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Today’s Epic Jobs Report Fail!

December 5th, 2008 · 1 Comment

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(No, not that Jobs…)

I’ll let Marketwatch sum it up:

Nonfarm payrolls contract by 533,000 in November, the worst monthly job loss in 34 years. Since recession began 11 months ago, 1.9 million jobs have been lost, pushing jobless rate to highest level since 1993.

Now, I want to temper this news with something a little more hopeful. Via Cheezhead, HotJobs has released some new top ten lists:

Top 10 Cities with the Most Jobs

1. New York
2. San Francisco
3. San Jose
4. Houston
5. Atlanta
6. Oakland
7. Los Angeles
8. Phoenix
9. San Diego
10. Dallas

Top 10 Industries in Hiring Activity

1. Health Care
2. Retail
3. Sales
4. Technology
5. Accounting & Finance
6. Telecommunications
7. Manufacturing & Operations
8. Engineering
9. Clerical & Administrative
10. Pharmaceutical & Biotech

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  • CK

    Top 10 Industries in Hiring Activity

    1. Health Care – Sure enough! Just that you have to re-educate yourself all over again for what field you’re in now!

    2. Retail – Retail store around here are closing (except Walmart!)

    3. Sales – But who’s buying?!?

    4. Technology – I’m in technology now. I saw an ad for a IT Security position that I’d like … that was until I saw the pay! It pays about $15, 000 to $20,000 LESS then what I’m making NOW!!! The tech companies are asking for MORE Tech visas whaile tech companies are laying off. As per eWeek, there is a disconnect. If tech there is a high demand for techs and with many techs out of work then why the need for H1b visa?!?

    5. Accounting & Finance – Only if you’re a CEO! I have friends (with MBAs) unable to find Accounting & Finace positions!

    6. Telecommunications – Good news! ATT is laying off!

    7. Manufacturing & Operations – In China! Oh wait! China is having problems too because Americans are not buying as much (refer to #2 Retail)