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Your Job Search Budget

April 3rd, 2008 · 1 Comment

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A commenter left a brief note last week about job search expenses.

I was thinking of writing a more formal post, but as I sat down to think about it, I thought it better to list all the job search expenses I could think of.

I don’t think a lot of people think about the amount of money they might need to invest in a successful job search. Some of these might get overlooked:

Airline tickets (hundreds of dollars)-

If you’re not looking locally for a job locally, you’re gonna have to factor in the travel expenses.

Hotel stays (hundreds of dollars)-


Gas money (these days, hundreds of dollars)-

Even if you’re looking locally, 3-4 interviews across town could add up in gas money.

Interview clothing (hundreds of dollars)-

A decent suit, a new dress, shoes, that sort of thing. But remember the good advice to not have your new suit look like it just came off the rack. Wear your suit a few times before using it for an interview.

A decent haircut ($20-$70)-

A couple of days off work (intangible)-

If you can’t schedule interviews outside of work hours, you’re gonna have to cut off work. Even if you have personal days, those are personal days you can’t use for a day at the beach.

Daycare/babysitter (hundreds of dollars)-

If you don’t interview during working hours, you’re gonna have to go in after hours or on the weekend.

Copies/Paper ($10-$30)-

For resumes and whatnot.

Postage ($10-$20)-

Again, resumes and whatnot.

Professionally written resume ($200-$400)-

Worth it if you want you to stand out from the crowd and have any sort of confidence in your resume.

Long distance/internet expenses (???)-

In the olden-timey days, this would have been a major consideration. But most of us now have monthly plans with a generous budget of minutes. And long distance no longer means anything. So, unless you go absolutely nuts, this should be a major consideration anymore.

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  • John Lacey

    Further proof you have to spend money to make money.