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Excuses For Missing Work: What Works and What Doesn’t

May 6th, 2008 · 1 Comment

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According to the Divine Caroline, the simple excuse of “I’m not feeling well” is not getting as much traction as a valid missed-work excuse anymore.

She thinks that the issue is that the notion of work and workplace is “becoming abstracted, allowing for the possibility of video-conferencing and telecommuting, there is often nothing wrong with working from home, or putting in a few hours after work one day and arriving late the next.”

I once had a friend who lost a job because he told s boss he “forgot he had a job.” Which was probably literally true. During the last recession he was out of work so long, he had gotten used to a completely different lifestyle and sleep schedule. Oh, and also, he had resorted to contracting, so he wasn’t used to specific hours and assignments. It wasn’t until about 1pm on the day in question that he realized someone had expected him to show up for work at 9am that morning.

I don’t recommend using that excuse. Or hiring my friend!

Caroline has better excuses than that. 5 of them are good ones and 5 of them have holes:

Ten Excuses For Missing Work

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