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What Does It Mean When They Say They’re Still Interviewing

January 15th, 2011 · Leave A Comment

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What Does It Mean Still InterviewingIt’s been a while since I did an ASK BRIAN question, so I went into last week’s emails and found a good one.

It was a bit of an involved question, but in the end the question came down to a simple inquiry. Quoting from the email:

What does it mean when they say: “We are continuing to interview, and no decision has been made at this point.”

This gets back to that question I always get wondering when and how people will hear back after an interview.

So what does it mean when they tell you’re they’re still looking, or at least are a bit coy about giving you an answer?

My own, simple answer, after the jump…

Well, let me just say that this is a general answer. Each and every situation is different and there can be different extenuating circumstances.

But, in general, if they’re “still interviewing people” then probably, you’re not the person they’re looking for. I mean, it’s logical, right? If you were IT… if you knocked their socks off… they wouldn’t be interviewing anymore, would they? Or if they had to keep interviewing for some reason, they’d at least tell you to hang tight.

To be perfectly honest, if the hiring manager is being evasive with answers, that’s probably seldom a good sign.

Think about it. It’s a lot like dating. If you ask someone out a bunch of times and they keep giving you vague excuses, then eventually you probably have to take the hint: they’re just letting you down easy.

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