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It’s A Good Idea To Shower Before Your Job Interview

March 5th, 2008 · 1 Comment

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In all of our recent discussions about what to wear to a job interview, perhaps I was being too broad. Maybe I needed to be a bit more basic.

Snakes and Ladders has the results of a survey of British headhunters and recruiters. Apparently, what to wear is the least of some people’s problems:

Almost 50 per cent of recruiters questioned for the poll say that employers have told them that some candidates showed poor levels of personal hygiene.

Other anecdotes culled from the survey include:

*A candidate answering a question about computing skills with the claim that he was proficient on a Sony Playstation;

*Another job-seeker, asked to identify his or her greatest weakness, answered “my dishonesty”; and

*The applicant who decided that dressing to impress meant taking a black-tie approach; she arrived at her interview wearing a ballgown.

Maybe this is just a British thing.

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  • Patricia Robb

    I don’t think it’s a British thing. I actually had someone come up to me and asked me if THEY had b.o.

    I wrote an article about it called Smell and Tell. I think bad personal hygiene is something that is not talked about, but people are definitely aware of it. Except for the people who have it obviously or you would assume they would do something about it.

    Thanks for bringing up the subject.