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The Virtual Job Interview – Job Interviews Via Skype

October 20th, 2009 · 6 Comments

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Askype-interviewn article in Time Magazine suggests that virtual job interviewing, via skype especially, is something jobseekers are seeing more and more of.

This makes tons of sense to me. For out-of-town interviewing, the money savings alone are astronomical. But also, think about how this is more convenient for interviewer and interviewee alike. Less pressure, less procedure… possibly a greater chance of getting down to brass tacks.

My tips for this sort of thing are pretty much along the lines of what the article suggests. You still want to dress up. You still want to be professional (send the crying babies and barking dogs far away). And try to take it just as seriously as a real interview. It might feel informal, but keep the proceedings as formal as you can to show you understand the situation.

But I’d also recommend YOU be the one to suggest this sort of interview. If you think they’re techy enough to go for it, it’s a win-win-win for you: You’re being proactive. You’re offering to save them money. You’re also showing that you’re tech savvy.

Are you the first person they’ve ever encountered who’s offered to do a virtual interview for them? That shows initiative.

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  • 411 yellow web pages

    Wow, great idea, I wasn’t aware that vitual interviews were going on. Great tip about being professionnal and inventive.

    I guess with the technological era that we are in, vitual interview is the way to go

  • Sarkari Naukri

    is ti possible, wow that very very great, so i can give the interview and get the when i m at home. Thanks for your thoughts. A nice article to gain some good knowledge.

  • Government Jobs

    excellent innovative tip. Along with technology growth we should also improve

  • job search

    Today computers are assisting in the development in new innovations, significantly speeding up the development process. So maybe if you could suggest this kind of interview, you could stand out among the rest. It only shows that you are very much aware on the use of technology which is a great factor nowadays.

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  • Miss Displaced

    I recently had a 1st round interview via Skype. I followed the advice, dressed up and did the best I could. It still felt weird though. I knew I was on a TV screen in front of 5 people I had never met before.