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When A Bad Job Market Means Opportunities For The Future

October 30th, 2008 · 1 Comment

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Here’s a different philosophical take. From the make lemons from lemonade department…

A bad job market might mean you’re not going to get your dream job for a while. But maybe you should take this time as an opportunity to figure out where you want to see yourself when the bad times end.

The storm will pass. Now is the time to position your career for where you want to be 5 or even 10 years from now.

Conserve What You Have

Even if you have a job you’re not happy with, keep your hands on what you’ve got. It’s something. It’s better to be dreaming of better days while employed, as opposed to the alternative.

Keep the sh*t job for now, and begin positioning yourself for the dream job. Instead of sitting around dreaming…

Get Educated/Get Prepared

If you have to hunker down for a few years and ride out the storm, use this time productively. Pursue some further education or training.

Look around and see what skills are proving valuable in the down times. Gain these skills for yourself.

While you’re looking around, notice which jobs and industries are surviving the bad times and/or positioning themselves to thrive when the bad times are over. Consider a career or job change to position yourself along with them.

Make Moves Now Toward The Promised Land

Got a specific job or even company in mind? Instead of bumming out, counting the years you’ll have to wait until you get there, start moving there now.

Start networking and ingratiating/introducing yourself to those who work at your promised land.

Maybe consider getting a menial job at your promised land. If you have a dream company, even getting in at the mail room now will position you to advance quickly when the storm clouds pass.

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  • CK

    This resession (depression) has been going on for some time now. I have been making my own progress to position myself like graduating with my MBA. While my current employer decides NOT to take advantage of my newly formed education, I look elsewhrere! It’s just too bad it’s tight!

    So in the mean time I spend my time reading educational books. I do so to further my thoughts, ideas and to learn. One day I hope to inpress upon a potential employer my worth.

    In the mean time I press on with my own self-improvement/self-education trek.

    Question – Is there any suggestions where I can get experience as a manager or find a mentor to become a manager? I have a full time job now (and like the article stated – keep the full time job) but willing to work after. Any ideas/suggestions? I see part time jobs advertised but nothing in management. I really don’t care if it pays or not – just for the experience.