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Surviving Brutal Criticism

October 27th, 2007 · Leave A Comment

Posted by has an interesting post up giving you 16 strategies for surviving brutal criticism. We all know that we’re capable of f-ing things up royally on occasion. If your boss is going to ream you out for losing that account because you insulted the client’s wife, it’s helpful to have a game plan for eating crow.

There are some interesting jujitsu techniques for softening the blows: “Flip it to Positive” and “Get them to focus on Behavior” are good ways to deflect, or at least channel the anger and embarrassment away from you.

I’m not sure about the overall thesis of accepting the criticism like a submissive gimp (the title of the post is “16 Tips to Survive Brutal Criticism (and Ask for More)“). But gaining a reputation for handling criticism with poise and dignity can go a long way toward improving your office profile.

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