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Understanding Differences Between Hibernate and Stand By

November 6th, 2007 · 1 Comment

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The weblog ProductivityPortfolio has the answer to a question I’ve long wondered about: What is the difference between Hybernate and Stand By in Windows? And when should I use which?

Leaving your computer in a proper mode when you step away is not only a good way to save energy and money, it can be an important tool for keeping your computer healthy.

It turns out…

The difference can be summed up like this: StandBy is for when you want a quick restart, but it still draws power. So it’s a temporary solution. Hybernate is a slower restart, but it actually shuts your system down so it isn’t drawing power. This is a longer-term option for when you’ll be away from the computer for a while. Both options allow you to restart your work right where you left off. This is opposed to Shut Down or Restart which, as we all know, basically wipes the slate clean.

There are actually plenty of things you can do with StandBy and Hybernate, and the ProductivityPortfolio post is quite detailed. For all the ins and outs of using these settings, read the entire post here.

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