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What To Do If You Survive Layoffs

September 23rd, 2008 · 3 Comments

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We’ve spoken in the past about strategies you can employ to anticipate and avoid layoffs.

But what happens if you survive a round of layoffs? What should you do if you look around and you’re one of the last men standing?

Here are some quick tips:

Figure Out The Company Game Plan, and Get On Board

If you’ve just survived a round of layoffs, that can only mean your company is in tough times. Chances are there is a turnaround plan in place, designed to get your corporate ship sailing again. Learn the plan. Be the plan. Position yourself organizationally and politically to be a key team member, implementing this plan. A good way to ensure your continued employment is to make yourself an invaluable part of the turnaround.

Make a Game Plan

If you find yourself in a position where the future is unclear, then make a game plan for yourself. Don’t wait for corporate to get their act together. You need to plan for your own future. Figure out the conditions you’re willing to continue under and which things might make you jump ship. Don’t be shy. Go to your boss and ask them how they see the future working out.

Choose a Patron

Is there a new regime in town? A new boss? A turnaround artist? Waste no time getting in the good graces of your new corporate overlords. But choose wisely! Turnaround plans can come and go like the wind, especially if your company is flailing around, looking for direction. Don’t tie yourself too closely to a wobbly new regime. You want to be with the winners, long term.

Take Advantage of Everyone Else’s Misfortune

Look. You’re a survivor. This is no time for sentimentality. There’s no better time to rise up and advance your career than after a bloodletting. You can take on tasks, fill the shoes of the recently departed, and generally consolidate your career position. Be ruthless and deliver results so the company will be glad they kept you around.

Don’t Get Smug

So you survived one round of layoffs. That doesn’t mean more rounds are impossible. Keep your eyes and your options open. Keep strong contacts with your existing network. And just as importantly:

Keep In Touch With Co-Workers Who Have Been Laid Off

As your former cubicle-mates scatter to the wind, one by one they’ll find dry land with other companies and jobs. If you stay in touch and in their good graces, they could be there to throw you a lifeline if you yourself need a new job in the coming months.

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  • CK

    Do waht it takes to stay on board because jobs are few and far between! You may have to go through hell just staying at your present position and the enmployer may treat everyone like dirt (except maybe a selected few).

    But there are always your days off to look elsewhere where they would appriciate you and all your hard work! After all, the employer doesn’t HAVE to treat you like dirt – they just select to do so on their very own!

  • Resume Writer

    Something else to think about is to make sure your resume is up to date and to ask those former co-workers to pass a copy along to their new employers. You may also need to “re-apply” for your old job or for a new one in your own organization depending on what kind of restructuring your company goes through. An updated resume may help you get a better/more secure position by reminding your employer of what you’ve accomplished or letting them know about new skills you’ve acquired if you’ve taken classes or attended seminars on your own time.

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