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Asking For A Raise?

January 30th, 2011 · Leave A Comment

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Asking for a Raise? When is it the right time?
How many times have I seen it happen? An employee asks his/her Boss for a raise only to be shot down without any emotion with responses like:

Now is not a good time
We have not done so well in the last year you know
We need to talk about your performance

So, where, when and how should one ask for a raise? A million dollar question!

One must be very proactive and prepared in this situation – asking for a raise is what I am referring to. In case I had to break the whole process into simple steps, they would be as follows.

Firstly, you need to understand in all clarity, your performance for the period under consideration like the past year for example. You must have your quotas, achievements, objectives, results, and achievements written down for your reference anytime.

Secondly, the company / department you are working in, should have done well and there must be a visible indication of this e.g. Manager is happy about his Superiors discussion with him/her, awards have been won in areas related to sales, quality, excellence in customer service, etc.

Last but not the least is the timing. This probably is the most critical component in this whole exercise. Many a battle was lost for lack of a better time. Ideally, look for a moment when your supervisor / manager is in a good, pleasant, positive and sociable mood. You have all of the above and the only thing left to do is to ask.

Follow basic guidelines for asking – Build interest in the discussion by beginning with the company/departmental performance, then your achievements, benefits accrued because of what you did and then pop the question directly. Better still suggest a suitable time for a discussion regarding the same at your manager’s convenience. When you get together, recap the performance and benefits and keep the discussion very objective. You may mention reasons you like, to continue working there and keep on performing for the benefit of the company and department. This way it will also make your manager look good as a leader of performers.

In all of this, please keep your emotion out of the discussions and it will do you good. Make it appear that it is now, almost a formality since you have done so well as widely known because of the outcomes, results and achievements.

Vikki Mungre is better known as The Immigrant Coach by those he has helped, not only in their careers, but in their lives. He is passionate about helping people succeed, especially Immigrants from across the world.

A seasoned Management professional with over 20 years of extensive international experience in diverse industries like Logistics, Office Automation, Hospitality, Car rentals, Retail and Staffing.

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