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Why Job Searching Is Like Dating

November 25th, 2008 · 1 Comment

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I was thinking some more about yesterday’s post suggesting you’ll have better job search odds if you do everything you can to make the job search less impersonal.

I said:

If you’re just relying on Monster or other online job boards, sure you can send your resume out 300 times in a matter of hours. But this isn’t quality, it’s meaningless quantity. Sure, you might get a hit here or there… and don’t get me wrong, online job boards are useful and people get results from them every day… but generally you’re just throwing your resume out into the void.

You could throw 300 copies of your resume out the window just as easily. One of those resumes might land at the feet of someone hiring, but what are the odds?

It occurs to me that the “make it more personal” advice is even more vital when it comes to networking. And we all know that networking is the fastest way to a new job.

Along those lines, I’ve long counseled people to think of a job search like they think of the search for a mate.

If you’ve been dumped and need a new beau, what do you do?

Well, if you’ve already got another prospect in line, then great! Smooth transition. Similarly, some people always have another job lined up just in case.

Some people go to online dating. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Online dating can work. But you wouldn’t just put up a profile on and expect to be married by next week, would you?

No. When you’re on the market for a boy/girl friend, what is the mantra?

The manta is, you get yourself back out there!

You hit the bar scene. You hang out more with friends. You take an active interest in friends of friends. You attend parties and events you otherwise might have ignored.

You generally show you face and hope to make connections.

It’s similar with the job search.

You don’t just put a resume up on Monster and just sit back and wait.

You have to get out there!

You have to follow up with old contacts and let them know you’re actively hunting. You need to find a way to meet new people and make new connections. You need to put yourself in places and situations that might help you cross paths and rub shoulders with people who might be hiring or might be able to help you get a foot in the door.

An effective job search is not a passive one. If you’re sending your resume out and not getting many responses, don’t just click your mouse and send out more.

Send out more resumes and get yourself out there, shaking the trees, making things happen.

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