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Your Employer Can Cut Your Benefits After Age 65

January 2nd, 2008 · Leave A Comment

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I saw this over the holidays and thought it should have been a bigger news story than it was. I offer this up without comment except to say that the trend continues: they’re happy to give you benefits when you don’t need them or won’t use them; but as soon as you need them, they take them away.

U.S. employers can cut or eliminate altogether health benefits for retired people over age 65, the Equal Opportunity Commission ruled Wednesday.

The agency’s decision permits the creation of two classes of retirees — people younger than 65 who are entitled to more comprehensive benefits, and people 65 and older who can be afforded limited health benefits from their former employers or none at all (…)

…the AARP and other organizations representing seniors condemned the decision. “This rule gives employers free rein to use age as a basis for reducing or eliminating health care benefits for retirees 65 and older, said AARP attorney Christopher Mackaronis, who said the ruling could affect as many as 10 million people.

U.S. Ruling Allows Insurance Cutbacks for Retirees Over 65 (Washington Post)

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