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7 Career Fields That Offer College Loan Forgiveness

March 26th, 2008 · 9 Comments

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One of my pet peeves is how middle class people can never get ahead.

You go $60,000 in debt just to get a degree for a career that is supposed to make you self sufficient.

Then you spend 20 years pay off that school debt.

Then (if you’re lucky) as soon as you pay off the debt, you go $100,000 in debt for your kids to go to school and start the cycle all over again.

They keep us in debt all our lives. That’s how they keep us down.

WiseBread has a nice little list of the career fields that tend to make student loan forgiveness a part of their overall compensation package.

These jobs tend to be in do-gooder and service areas like social work and the military.

Then there’s AmeriCorps and teaching in general. They don’t mention it, but there are a whole series of Teach For America like programs out there for teachers…

Teaching – There are many arguments as to whether teachers get paid enough these days. If you could add in up to $17,500 in student loan forgiveness, however, it can make this high-demand career more appealing. Teachers that work in designated “low income” school districts for a minimum of five years can see some of that college debt wiped away. More debt forgiveness is offered to those teachers with an emphasis in math, science, and special education. (Full details found on the student aid government website.)

7 Great Jobs that Offer College Loan Forgiveness (WiseBread)

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