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TripIt- Web 2.0 For Organizing Your Business Travel

December 11th, 2007 · 3 Comments

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In all of the Web 2.0 madness over the last couple of years, we’ve gotten social networks for ferret owners, about two dozens variations on Evite and a million Ajax-y calendar apps.

Finally, we have a decent entry in the organize-your-travel category. If you’re a heavy duty road warrior, then you know that keeping track of your travel details can be a major issue. Which hotel, which confirmation number, which rental car voucher… now you can organize this all in one place.

Their idea is pretty simple: you forward all your miscellaneous confirmation emails (from places like AAA, Expedia, Orbitz, all the major airlines, hotel chains, rental car outfits, and even OpenTable) and they go to work parsing them. Then they take all the info out, arrange it chronologically, and mix in stuff from Eventful, NOAA, Google Maps, and so on.

And you can share this all with interested parties, which is a major plus when everyone from your boss to your mother wants to know where you’re gonna be at 2pm on Thursday.

A Virtual PA for Your Travel Plans (WebWorkerDaily)
TripIt Adds Calendar Sync, Travel Confirmations (TechCrunch)

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  • ???

    What happened to a calendar? Outlook?

  • Brian

    The whole interface is built on a calendar. The innovation is the automated process of simply emailing in your itineraries and having them sorted by the program.

    I dunno. I’ve been testing it for my holiday travel and I’m impressed. I’d love to hear other people’s impressions.

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