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Whistle While You Work- The Great New NPR Music Site

November 5th, 2007 · 1 Comment

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Big fan of All Songs Considered? Big fan of good music in general, no matter what the genre? NPR has always done a great job with music, and they’re slowly but surely joining the Web 2.0 world (last year they finally switched over to free podcasts of This American Life, and you can get pretty much any NPR show the next day on ITunes).

NPR has announced the launch of their new NPR Music offering as of this morning. We’ve profiled a lot of great music-based at-work-time-wasters, but this one is one of the best. Instead of tying their offerings to Real Player or Windows Media Player, they have a simple little flash-based player that’s a snap to use. You can make playlists of the typically sophisticated NPR programming… everything from Senegalese drumming to Radiohead to Jay-Z. Better, yet, this player works across all NPR properties… so your listening options expand to the entire NPR universe. The fact that this is a flash based player hopefully means you shouldn’t have too much trouble with corporate firewalls.

Hat tip: Read/WriteWeb

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