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October 7th, 2008 · 2 Comments

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As you know if you read regularly, I share some of the anecdotal data I get from looking at sales figures from time to time. It’s not scientific, but it can be interesting. We were seeing mortgage broker clients last year before the housing crisis even started, and we saw banking clients looking for jobs as early as this spring.

So my impression from the last 3 weeks… which have been a blizzard of activity for us…

Is the west coast job market worse than the east coast or midwest job market?

I ask because, usually, our sales are pretty balanced, geographically speaking. But the last few weeks this has simply not been so. We’re getting a disproportionate amount of clients from the west coast.

Just asking… and if you’re out there and might know, hit us in the comments… are things tougher on the westSIEYD?

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  • Jodith

    I can’t talk for all of the west coast, but up here near Canada, things are pretty slow. I was laid off the first of August and I’m still looking. Job ads have pretty much dried up, and the places where I’ve interviewed tell me they’ve been getting record numbers of applications for every job they list.

    So, yes, things are pretty bad.

  • CK

    Slow in the my area in the far-SE as well. Our Sunday ‘Help-Wanted’ section is a joke! If you take out all the Education/School, Careerbuilder, and the self-promotions of the paper ads we would only have one (double-sided) page – but that’s pushing it! And this is for a large metro area!

    I have several friends with MBAs as well as myself (MBA) who ALL are looking! I talked to one person with a Ph.D. working as a admin assistant. And those of us who ARE employed are being treated poorly to boot! Employers KNOW it’s bad out there and abuse their power over us whenever they can.