bill, or maybe it should’ve come from the Philly mint and not Washington? You don’t do this, because it’s the lottery and sure, maybe you’re gonna be a millionaire and the lottery commission really likes selling you that ticket and thinks you’d be the best millionaire ever!!! It shouldn’t matter. Keep going. Keep breathing and keep doing and never never look back. If they don’t call you, you didn’t get it. No matter how wonderful you are or think you are there are 500 others…you need to be interviewing for your job the way they are interviewing to fill the job. Keep interviewing and don’t waste your energy on trying to figure out if you got the job..because you waste time and money and you may actually miss an opportunity because you spent too much time waiting for Mr. Right Job. I lost a job the other night…just a weekend gig mind you..but I turned off my cell phone and now I regret it. I got tired of waiting to I said, I don’t want to hear and I missed a free lance gig. So like many of you..I am out of work and the wolves are getting closer and I desperately need a job…but I won’t waste another second worrying about who I didn’t marry, cars I’ll never drive, houses I’ll never live in, time I spent with ex-lovers, jobs, bosses, and I will not waste any more time on interviews that don’t pan out. You can bug them all you want..but know this…if they want you..they will contact you. AS they say in show biz..if you didn’t get the part..YOu didn’t. Leave the stage. Go on your next audition. Do the next interview. Always be thinking about the next one. And don’t stop until you land the job. And even then…keep a few in interviews in your back pocket because one day your up and the next you are out. Save your feelings for something other than the job search. In this market we’re all the homely girls that never get asked to the dance. Hopefully when the recession IS actually over the tables will turn..and we’ll be far more gracious with our responses to the people who do not get us than they’ve been with us. Keep your skills up. Keep your training high. Learn and hone what you need to be the best and then..keep going..back up on the horse. I say this to you, because I need to say this to myself daily. Good luck and God speed my fellow travelers!!!!

    • K. Smith

      whoaa–“mammies?”–that is NOT an OK thing to say. Period.

      • Guest

        Too bad you can’t see the forest for the trees.

        • Guest

           Looks like you can’t either. :)

        • KloeK


    • Guest

      Excellent advice!!!!!!!!!! You should be a writer.

    • jobseeker

      Excellent post. The never-look-back attitude would have saved me so much time.

    • So

      Yeah you lost at the “mammies” reference. Maybe the office did not like your “inside” jokes. I don’t.

    • KloeK

      RACIST white man. You deserve nothing but disdain in life. I can see why you don’t have a job.  I’ll spread the word about you- Robert (Racist) Smith.

      • Christian Arch

        That is a strange comment to make considering it was actually good advice… Don’t blame racism for your downfalls. I personally think there was a good message here… Racism has turned around now anyway… Black or white we all need a job and feeling sorry for yourself is not going to help you. Make a difference and change the world… Mlkingjr i have a dream… He didnt say you guys is racist.

  • desperate or impatiant

    I recently had an interview which went very well.
    As promised, I received a call inviting me to lunch.
    Unfortunately the lunch was canceled due to understandable circumstances, in which I was told that I would receive a follow up call this week for a re-scheduled lunch next week. It is now an hour and a half prior to end of Friday business for this company, should I call them. I have another offer pending, yet do not want to go with that company. Watching the clock?

  • Chrissy

    It’s hard to stay confident when you keep getting rejected.

    I’ve had a few rejections in a row now. I don’t always get feedback but when I do, it’s usually the ‘another candidate was a better fit’.

    The worrying thing is that they rarely cite a lack of experience or qualifications (I could do something about that). It mostly seems to be because they simply prefer someone else. Every time.

    I’m beginning to feel totally lacking in charisma and confidence which makes it a vicious circle. I don’t know how to break out of this.

  • Shannon

    Chrissy, I totally hear you! Yesterday I sat down and made a list of all the companies I’ve interviewed at since being laid off 10 whole months ago! 11 or 12 interviews. And I only heard back one way or another from maybe 4 of them. I did end up getting one PT position, which doesn’t even require a college degree, I plan on quitting as soon as something better comes along! I’m starting to lack confidence about all this but it helps me to know that my resume and portfolio were at least enough to get the attention of a hiring recruiter in the first place. A lot of people never even get the interview, so that says something.

  • hope

    I have experienced lots of ups and downs. Suddenly I got a phone interview and things look positive, but then I was left in a hole and no response from the company at all! So tired, really tired, it made me look like I am not valued and i felt depressed. I am lucky I got a supportive husband to stand by me. He is self-employed so I agree that being your own boss will be more satisfying. I hate this game. I don’t know how long I am going to wait to get a firm job offer. But I have faith in God and maybe not long to go I can work on my dream job!

    Think positive guys! And hope the economy will get better!

  • omilk

    I had a terrific phone interview, was asked to come in for testing and had a very good three hour in person interview. The following Monday I was asked to come to a lunch meeting on Thursday – that morning they called to say it was cancelled and they would get back to me. I called a week and a 1/2 later and spoke to the person I interviewed with – he seemed to not even recognize the name and abruptly advised that they were looking at other options – I assume this to mean I’m out of the running – but I would sure like to know why – why set up basically a third interview and then just suddenly shut it all down – if something caused them to reconsider it would have been both polite and professional to at least express that to me – at least I would know what to be proactive about in the future. I’m going to send a follow up interest letter and then let it drop if I don’t hear anything.

    I also find it frustrating that many companies want you to apply on-line, however, all you ever get is a thank you for your submission if something comes up for which you are qualified we’ll let you know. If I wasn’t qualifed I wouldn’t have applied.

    It’s very nice to know I’m not alone – so good luck to all of you – as hard as it is – keep the faith – there is something out there for you!

  • MaggiesMom

    This list of comments is so amazing — I am in the same boat as so many of these commenters — trying to figure out how to get the company to respond after almost 3 weeks (and they have 2 positions open, not just 1). Reading all these comments made me feel so much better, I’m not alone!

    • None

      me too…waiting, been three weeks going on four, no response to emails calls.

  • bb

    It’s good to know that I’m not alone. I’m in the same boat. But what would be better is that everyone can get a response from the company…I went to interview last Friday, it’s been 5 days since and it feels like a month…I can’t tell if it went well or not because some of the interviewer are so busy or simply don’t express emotion in their face. I really want this job and it’s referred by my friend, but I’m telling myself not to keep the expectation too high because there are so many factors for them in making this decision. It can be that they don’t want to hire you no matter what so they just chat with you the whole time and make you feel comfortable and confident the whole time. It can be that when they are having the meeting to discuss to hire you or not and the interviewer that likes you more doesn’t attend the meeting because of other duties and the interviewer that doesn’t like you are all there…I’m a new grad student, this is my first time to compete in the job market and I never experience a better economy time so I really don’t know if this is my problem or the whole world’s problem? Probably mine because I’m not experienced enough…/_ really sad…

  • SO SO

    God help us all I went for interview last week they called to ask for references, but no job offer I dont understand why, ive actually done the job and used the computer system. Im actually at university at the moment and im so down. I dont want to carry on with university, this is due to the fact I got bullied at work for nearly 2 years. God help me its making me sucidal

  • Caitlyn

    I interviewed for 3 different positions with the same company over the course of four months. Their hiring process is so long that it left me with doubts. Each time I was told I would have to wait 2-3 weeks to hear back. Each time I waited the length of time, followed up, then learned they had already given the job away. I’m going on four weeks of waiting to hear back from the last job I interviewed for with this company. I’ve followed up and got the response they were still in progress. I think it’s just cruel to string people along like this. My interviews all went well, so why can’t they give me a yes or no so I can move on.

  • Memphis

    So So don’t get suicidal. Look at how many posts there are here. It can’t be you. I’ve always known that most company HR departments should probably be reinvented or eliminated. I had to completely circumnavigate HR to get a sorely needed teaching position in a large school system. According to the HR department, they had no positions. The subject coordinator said they, in fact, needed 8 teachers in that subject. Start going directly to the hiring manager or aim for either government positions or those with small companies with no HR departments. Also don’t wait for an advertised position. Send hard copy resumes in search of the kind of position you want. If they have a need for what you can do for them let them create a job. Most of these companies are actually just forming pools of qualified candidates for possible future openings. A lot of them are just HR departments making themselves useful. Truly. Scout the companies with the best reputation for employee treatment and forget the others. Let them be left with no applicants.

  • omilk

    So, here’s a question – how do we get these companies to understand that a response – one way or the other – is a professional thing to do? If we, as candidates, are expected to follow up with thank you’s then how hard would it be to respond. I’d be happy with a “thanks but no thanks” letter if it meant that I was at least advised where I stand. Memphis has a great suggestion and one I’ve used myself in the past – job hunting is NO fun – especially in this economy but we all have to eat so keep at it and know that we are all in the same boat!

  • Dave

    I understand what everyone is going through. I was fortunate to have three interviews within the last week. I felt that all the interviews went well. I was relaxed, answered all of their questions, was conversational, passed the tests and on two of the interviews was asked to wait so I can speak to one of the people who run the dept — IT in my case. At the end of the interview, I asked when I could expect to hear back from them. By the end of the following week. OK.

    That said, from my experience, the longer you don’t hear from them, the chances ate you’re never going to hear from them again. Time is the enemy in this case. Sure, there could be internal company circumstances playing a role, but that still doesn’t work in your favor.

    My only follow-up is a thank you note. I don’t become a pest or annoyance. But that’s just me. I feel that if I did not make that good an impression in the first place, becoming a manic isn’t going to help. I just move on. In a perfect world it would be nice to know the reason, but…

    Waiting to hear after an interview is worst than sending a resume and not hearing anything. At least they were never interested in the first place.

    Unless the interview went really lousy –and you usually can tell — what went wrong. You tend to blame yourself.

    Anyway, good luck to everyone and just keep looking.

  • OddsStackedForMe

    I just read through everyone’s comments. I simply could not resist. Count me in as one of those waiting for the call. I totally feel your pain.

    In my case, I am in search for a Software Engineer position in a field where there are very few people that have the skills I possess. For this one position I am hoping to get an offer for, I have gone through two rigorous technical phone interviews. Within 18 minutes on the second phone interview, I was asked to come in for a face-to-face cultural interview in which I would be meeting the entire team, taking some “real world – what would you do?” tests, etc. For over 6 hours I was interviewed by 7 of the most brilliant and talented engineers in the industry as well as getting a chance to meet the fonder/CEO. I am talking about MIT graduates; folks that have worked for IBM and Oracle for years. Just BRILLIANT minds no matter which direction I was facing. In any case, it went extremely well and it was mutually agreed that I would fit perfectly within the corporate culture.

    Less than one week later, last Monday, my references were called and they immediately told me how well it went! I teared up at one point. Hey, dudes can cry, too! ;-)

    The next day, last Tuesday, my “head hunter” told me that I was their strongest candidate yet, my references were extremely positive, and the company just wanted to do their due diligence by interviewing the remainder of their candidates just to see what happens. I’m totally down with their decision but, as you can tell by my mere presence at this site, I am anxious to find out where I truly stand and what it all means.

    Does anyone feel like trying to decrypt my situation? :-)

    Cheers to all and good luck with your career adventure! Soon you will all be laughing at how painful it all was but it was worth it because you know deep down inside that you earned your new position. Each interview you go on just gives you more and more practice for the next one. And always remember to be yourself because that is who you will ultimately be once you start working there.

  • Rachel

    These hiring authorities have begining to think themselves as gods. I think making candidates wait is some kinda trend going on these days. Even though they like the candidate they might wait for 3-4 weeks to show that they are working on your case!! what a fake world.

    what they don’t realize they too were once hired by someone. They seem to have forgotten their time

  • Luke

    As a recent graduate, I been in a hurry looking for internships since the summer of ’09. I figured the economy was suffering, at least I’ll get an intern position. Several companies tell me, “Yeah, send a resume, we’ll look it over, we can sure use an intern”. I wait for two weeks call back, no definitive answer. I call the second time and they don’t even bother to answer, so I leave a voice message; to never get a response. It’s really irritating, sometimes I feel like telling them to “cut the crap and tell me if there is an opportunity or not” I waste my time waiting for companies that lack certainty.

  • Julie

    WOW – I’m so glad I found everyone’s posts. I am losing sleep over a job I interviewed for and it’s only been 2 days! I was told I was one of the top two candidates, they asked me to fill out an employment application and they’d get back with me about a 2nd interview/drug test.

    Two days later I’m sweating bullets. My interview was on Monday and I sent back the paperwork on Monday evening. Today is Weds. and I’ve heard nothing. My mind is going in all directions! No references have been contacted yet – I don’t know what the deal is. I’ll give it to Friday and if I hear nothing I’ll just assume they hired the other candidate. Sheez, this is torture!

  • Anonymous

    I agree with most of the rules up to #6. If it comes to a point where you have to follow up regularly (or everyday), this job is NOT worth the worry. It also looks desperate to be contacting them everyday – most likely annoying too. Also, depending on the type of job, I do not think it’s appropriate to show up in person under any circumstances. A phone call is as far as it should go. Looking like a stalker is not going to get you a job. You should continue applying for jobs even after your interview no matter how badly you want this job, because there is a chance you might not get this job. And as others mentioned, why would you want to work somewhere that won’t even give you the respect and courtesy you deserve after a simple interview? Move on.

  • la la

    Wow, I guess it happens everywhere! England too! If you made the cut for an interview, a second one at that! Then the compnay should at least get back to you!!

  • Stacey

    Holy (*&&*^*($#@%$) I can’t even get an interview!! How depressing is this?? I am a recent graduate with solid working experience, and I have officially applied for 52….(yes you read right)… 52 different positions since last November. Aside from from prostitution, I really am starting to lose hope! I’m totally kidding about selling myself, but it really does suck.. (no pun intended). Brian is right, if these companies treat you unprofessionally, imagine how dirty and unethical they can be to you when their signing your paycheck….Makes a girl wonder!

  • Rick

    Yeah, great to be not alone, but still sucks!! Stacy, no pun intended either, we do not want to see you sell yourself. But these are tough times.

    I drove 11 hours for an interview several months ago, and was told I had the job, that HR should be sending me an offer in a week or so, but I never got a call or letter or anything, so I guess they changed their mind because I didn’t have enough experience. I did get to visit Memphis while on the trip, though, that was fun.

    Then today, I had a phone interview, and he asked me if I had particular experience in an area, and I told him only the experience I had while learning it in school. Then he told me he would pass my information onto HR and see what decision they make. Obviously this is BS and HR is not the ones that make the decision whether a candidate is experienced enough or not, I don’t think. And then he hung up so quick, I didn’t have time to thank him. I just think he should have had the balls to tell me if he didn’t think I was qualified instead of the crap about HR making a decision. He called me from an unknow number, which means I can’t call him back to find out what’s going on. I don’t expect to hear from them again. But you never know.

  • marilisa

    I had applied for a job that I know that I would be good at I am a worker and very reponsible. I went to an interview and thought it went well then they called me back for a 2nd interview I thought it went well too, at that interview they asked me for a list of references which I was able to provide them. then I asked when they were expected date for a start date if I were chosen and all they came up was that they did not know…after taking the time to go through these interviews you would think that you would get a call back or something it has been almost 3 weeks since the 2nd interview, I am very frustrated.

  • James

    I had 2nd and 3rd interview both with boss and VP of the department and it went great and they said they will get back to me by the end of the week. It has just been over 7 days since the last interview. Is it better to contact them via phone, email or maybe LinkedIn? I am really not sure which method is better. Please any advice?

  • Carla

    I am filling in for a position that was posted, working two jobs currently. Applied for the position, got an interview…it has been two weeks. I have not heard anything, and the job has been re-posted on the company website… very disapointed…hurt as well. I have been working very hard and have actually fell in love with position I am filling in for. I am still expected to fill in until they find the new candidate. I would at least like a No, you didn’t make the cut.

  • Kristen

    I just graduated from school 2 months ago and have been actively looking for a job. One job I interviewed for seemed perfect and the hr woman basically told me I had the job because I did so great on the math and grammar tests and the interview. I was supposed to meet with the VP only to find out that although the VP wants to meet me, she is just too busy now and has put the position on hold, but I will definitely hear back from them when the position becomes available again. That was over a month ago and still nothing. I also went on 2 interviews recently for another company. I came in to meet with the director of the department and he actually told me that he is always iffy about hiring smart people for the position since it’s not always mentally stimulating and he’s not sure about having such a smart person in that role. I graduated magna cum laude with a GPA of 3.8 thinking that would impress employers, not turn them off. Honestly, I’ve realized that when some employers see my high GPA they make a comment about how smart I am and then they seem sort of intimidated or something like they don’t feel comfortable with me anymore because I’m too smart. I don’t get it.

    • So

      Thats all for job protection. They are afraid you will make them look bad by outshining them eventually. Complete self preservation.  Take the job, then take their job.

  • XXXX

    Three interviews over three months for two positions. Offered the first one, but told to interview for another one (higher position, more money). Get email from hiring manager of second position that I would hear from HR in next day or two with offer details…. That was A WEEK ago. HR does not return calls. What to do? This has dragged on for four months! Still no written offer….

  • Daisy

    Three weeks waiting for a company I so badly want to be a part of. 4 interviewers very positive feedback to my recruiter and I and a promise of an answer in 24-48 hrs. I check in with my recruiter week to week, she is still waiting for their answer. It still torture when I allow myself to think about it; I’ve forced myself to let it go. I share in everyone’s pain :(

  • najjj

    I got contacted by a huge international company, i did 2 interviews with the HR, and then 2 interviews with the director of operations on the phone, and they said within 3 weeks will give u a call to set a personal interview, its already 1 month , i sent an e-mail, and now 5 days after the email and nobody answered what to do??

  • Miso

    I’ve been in several situations. I’ve been in a situation where I interviewed and heard nothing for four months and was offered the position. The interviewer did, however, warn me that the company moves slow and a few months might go by so I was prepared for that.

    In another instance, I had a phone interview and heard nothing back in 4 weeks. I call the manager and he tells me that he was very interested in me but he was more interested in another candidate and was going to offer him the position. He then asked if the other candidate didn’t accept, would I be interested in coming in for an interview? I said yes; I appreciated his candor.

    My most recent experience: I had a GREAT interview. My references were great, good rapport with the interviewers. Said I would hear in two weeks. I call back after two weeks, HR lady says they loved me, and are VERY interested that I basically have the job but she can’t tell me that officially. Two more weeks go by and no I didn’t basically have the job. They offered someone else the job and were waiting to hear back. Needless to say, I’m pretty pissed off. No need to lie ya know.

  • jh

    To be honest, I believe that everyone goes through this “typical” interview process. Interviewers could care less, interviewees put their life on the line. Best way is to be ambitious, don’t put all your heart into your interview (unless your know FOR SURE that that job is THE ONE. highly doubt it is), continue applying. Never settle for anything less. Continue to strive for better

  • IZZY

    I am glad I found this website. Looks like were all going on a cruise to “no where land”. My second and final interview went really well…so well that the manager told me to expect a call the following week as they would just need to put a proposal together and get it approved through financing. That indicates I have the job right?? He mentioned how impressed he was with my background and that I would really love it there along with the benefits they offer. They are hiring two people and I assume that I am one of them since he mentioned that I am a top candidate. Needless to say its going on 3 weeks with no response from the Manager who told me to call him direct if I don’t hear back from anyone. I finally couldn’t take it and called HR and to my surprise she has not heard anything either about the final selection from these managers I interviwed with. She sounded sincere. Its frustrating because this is the job I want! It’s not just a job to me but a career with a very big company! I am losing my mind thinking of all these possible scenarios that could have happened behind closed doors. Its almost impossible for them not to have gotten my email and voicemails. Don’t get me wrong the calls made were the approriate time line to make sure I am not being a pest. I just don’t understand why they can’t tell me something…anything to help make me understand what went wrong or if anything changed. No news isn’t good news!

    Luckily I have an interview set up with my second choice company but it still kills me not knowing what happened with my first choice. It almost makes me cry to come this close and do well on an interview of a lifetime and get no feedback. Any advice?

  • http://none CHRIS

    I’m in this exactly situation right now. I had an interview early in the week and the interviewer said we will know something by the end of the week. I feel decently O K about the interview. It seem to flow smoothly but the interviewer was in a hurry to leave. I think the most frustrating thing is, too many people get to worried about what the interviewers really thinking. I did my job to the best of my ability, but i got a quick sense after her first question she wanted to terminate the interview and leave as if never to give me a chance in the first place. Another thing, I’d like to know what about any particular interview, what it is that the interviewer didn’t particularly care fore. At what point did she decide that I was not the fit for the roll and why? Were suppose to improve from one interview to the next, but were never granted the feedback we need to improve. THIS SUCKS!!!! Then people make it virtually impossible to get a hold of them!

  • Mike

    I had 4 interviews for a job last week and they told me on Friday i was front runner. They said we will get back to you Monday or Tuesday. Today is Tuesday and I will contact them at end of day today. I have gotten jobs cause I’m a go getter.. not a sit around and waiter. Just my take.. if you want the job go after it.. stay after it… till its filled.

  • Izzy

    I completely agree Mike! I am still waiting and looking at the job posting for the one I really want and its still available from what I can tell. They haven’t called or emailed to tell me its been filled as they are required to do so according to their “hiring process” posted on their website. Its just unfortunate that these big companies sometimes don’t have the courtesy to let you know either way. Its been about a month since my 1st and 2nd interview which went really well and I am still hoping it will come together or at least have some kind of closure.

    People have told me to move on if you don’t hear back at all but something tells me until they give you a firm NO and you have no other offers from other companies and of course if the job is still available to be persistent without being a pest especially if they considered you to be a top candidate.

    Not sure if everyone feels this way but I can definitely sympathize.

  • Cleaver

    I waited a month for an interview, and then had the interview a month ago. They said they would be making the decision “soon,” since one of the hiring managers was leaving town within a week.

    So far I’ve heard nothing at all, and today I e-mailed them to say that I’m no longer available.

    “It may be that you’ve aleady filled the position,” I wrote. “If so, congratulations, and best of luck with your plans for expansion. In any event, since you took the time to meet with me, I feel that I owe you the courtesy of this update on my availability.”

    Wonder if my subtle snark will even register with them.

  • IZZY

    Hi Cleaver! Just wanted to comment on your job search. I think its great that you emailed them about your availability and that it was actually a little snarky! Good for you! These decision makers sometimes forget that they were once in your situation and its frustrating when they tell you one thing and does another.

    I too did my final attempt last week as to call the recruiting specialist direct to let her know I have an offer on the table and did I hear back from anyone..NOPE! They strung me along for over a month! It amazes me how far they will go as to actually tell you to expect a call because you are a top candidate one day, and yet never hear back again. I know there are no guarantees until you get that phone call BUT don’t sugar coat if they are on the fence with your candidacy. I think I deserved at least a rejection email!

    I know these big companies don’t owe us an explanation but as a “BIG” company isn’t it mandatory to adhere to your own hiring process guidelines posted on their internet? I am so turned off beyond belief and now that I think about it…would I really want to work for a company that treats people that way and don’t follow what they preach?

    In conclusion, I accepted an offer from a smaller company who gave me close to what I asked for and respected my time from start to finish! They were true to their words with the updates and follow up I received and that I think speaks highly of them….with integrity!

  • Eyjafja

    Why nobody mentioned that if they keep us waiting, it is probably because we are not their favorites but we are on the waiting list as backup?

    This strategy maximize the interest of the companies because their favorites could decline the offer, or change their minds after accepting the offer, or leave abruptly after working for a few days only. I know this is chilly.

  • Nhi Ngo

    You don’t know how much better I felt after I read all of your posts! I’m in the same situation, but not with a big company. I’m interviewing for a research position so the hiring people are the PI and the lab manager (whose position I’m filling). The lab manager said I should probably hear back within this week (interviewed on Monday) because the PI was “eager to finalize the hiring process”, although the PI herself only said “as soon as we have more information” (on what???). They already read/contacted my references, read my writing samples, transcript, etc. etc. and as far as I’m concerned I was the last one among the 3 candidates that were interviewed. That means they should have been able finalize everything this week! I tried so hard to contain myself and used up all my patience, buuuuut reading from the Internet that the longer the wait the less likely one is offered a job I FREAKED out and emailed the lab mgr at the end of the day (Friday). I think it’s appropriate………right?? He did say I’d hear back “this week”. This is really frustrating. I wish they would just let me know, even if I’m being made an alternate and they’re only waiting for their chosen candidate to reply (i mean, who rejects that kind of offer? no point in waitlisting!). I hate this!!!!!!! Also, have been applying to 40-50 different jobs, never heard back from about 2/3 of them, although I did get a bunch of phone interviews. Life!!!

  • SuperJohn

    Thank you all (excluding big companies justifying their flagrant negligence). This has been very therapeutic. I’ll be moving on now…

  • http://dontknow kristin

    i had an interview with my dream job 8 days ago. it was a panel interview and i thought i did good because like you all said the ” ohhs and ahhs” and the nodding. i know at least 6 people that work from that big company and one of them handed my resume to the manager. they told me they are going to make the decision soon because that position gets filled up so fast. i called one my friends that work there and he told me that the manager remembers me as the young and smart lady and they were impressed with me during the interview but they said that they still have to interview more candidates to give everyone a chance. this waiting game is killing me. i get so nervous just thinking about it. during the interview they told me what my company car will be and asked me how much i make now between my two jobs and they told me that they can afford me. i dont know, i dont want to expect to much because i dont want to be disappointed. they were supposed to make the decision in the next 14 days. i will just keep my fingers crossed.

  • Fruitoftheboom

    2nd week and waiting. I think did very well in the initial phone/group interview and face-to-face interview. However, i do not understand the fact that the people / hr who act and make you feel special before the interview do not have the courtesy or common sense to at least act half interested after the interview process. I guess, they treat candidates like an old file that needs to archived .
    I understand that there could be other factors involved in making a final decision but the hiring companies need to understand that the interviewee needs a freaking answer so they can move in or on.

  • Cleaver

    Follow-up on my earlier post: After I e-mailed the company, I heard back from them. Turns out they were still deciding how to define the job and were stuck in that process. Looks like they put out the call for applications too soon. They should have waited until they were clear on what the position would be and what level of employee should fill it. Instead they just wasted a bunch of other people’s time as well as their own.

  • Sylvia

    I applied for a job with a national company. One week later, they called to set up a phone interview. That went well.

    Two weeks after the phone interview, they call me to make arrangements for an in-person interview. They flew me in, got me a rental car, and put me up in a hotel. The interview was with about 15 people total. Needless to say, the interview went ALL day long! It went over the scheduled time, and I was lucky to make it back to the airport to catch my flight home. I asked at the end of the interview when they expected to make a decision. The hiring manager said, by the beginning of the following week. (I interviewed on a Wed.)

    The following week came and went. No word. So, I contacted the HR guy because the manager dude I interviewed with gave me an outdated business card. I didn’t realize how outdated it was until I went to phone him for a status. HR Guy says they were still working on a decision, and that I’d hear something DEFINITELY (his emphasis, not mine) by the beginning of this week.

    Guess what? This week has come and gone, no word. Yes, there’s still tomorrow. If I don’t hear from them by 3pm my time, then I’m calling them, and depending upon what they say, I may forget about ‘em.

    Maybe I’m being far too arrogant in believing that I’m a very good contender for the job? I hope so. It’s just a gut feeling that everything went exceptionally well. At any rate, tomorrow will be the last time I call them inquiring about my status.

    I wonder if, sometimes, we don’t hear back because they’re collecting resumes, experience info, and salary info, so they can choose someone with a lot of experience, for a low, low wage?

  • Sylvia

    I heard back from the company and was told they went with another candidate because I wanted too much money! This is another rant, altogether.
    I spent a lot of time researching what a comparable position paid, and went with the low-end of what the industry is currently paying; how can that possibly be too much? People were shocked when I told them how much I asked for and told me I was low-bidding myself and said they would’ve asked for even more than the industry average. How ridiculous!

  • vanburren

    I recently applied for a software developer position at a fairly large biotech company. I had an all day interview 2 weeks ago in which I was interview by 8 people, asked to give a presentation to an audience of 15 people and taken out for lunch. The HR representative mentioned that there is another candidate in the running and they will be deciding by the end of this week. I sent a thank-you email about a week ago and re-expressed my interest again in the position but I still haven’t heard. If I don’t hear back from them by tomorrow then it probably means they are not interested and following up again and again actually leaves a candidate with less bargaining power in regards to salary compensation. One other thing possible is they had decided that day that I’m not a good candidate and told me to wait two weeks for an offer just to keep me as a backup and in the mean time they extended that offer to the other candidate. I have my fingers crossed…:)

  • RachaelAnn

    I have been out of cosmetology school for almost a year now, I have my license, and I’m ready to go. I’ve put out tons of resumes, and applications, and even had a few interviews. Thing is, they want someone with experience. But how the heck do you get it if no one will hire you? I had an interview at a salon on Monday, and the manager said they would call me the next day around one. It is now Thursday, and I have called once every day, and she still hasn’t called me back. I am not picky, I will clean your toilets, I don’t care. WHY do they do this to us?

  • Sandy

    I have had such experiences so many times by now, with all kinds of companies, big, small, mid-size. In one case they got all the information from me, including salary req, references, start-date but never bothered to even write a single line. Another place i specifically asked the hiring manager when will i hear from him and he said in a week, i sent an email after 2 months to hear that the req has been put on hold! Get a grip guys, people are not sheeps! They do deserve a polite yes or no or maybe or whatever!! I am waiting for a couple more, one of them has put all the company reqs on hold (very famous company) and i respect that, the other one i interviewed only 3 days back.. went very well have yet to see when i get a response.

    I think in general, there should be a degree of civility to let people know whether they are considering them or not, when they call for day long interviews without taking u out for lunch!

  • Bobbie

    I am currently self-employed and working part-time. I have been helping my young nephew find an internship. He was told he would receive a call back on Monday or Tuesday. We are going to give them a call back tomorrow if they do not contact him today, Monday.

    What is happening to many of you is that the HR person is trying to keep themselves busy, so that they can hold on to their jobs. I interviewed for a position at the local newspaper. I spoke to the HR person responsible for hiring. He told me to send him my resume and the amount of money that I expected to earn. I went further by sending him samples. What he did not know is that two weeks earlier I had a friend from my college program apply for the exact same jobs.

    After following up with him, he sent all of us applicants a batch e-mail explaining that they were going to use a staff member for the position. The next week the exact same ad was placed back in the paper.

    When you are job hunting, keep searching for jobs. Do not wait for the one dream job. If the dream job comes through you can always take it, but waiting for a job can hinder you from being hired by another employer. It is very important to realize that your job is to find a job. Hence, do not wait around. Keep interviewing because you need to look out for your self. Most of these jobs are fictitious. This bad economy is creating HR and recruiters that have no scruples aside from keeping themselves employed.

  • John

    Wow I’m glad I’m not alone in this horrible waiting game. I was recently called by HR to setup a phone interview for a large private hospital. Set the interview up on Monday to speak with the VP, Director and Manger for the first time spot they had. Phone interview went well, two days later they called to setup an in person interview. Went to the 2nd interview this past Thursday, and it’s now Friday. I know it’s only been a week but I’m already freaking out wondering if I got it or not. The VP said I was there #1 candidate right now but they still have a few more people to interview and if all goes well he will let me know next week. I’ve already had the HR person go over the salary, send me the benefits package and go over hours. I think I might give her a call tomorrow to touch base and try to get some info. This is the absolute worst part of finding a new job, the waiting…… I feel everyone’s pain.


    I have been in the work field for 9 years. What I have notice is after an interview the HR or bossd would tell you if your hired. All my jobs (I have had many jobs) that I interviewed the person would tell me I was hired. When someone tells you, “we will make a decision in so-so weeks..” its most likely you didn’t get the job.

    Just yesterday I was told, “we will make a decision in a week..”. Ugh. What hurts is I put so much effort and enthusiasm in those 2 interviews (which went well) that I get a “ah mayybbee” answer. Just say yes or no, I don’t mind rejection



    I have been in the work field for 9 years. What I have notice is after an interview the HR or bossd would tell you if your hired. All my jobs (I have had many jobs) that I interviewed the person would tell me I was hired. When someone tells you, “we will make a decision in so-so weeks..” its most likely you didn’t get the job.

    Just yesterday I was told, “we will make a decision in a week..”. Ugh. What hurts is I put so much effort and enthusiasm in those 2 interviews (which went well) that I get a “ah mayybbee” answer. Just say yes or no, I don’t mind rejection.


    • Guest

      Wow, you expect them to make a decision on the spot? That’s not how things normally work. Most places want to interview more than one candidate, and thus they aren’t going to hire you on the spot no matter how good you are. That’s going to be especially true in the current tough job market where there are a lot of highly qualified people out-of-work.

      You have absolutely no right to expect them to make a decision on-the-spot.

  • Bella

    This whole process of searching for employment can be quite difficult, but when you add the unprofessional manners of the interviewers, well, it just make it all the more unsettling. I have been unemployed for about several months, I had been on quite a few interviews, some I turned down, and vice versa. Then I had gotten an interview with a company I was very enthusiastic to work for. I went on three interviews. I know they were interested, for one they said they were on the voicemail they left, before setting me up for the third interview. And one of the interview’s I met with was the vice president and after the interview she kissed me on the cheek and said I would hear from them soon. Well it’s been 2 weeks and I have heard nothing at all and not to mention that being unemployed has now made my funds not what they once were. so traveling 2 hours and spending 200.00 on this process has not pleased me at all. Everything was beyond promising and now because of the lack of common decency I have been left in limbo with this “opportunity”. Even though I have continued to send out my resume’s it troubles me that most companies conduct their recruitment process this way, very little respect for the time of the candidate, and in most cases extremely poor etiquite

  • IDEA


    • Gus

      Your e-mail is 5 months ago but wondering if you are still up to what you said. I have had similar experiences and it drives me crazy. There should be a law in company’s decency and some protection to the job seeker.

  • Janice

    I interviewed with a company 3 times. The I was called by the owner and told that i have in fact gottent tohe job and there would be an offer letter sent to be withing the weekend. NOTHING. I was told my start date, which is tomorrow, Aug 31, but no offer letter was sent yet. I called to day and no one called me back. I’m wondering should I just show up to work tomorrow? This is crappy and makes me wonder if this is the sort of boss and company that I want to work for. I have been unemployed for 6 months; unemployment benefits are running out. I feel for everyone who posted to this issue. It truly is feels like psychological abuse, to treat a desperately unemployed person this way.

  • Janice

    Sorry for the typos in my previous post. Usually check my typos but I am upset and depressed.

  • B.E.

    I emailed a resume to a company and later in the week received a phone interview from a separate location. The following Monday, I got a call from the job location when I was told more about the position and offered an interview. I went in for this interview one month ago tomorrow and it went well. After that interview I filled out ten plus pages of paperwork as part of the application process. I was told on that day that one more applicant was to be interviewed the following friday and then a decision would be made. When that friday arrived, I emailed a thank you letter to the interviewer and reconfirmed my interest in the position. I didn’t hear anything the next week so I emailed on that friday with a polite inquiry of when the position would be filled. (I have used email up to this point because the interviewer said it was her preferred method of communication and she checked it often.) There was no response to this email until exactly one week after I sent it. That response was “Still interviewing and checking references. If you don’t hear from me next week, we will keep your resume on file for future positions.” Somewhere in the middle of this, one of my references said they got a call. After that email though, I mostly considered I was being blown off. Another friday arrives and I get a call from the interviewer telling me she was going to ask for an additional reference, but one of them had returned her call and she didn’t need another one at this time. She further stated that she was waiting on a decision from her superviser and confirmed I would be around the next week for contact. I confirmed that. This was last friday. Tomorrow is the end of the week and I still haven’t heard anything new. Tomorrow also marks one month since my interview. I know for a fact that four of my references were called and all of them gave great reviews for me. I have never been strung along in this way in any job process, especially not for this length of time. I am in need of a job and this position offered good pay and benefits, but after this treatment I have little interest in accepting any position with them based on how this interviwer has behaved. This is not professional and as previously mentioned, if this is how the interview process goes, how will I be treated as an employee? It’s very discouraging but I have decided to move on. I have applied for several jobs, but this was one of the better positions in terms of pay and benefits. However, at some point, one has to acknowledge that they are better than being treated like this. I’m taking myself and my references elsewhere. To all employers: this is unacceptable behavior.

    • Kevykev2020

      I know what your talking about I have been through the same thing time after time,its a shame for people to treat others in this manner,they seem not to understand the stress this causes.I believe that there should be a law concerning this,its not fair to the job seeker[unemployed person]knowing we are out of work seeking employment in many cases we have to travel to and from these interviews and spend money for transportation being public or private this causes the need to spend money something we most likely have little of, this is the reason we are seeking work,I would ask that people in this hiring position really take this in account and stop this nonsense its just not fair its cruel an this is America not some third world country… would they like it if the shoe were on the other foot….just put people to work thats all they are asking for,and stop using the so called down economy as an cop-out or lame excuse……

  • Sam

    Was interviewed multiple times earlier this year. Invited out by management to a nice place where I was told that I had the position. Kept following up and now it’s been several months. No explanations, just told to sit tight. I think the truth is that they had a preferred candidate this whole time and were stringing me along just in case. It’s disgusting, people in this economy are down and when they get interviewed multiple times have their hopes up to move forward with their lives and an employer can hold out a carrot only to let candidates down so much. Keep your chin up everybody.

  • Erica

    Sept. 2nd I got a call from a company I applied to 30 days ago. He spent 30mins on the phone asking a few questions…he stated he was impressed and wanted to schedule a proper phone interview with me that would last about an hr. Sept. 3rd he called at the scheduled time and stated he was so impressed that after the phone call yesterday he called a colleague to share the good news. The phone interview lasted well over an hr…and he asked to see me in person. Sept. 8th I met the other hiring manager 1st, then with the fellow that I had the two phone interviews with. He again stated how impressed he was and took me to meet the people I’d be working with as well as a tour of the facility. The entire in person interview lasted 4hrs! After the tour he brought me into his office to talk to me about pay and benefits. He stated he had two more people he needed to interview and he’d make a decision by the end of that week, but due to him being gone the following week…he’d make his calls Sept. 20th or 21st. He stated whether the answer was a yay or nay I’d hear from him. (I of course sent my after interview thank-you note.)Today Sept. 21st I sent a final “here’s why u should hire me email”…I haven’t heard anything yet…if I don’t hear anything by sept 23rd or 24th I will call…Did I get it? I’m going nuts!

  • Cheri

    Someone said earlier that when a company tells you that they’ll be in touch, that’s an indication you didn’t get the job. That’s not necessarily true.

    I applied for a job back in Feb. Interviewed 4 times and was told they’d be in touch. Never heard a word, none of my calls were returned, all my emails went unanswered, so I gave up and just figured they went with someone else.

    Two weeks ago, I get a call from them asking me if I’m still interested in this position. I was taken aback, but said yes. They said they were ‘reviving the position’ (whatever that means) and would send me an email indicating times that the manager would be available for interviews. I got the email, responded, and guess what? NEVER HEARD FROM THEM!!!

    Yet, they keep calling me and asking me if I’m interested in the position. They keep saying they’ll be in touch. It’s ridiculous.

    You can’t tell me with all the sophisticated features on emails, that HR can’t have their IT group help them program an auto reply message not only acknowledging receipt of your resume, but also an auto send to the group of people they’re not going to move forward with. It’s really not that difficult.

    • Dm3

      Sounds like their intial candidate didnt pan out. You were the backup

  • John

    I received a phone call from a high profile architecture firm who said they heard about me through the grape vine and wanted my resume for a potential job. I sent it to them that morning and in 3hrs they contacted me back and said when can we interview you? Boy was I excited! I went for the interview the next day, it lasted for over an hour and they said my portfolio was amazing and my they loved my personality. I was given a tour of the office and then was told I would be notified by Friday for the position. Friday comes, no call, so I call on Monday and they told me that the position had been put on hold due to a change in contracts. I then find out a week later that the same Monday I called they interviewed someone and then hired them. I called and e-mail them to see if the position was still available (acting as if I didn’t know it was filled already, just so I could have some closure) No one has responded to my voice-mails and e-mails. I just find it extremely rude that they don’t give me the light of day. It’s very frustrating but I guess it shows how they would treat their workers.

    • Rabecerraa

      I had a second interview with a large company, left being told I will have the third interview with management. Its been two weeks now and the HR person has not answered my phone call or email. Now how professional is that? I wish they would give me some type of closure. So Frustrating.

    • Guest

      If you found out someone else got the job and you didn’t, then you got all the “closure” you need. Most of us are struggling because we don’t know whether or not we are still in consideration. Once you know the answer, it’s time to quickly move on — do not look back seeking “closure” because you will never find an answer that will satisfy you.

      • Kittatree

        I had an interview on Monday 4/25/2011 I drove 2 hours to the interview for a job that is 5 minutes away from my home, when I got there the office was closed I sat in my car for 2 hours waiting for her to show up the interview was at 10 am I called her phone numerous times only to get her voicemail on the first ring, so i left almost an hour up the road on my way back home I called her again and she answers, she apologizes saying that she forgot because her office usually closes on fridays and not mondays and it slipped her mind , so she schedules me anotherinterview that is 45 minutes way from my home I got to the interview and it goes well i think she tells me she has some more interviews to do and she would call me by the 16 of may so i call her and   when i see that she has reposted the job she tells me they have not made a decision and that she would call me cause people were having a problem getting to the interview because of the 2 hour drive i think that it was so rude of her to do this to me i am very qualified for the job, also very professional  i went to these interviews to show her my determination and willingness all i got was an apology and a walmart card for 15 dollars it cost me almost 75 dollars that i don’t have she should have traveled to the office here the second interview very unprofessional on her part if you ask me.

  • S.S.

    People this is a big problem nowadays. I had an interview with a very large corporation many months ago. They offered me the job informally, and since then have not answered any of my e-mails/phone calls. How’s that for rude? It’s been 6 months since the so-called “offer”.

  • Unemployed_in_Mass

    How about this one….I get a call today from a recruiter asking me if I’d be interested in a 2 month contract pharmaceutical sales position!! I kindly told her that I pass!!!!

  • GG


    I had an interview for a sales assistant job at the end of Nov. It was a long process even getting to the interview stage I had to complete two applications and two phone interview before I got a one to one interview. I did my research on the company and arrived with plenty of time. I had to wait an hour and 20mins as they were running behind. When I went into the interview the interviewers (there was two of them one male and one female) they grilled me for well over an hour. I don’t get stressed and I answered their questions with confidence. During the interview the male interviewer rudely asked me my age which I thought was an inappropriate but I did tell him (I’m 24). He also asked the same question ten times just phrased it differently.

    After the interview i waited for 24 hours and send a thank you email. I waited for two weeks and emailed them to see if the job was filled. It wasn’t. I left it for another two weeks( that a month after i did the interview) and i decided to ring them, they said the same thing again. The next day I received and email from them saying that they would know by the end of the week! That was a month ago i don’t know what to do now I think its rude and very unprofessional not to give a straight answer I have continued to actively seek employment and had an interview Friday but I really need the closer from the last interview its driving me nuts!!!

  • Cnagglepuss

    Hi I just found this site while searching for help for a friend. Hope nobody minds if I comment. I am not for sure but I have had this problem too and I am not a felon. I really should have followed my own advice when I was job searching .
    I tell all the kids in my area when you apply for a job you should show how interested you are in working. Call back everyday until they get tired of hearing from you and give you the job. My mother used to say and mother always knows best (haha) stick to it and it will get done.
    The Kids in my area of course were all 18 and their parents had kicked them out of the house I gave them a job delivering papers with me and a place out of the weather and when they were ready they flew the nest and got their own jobs.
    so apply for the job and then get the interview. Don’t let the grass grow under their feet before you call back keep after them starting the next day. Let them know how much you want to work for their company. And paper routes if you have a car aren’t such a bad income now days either so look into them lots of independance in self employment ya know pay is decent too. Good Luck

  • Jasonmbaril

    I went on an interview with a company I am very interested in. The interview was similar to a panel interview. The District Manager interviewed me while the Site Manager asked some follow-up questions. Everything went great. I felt as if I could be an elite candidate. It has been 17 days since the interview. The Manager told me they hoped to start calling people back after another week of interviews. (My interview was on a Friday.) I sent a thank you note the next day. Would it be too early to contact them again regarding the position?

  • Tammyoswald

    I had an interview and was hired on the spot but he said he would call me on the week-end to get training in but i got no call than got a call Monday asking me were i am as i had an orentation for 4:00 offer to come than they said no than i called the guy who interview me and ask him what happened and he said it was his fault than said to come in on Monday and i did but when i got there he was not in that day so again i called him and he said if they were still Intersted in me still they would call me and ever since never heard from them at all and now i am still looking for a job my husband hates me because i am not working

    • lesley

      yep same here my boyfriend is starting to hate me cos i quit my job and have been going for interviews and not getting anywhere. I heard back from an interview 3 weeks ago and as its in a hospital, they said there would be checks they needed 2 do aswell as references. fair enough but i was told the references went to the person deciding last week and i still havent heard anything a week later. surely it doesnt take lkong to look at references and decide yes or no?i know my crb and health forms were fine so its just the stupid references. i feellike im gonna be punished for the rest of my life for what i did in my past jobs (being late and some sick days) . i know im a good worker and a good person and theres people ewho prob dont even want the job they have , and theres me desperate to be given a chance to prove myself. in my opinion the woman would have got back to me by now, cause if she wanted me she wouldnt have wanted to leave me waiting. so obviously my references have ruined it all. i was told i was successful after the interview so they must have liked me and not just given up on me cos of some silly little things which arent relevant. Anyone have anything helpful to say .like maybe someone who does the recuiting process or interviews??

    • lulabelle

      Hi, first calm down. I believe everyone has a talent and will find the right job – be patient and meanwhile just aim at being your best at home. Keep busy at home – while unemployed you are the CEO of the house – take initiative to be on top of things at home, get organized, have meals prepared ahead of time, plan outings for self and husband. These organizational skills can be promoted at a job interview. A lot of people cannot keep an organized home or life and yet expect to do so at the job. Hang in there.

    • Cmac1043

      That is one hell of a run on sentence!

  • henry

    I was extended a job offer last week! As any person should, I wanted to negotiate a higher overall compensation rate. The company knew that I would be taking a reduction but 25% will be extremely challenging. So I called them on Monday, told the potential employer that I was extremely excited for the opportunity to work for a growing company and look forward to making an impact to their business but it would be a challenge to accept the amount that they offered. I proposed a new amount. The HR rep said they’d get back to me.

    How long should I wait until I should follow up with them?

  • Bayraven

    I have had some interviews lately(0-3 so far, a few outcomes pending) but it has been 2 years since I have steady work and I am getting job hunting burnout; not giving up though.

    It has been the same old we are still interviewing other candidates and we’ll get in touch when the process is done but of course they really are just saying that. For instance: I had a department manager after a second interview asked me to contact him the following week after the second interview. I emailed him, no reply. So I I called the next day. He told me that they were doing surety background checks on candidates which lead me to believe that I was still in the hunt. Then that Friday, I get a generic email that they selected another candidate with no other explaination leading me to speculate what happened. The fact he gave me hope and then deflated me pissed me off. The interview process was with the manager then later with a peer panel. I have found that peer panel interview don’t usually pick the best person but the their process is soley a popularity contest not to upset the group make up; like a cliche in high school.

    Another recent reject letter was from the state. They basically said, “due to better answers that another candidate gave we decided to not tender you an offer”, now talk about insulting one’s intelligence. In a behavior interview questions you know the ones like “What would you do in a certain senerio” there are better/right answers, just yours. It was like we thought your replies just plain sucked.

    It has not been a fun 2 years in searching for a job. I have had one offer vs. countless resumes sent out that I turned down just because the gut feeling telling me don’t do it the situation was a set up for failure and the headhunter was pressing me into to taking it even if it was for one day. It killed me to do that but taking a job to just take with no assurances from the employer(who flipped it from a direct hire to temp to perm after the interview) could have lead to me being back to square one after the fact.

    I have had some good interviews but it always leaves me wondering what happened and why? I know I have been told I am overqualified(MS degree) for the same job I was doing several years ago even when I know I am not. I am keeping the faith that some thing will pop up and this nightmare will be over. I agree that the majority of the HR/hiring people have forgotten what is like to be unemployed and having emotions related to being in this situation. If the sure was on the other foot, I betcha they would be reading/commenting on this board too.

  • Bayraven

    wow me can’t write tonight either…..

  • Latinmusic74

    Well people do not get to depress if you do not get a call back after the interview. When I applied for my first IT job, I wait four months to be hire. The reason was that the IT manager want to open a new position for me but some of the directors in the upper level did not want to give him the budget for the position. After four long months and some computer and network crashes in the company, they realized that they need a new IT person in the department.
    So sometimes is not the hiring manager the problem but others…….

    In another company, I spoke with the president of the company (he was in another USA state). He was traveling to my local office and we agree to me in person. He and his secretary never call me back. After four months I found out that company closed its offices in four different locations.

  • Pantheman42

    What if you got the interview through a third party such as a recruitment agency  ? In two separate job interviews,  one over 6 weeks ago & the other almost four weeks ago, I was informed by the clients that they would notify the agency with a decision within a week or two at most. I waited. And waited. Follow up calls & emails to the agencies involved resulted in promises that as soon as they heard they’d let me know. I’m still waiting. Whilst I’m assuming that my applications were unsuccessful after over a month I’d still like a definite answer. My real question is should I now by-pass the recruitment agencies involved and go directly to the client ?

    • So

      Yes! Bypass.

  • Guesto

    I have been on both sides of the fence.  Sometimes the hiring process tends to be very quirky and gets held up for weird reasons.

    Some examples would be :
    1) Internal re-org or potential re-org
    2) Another person in the same team decides to leave putting the manager in a deeper thought on how to structure the team
    3)  Managers supervisor is out for 3 weeks on vacation and then 2 more weeks on travel, so the hiring manager is on hold until he gets a face to face approval from his boss. 
    4) hiring freeze
    5) Pressure to hire internally
    6) Need to interview more candidates

    The number of variables that could be many and hold up managers from making an offer or getting back to the candidates. For my current job I interviewed for a total of nearly 5 months. They’d call me in every couple of weeks to talk to 1 or 2 people. It sucks, i finally got the job and found out that they interviewed many people during that time-frame, went through 2 re-orgs but were determined to ‘keep me warm’ and interested.

  • Xxrebeccajade1992xx

     i have been waiting to  hear back  from a company that offered me a job i know they got my crb forms beause i have got my crb which they posted and it has been about 8 weeks since i heard from them and i dont  no what to do.

  • Isabella27

     I had a similar experience.
     In the last 2 months of job searching I have had 5 different interviews, but zero job offers. Most of the interviews seem to go really well. I graduated in Marketing, Also any HR people out there that could give me any tips would be greatly appreciated! 

  • Guest

     I am so sick of not hearing back from interviews- it seems to be happening more and more, I don’t know what their problem is. With one interview I had a few months ago I was patiently waiting to hear back and, less than a week after my interview, I see on Facebook that a friend of mine had been hired. I should not have to find out that I didn’t get the job from bleedin’ Facebook!

    It is also increasingly hard to get feedback with modern systems. For example, for one job I applied online, got telephoned by someone to arrange the interview, e-mailed by a different person with the details of where to go, and got interviewed by people in a completely different building to the people in HR. Trying to find out whether I got the job or not was ridiculous- I e-mailed HR and they took their own sweet time getting back to me saying the position was now filled. Great, thanks for letting me know. To top it off, a few weeks later I got the ‘official’ rejection- always nice to be rejected twice!

    Now I am at the stage where I think if I don’t hear back right away I just assume it is a no. I had an interview last week for a job that was supposed to start in a couple of weeks time so I assume they would be quite quick about letting the candidates know. The interview seemed to go really well and I was feeling very positive, but now I can only assume I didn’t get it. Playing the waiting game really is awful. 

  • Guest

     I am so sick of not hearing back from interviews- it seems to be happening more and more, I don’t know what their problem is. With one interview I had a few months ago I was patiently waiting to hear back and, less than a week after my interview, I see on Facebook that a friend of mine had been hired. I should not have to find out that I didn’t get the job from bleedin’ Facebook!

    It is also increasingly hard to get feedback with modern systems. For example, for one job I applied online, got telephoned by someone to arrange the interview, e-mailed by a different person with the details of where to go, and got interviewed by people in a completely different building to the people in HR. Trying to find out whether I got the job or not was ridiculous- I e-mailed HR and they took their own sweet time getting back to me saying the position was now filled. Great, thanks for letting me know. To top it off, a few weeks later I got the ‘official’ rejection- always nice to be rejected twice!

    Now I am at the stage where I think if I don’t hear back right away I just assume it is a no. I had an interview last week for a job that was supposed to start in a couple of weeks time so I assume they would be quite quick about letting the candidates know. The interview seemed to go really well and I was feeling very positive, but now I can only assume I didn’t get it. Playing the waiting game really is awful. 

  • Confused

    I was laid off from my job, no notice. I worked part time at a college, for a year and half. I arrived to work and a co-worker from another department was standing in the middle of the shop, I told him good morning, and he notified me of my termination. I was told that the paycheck I was going to receive that day was going to be my last, and that the company had asked him to stand there that day and tell people if they noticed him.

    My boss never spoke to me, nor anyone else in my department who was laid off. No one stopped us from coming in and working, and I would have continued to do so if my co-worker hadn’t been compelled to tell me while I was checking in. The only way we knew we were fired was that it was posted on our school account next to our final hours submission. We were just expected to notice our paychecks were no longer coming in and check online. If we submitted an inquiry, at which point we would’ve received an email notification of our termination. Ice cold…and completely legal.

    Since then, I have been getting the run around from various companies. I was hired for a position by the store manager, but workers are imported from a sister company. So, I had to get approval from the sister company, as is standard procedure. I contacted the sister company, and a week and half later the store manager, called me and notified me that the company had already assigned a worker to the position a month ago and not notified him. Case closed.

    Searched for weeks, nothing. I decided to retry a store I had applied to the day I was fired, approximately a month before. Walked in and made a great impression. They went ahead and gave me all the secondary tests, and they called me a week later to come in for an interview. Unofficially hired on the spot, I was asked to go through the drug screening before I met with the final boss who would set up orientation. I met with the final boss 2 weeks ago, and ever since I’ve been getting excuses as to why my orientation still hasn’t been set up. “She’s out of state, I’m sorry her mother is in the hospital today, We’re waiting on your background check still before we get the paperwork….”

    Since I was hired I’ve had no income. I was unable to pay rent, as I shut my utilities off to save money they weren’t a consideration, and I have been evicted from my home. I am living on a friend’s couch, currently homeless. I’ve been earning internet access, utilities, and phone access in exchange as their housekeeper and chef. They have a big family and several of them are special needs, so the extra hands are needed. No income still, so I’m spinning my wheels.

    I’m not happy, but I’m living. I spend my days waiting to be called in, and nothing changes. I want to ditch this company, but it could be weeks before I find another job, and the waiting game will start again. How can a distinguished college graduate, age 21, with no criminal background, legal resident, over 200 hours of retail sales training, previous work experience with over a year at each location, and solid references not even be able to land a job?

    • So

      It’s horrible out here. I’m about to get evicted soon. I have lived in my apartment for 5 years straight and can’t wrap my head around asking relatives that I’m not close to can I have a place to sleep. I say print like 15 resumes and go from retail to retail filling out applications. Its easier to go on foot to stores, than it is to go from office to office.

  • Chikri_spiridon

    Today I made a phone interview for the role of  financial Controller, I answered 70% correctly the technical questions but i got some mistakes, I asked him if my answers was wrong, he said no comments. He continue the interview normally and finally he told me to check co website to know exactly the business activity. He didn’t mention when I’ll get feedback.  What do you think this interview was positive or negative??

  • LAGirl2001

    I interviewed last Thursday for the first round of interviews, it went well. She said I was the second person interviewed and that they had scheduled interviews through this week and she was going to sit down with the VP and EVP to choose five applicants to invite for a second interview. It’s been one week and I have not heard from her. Should I follow up tomorrow via email or phone? Which is more appropriate?

  • ANON


  • Guest

    Thanks for the tips.  Let me know if you have any advice/tips for me :)
    Here’s my situation:
    I AM currently employed, but have been progressively hating my job more & more on a near daily basis the past year or so…REALLY actively starting looking/sending out resumes 10 weeks ago when work got unbearable (and the timing was better for me to start looking).
    -8 weeks ago applied to dream job
    -next day got a call from head of the company for phone interview; he said he’d have the person I’d be working with call me sometime in the next week or so for another phone interview–call never came
    -~6 weeks ago got an E-mail from someone on their staff to schedule a group interview w/3 ppl
    -~5 weeks ago had 1st interview (was supposed to be with 3 ppl, only met with 1 bc something came up & the others couldn’t make it); sent thank you note (handwritten) right away
    -~4 weeks ago followed up to schedule 2nd interview (with the 2 who couldn’t make it to the first interview); interview was a couple days later; they both were super enthusiastic & started the interview by saying the first guy raved about me; again, sent thank you notes (handwritten right away)
    -didn’t hear ANYTHING for ~2 weeks, and then saw via a social networking site that someone else got the position, so wrote it off (also, I have continued to apply to other jobs this whole time)
    -6 days ago I get an Email from the head of the company saying that he was going to start calling my references!  So I E-mailed him thanking him for the heads up & then Emailed all of my references to give them a heads up too (I listed 4 references)–I’ve only heard back from 1 so far who said he was contacted right away.

    So now it’s been almost a week and I haven’t heard anything back from 3/4 references about whether or not they’ve been contacted AND I haven’t heard a peep from the company I’m applying to either.  In the meantime I am so unhappy in my current position, it’s making it really hard to concentrate (and I can’t quit before I find a new job bc my husband is out of work right now).

    Oh, and BTW I did ask/get permission from each of the people I listed as a reference to use them before I added their names.

    Would it be okay to send some kind of note to the head of the company saying something like I just wanted to check in & see if he needed anything else?  Should I ask my references if they’ve been contacted?  I don’t want to bother them a ton either if they are busy.  HELP! 

  • mia

    I was called in for an interview on Tuesday and after the interview the lady told me that her manager was not there that day and that he’ll be in tomorrow which is Wednesday but she wont be there on that day so she said that she’ll discuss with her manager on Thursday and he may call me back for a second interview, does that mean I didnt get the job?

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  • Pearl

    If you go through a headhunter, then the headhunter will do the follow up for you?

  • Ilee51

    I had a phone interview like 2 days ago and I want to when I suppose to follow up on the phone interview. Because I really want this job. How do make my self look and sound better then the others because I do know that company’s. Do the phone interview to chop the list of people down.

  • chapman

    i have had a job interview she really wanted an extra refrence from me whitch she mentioned a few times through out the interview i foned up and gave that refrence she wanted when i got home now i am wondering how long it mite be before i get a response as she didnt say anything it is a care home jobs so i do need crb checks to

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  • PortoLad

    Minor point to the editor – your link at the bottom of the advice section where you refer a quality resume writing service is badly considered for two reasons:
    1) The purpose of a resume is to get an interview. The original poster has gotten past this stage, so the resume used was just fine.
    2) This person is clearly anxious and stressed so talking about what could have been done in the past is of ZERO use. It would probably add to the feeling of helplessness.

    If this is an advice site, then stick to trying to actually help people please:-)


  • greg

    I need some advice please.   I summited my resume last Saturday and that evening, got a call from the Ops Manager wanting to meet to discuss the position. I had a fantastic interview and said the next day would email me all the paper work and have criminal background check  done. He did that and  followed up with me 2 days later to let me know everything was looking good and would know possibly by Thurs, when everything came back. Today is Fri, and I havent heard anything, would it be okay to email him today ?    I have another interview with another company today also, but really liked this job.

  • John

    Hi, Brian,

    I had an interview at an auction house two weeks ago. The interviewer (the company’s recruiter) told me that she was going to e-mail me the following week about the date and time of a second interview. But I didn’t hear from her after a week. So I e-mailed her a follow-up message last week but didn’t get anything back. So yesterday I e-mailed her a second follow-up, asking when the second interview will be happening, but I still got nothing from her.

    I’m very confused now, and really don’t know what to do. Please give me advice, and power!

    Thank you.


  • Nat

    I sent in my resume and coverletter to a company for a position. Afterwards, I started to do some more work on my resume and now, my new revised resume seem way more impressive than the one I just submitted to that company. Its only been 2 days since the submission, should I resubmit the updated version of my resume> 

  • Dandtcollins

    I emailed my resume, the recruiter had me come in for a job interview. Everything went well. I was told I will get a second interview in about 10 days. Well the next day I get a email stating that based on my experience, i’m not a choosen candiate for the position. I don’t why they bothered to interview me, if they knew ahead of time that I didn’t have that much experience.

  • Cookie58moore

    What do I say to someone who has not returned my e-mail after a week.  It’s about a work issue

  • Anderiasingh

    just wanted to clarify the position a bit before asking you if you were
    interesting in coming in for an initial interview.  I will be available
    to see people starting May 2nd.  If you would like to
    suggest a day and time that you would like to come in, please let me
    know and I will confirm by return email.  How do I reply to this email interview offer…

  • Manuel Marfil Jr.


  • Carnley-11

    I had a interview the manager said he really liked me then told me to follow up with him. That night I did and then had a second interview the next morning I called today one week later and he said my background passed did I get the job?

  • Ablackangele

    I disagree with following up completely. Allow me to explain myself.

    If you interviewed well enough to command a second interview, you have a victory and you got them interested enough to not give you an immediate “NO” vote.

    You don’t need to call them back.

    Your brilliant performance was delivered already, and if you add any more, its unofficially an interview. Therefore, leave all people with dignity, and respect.

    Don’t waste any more time on interviews after they are over. Move on to another, and work on the next interview with another company.

    You might eventually hear back from the prior company, but perhaps by then, you might have other options going for you either way.

    Let them call, and ask YOU, if you’re still interested.  :)


  • Sph9332

    I applied for a job they called me that day with interview with manager. The manager told me the interview went good and she was going to start my background check and sex offender check and I know they are clean, so today I had a peer interview and not sure how that went but I haven’t received a call so how long should I wait to call or stop by?

  • godsfavor3

    Thanx Brian,
    Did the interview, thank you for interview, they responed with would I be willing to take classes , yes…..student rati0 24 to 2 teachers fine? Yes. They said they would make their final decision that week . At the end of the week no response so I called person of contact not available. I left message.This is the 1st business day after the call. Do I still wait? Call? Email? Next step?

  • Jkw25

    I was just hired on the 27th. I have not yet gotten my start date and I am starting to worry. How long is the average wait after being hired? I am a recent graduate and this is my first “real” job using my degree so I am excited and ready to go!! The position is a counselor at a rehab.

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