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Stay On Top Of March Madness At Work

March 12th, 2008 · 1 Comment

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March Madness starts next week, and the days of cursing your job silently all day because you’re missing all the action… they’re over.

You can watch every single game, online… for free… over at CBS Sports. You do have to register, but still. Free, people!

It seems like just yesterday that they were beginning to experiment with this sort of thing. You mean to say, if we deliver a television experience over the web at a time most people don’t have access to television, people will watch? And we can make money off it?

Apparently so

From CBS earnings: “this year’s March Madness streaming will reap $21 million in ad revenue — up from $4 million last year, and $250k in revenue in 2005, the first year of streaming the event.”

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  • Dee

    I used it the first year and I have to say…it’s quite awesome.