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Where You’ll Find Your Next Job

November 26th, 2008 · 3 Comments

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I referenced this yesterday, so maybe it’s due for a repost:

Successful Job Search Methods

  • Networking- 50%
    Probably more than half of my clients over the years found work through various aspects of networking. But for these purposes I’ll peg it at half. I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but it’s really true. Most people find their jobs through friends and friends of friends. Personal connections and networks are truly some of the strongest forces in our lives. Again, it’s a lot like falling in love. How did you meet your husband or wife? The majority of you would say through a friend or because his locker was next to yours. I’ll have plenty more about networking this month, but let me just state again, if you’re looking for a job, the best thing you can do is tell every single person you come into contact with about your job search. I mean everyone.

    • Friends- 30% of that.
      You never know who has a roommate who has a friend who works at the company you want to work for.
    • Co-Workers/Professional Relationships- 30%
      If you have tons of contacts through work, those are the best ways to network yourself through an industry. After all, they already know you and your skill sets. They might know just the right fit for you.
    • Friends of Friends/Strangers- 30%
      Don’t underestimate the random! If you strike up a conversation with a barista at Starbucks, her sister might work at the company you work for.
    • Associations/Professional Networks- 10%
      After all, that’s what you pay membership dues for, right?
  • Classifieds- 20%
    Classifieds are the first thing people think of when they do a job search. But comparatively, classifieds can’t compete with the personal, one-on-one job search. It’s just human nature. Remember, when you go through the classifieds, your challenge is to stand out and not just be another nameless resume, amongst maybe a hundred other resumes competing for the same job. Classifieds do work, of course, otherwise they wouldn’t exist. But you have to work harder.

    • Online- 40% of that
      • Niche Boards- 30%
        Here I’m speaking about industry specific job boards. There are tons of them out there. Like or Some niche boards are small, but others are extremely comprehensive and are far better places to post your resume than the major job boards.
      • Major Job Boards- 30%
        By these I mean Monster, HotJobs,, Careerbuilder,, SimplyHired and Craigslist.
      • Employer Websites- 30%
        Go to the homepage of any major company and look around for their jobs link. Most larger companies have their own job boards or application processes on their websites. Sometimes it pays to cut out the middleman and apply directly.
      • Social Networking Sites- 10%
        These are sites like LinkedIn and Facebook. This is a new but growing category of job search.
    • Newspapers 40%
      Still the best resource for local and timely job listings.
    • Other/Industry Job Banks/Industry Associations 20%
  • Internal/Lateral Hires 15%
    In the end, a large number of people find their new job at their existing employer. Don’t forget to consider the opportunities available to you in your own back yard before looking elsewhere for greener pastures.
  • Other 15%
    • Headhunters/Recruiters- 20%
      I should note that for some special cases, like C-level executives, headhunters and recruiters are almost the only option to consider.
    • Staffing/Temp Agencies- 20%
    • Direct Applications- 20%
      Don’t forget to consider walking in the front door and asking for an application. That’s often the quickest way to get your face in front of the person who does the hiring.
    • Employment Agencies-20%
    • Career Fairs- 20%

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