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TheJobBored is Back!

September 10th, 2008 · Leave A Comment

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(Before I go any further, if any of you notice a problem with the blog’s operations, please get in touch with me right away, via the contact info)

So, yes! As many of you (more than I would have anticipated! Thanks!) have noticed, this blog has been down for about 72 hours.

Yes, it was a problem with our host. Yes, we hope it was solved.

Funny how these things work, right? Here is a diary of our experience:

  • Day 1- Polite complaining.
  • Day 2- More urgent complaining, but still polite.
  • Day 3- Cursing and threatening legal action… LO AND BEHOLD! The blog is back! “We don’t know why no one responded to your issue earlier,” says customer service. “You fell through the cracks. Won’t happen again!”

I’m sure you can relate. 1800 numbers and all that.

Anyway… after a much needed backup of our database (late night, I anticipate) expect new posts promptly!

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