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This Time, Don’t Ignore The Windows Update Thingy

December 3rd, 2007 · Leave A Comment

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Dear reader:

Are you like me? Are you sticking with XP instead of upgrading to Vista? (I even quickly bought a new desktop from Dell this summer so I could still nab one with XP on it). Ain’t broke, not gonna fix it kind of thing, eh?

Excellent. My readers are good-looking and intelligent. ;)


You know that Windows update thingy that always pops up and annoys the living crow out of you? Well, if you’re still using XP, you might not want to ignore it the next time it pops up.

A Service Pack 3 for Windows XP is coming out soon, and shock of shocks, this one promises a “10 percent performance boost over the current version of Windows XP.”

Wow. Microsoft actually making a product run better. A legacy product at that! Anything that makes my computer run faster is fine by me. Quoth a tech blogger:

In fact, XP SP3 is shaping up to be a must-have update for the majority of users who are still running Redmond’s not-so-latest-and-greatest desktop OS

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