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The Perfect Job: Is There Really Such a Thing?

August 10th, 2011 · 1 Comment

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perfect jobMost of us make the mistake of telling ourselves that our lives will be great, just as soon as we find the perfect job. As a result, we end up defining our ideal situation based on some arbitrary set of rules around job title, level of pay, amount of vacation time, and whether or not we have an office with a window. We say in our minds, once we find these things, our lives will be perfect. Life will be filled with passion. Life will be incredibly great. Life will be filled with happiness!

There is one big problem with this line of thinking- it is incredibly flawed. Even if we did find that “perfect” job, after a period of time it would probably become stale and unsatisfying. You see, passion exists within us. We create our own passion- the excitement, enthusiasm, and emotion that we feel towards something. It is not our environment that creates that passion. It is our thoughts and feeling towards something that creates those feelings.

It is also the thoughts and feelings that we carry with us that create our own “dead-end,” lifeless situations. We spend so much of our time thinking about what we hate and what doesn’t work that our lives become miserable. We repeat and reinforce the same story over and over in our minds- this sucks, this isn’t working right, this is miserable, I won’t be happy unless I find the perfect job. We become stuck in a downward spiraling cycle of negativity and with that there certainly is no passion.

So, how do we break that cycle of negativity and pull the passion that is inside of us to the forefront?

1) Take an honest look at what you’re focusing on while you are at work. Do you spend most of your time focusing on what you don’t like about your job? If so, change that around. Look for the things you do like- maybe it is the people or the flexibility of the work hours. Focus on those things instead.

2) Make a list of at least 10 things you like about your work. When you are having a “poor me” moment at work, pull the list out and reflect on those things you like.

3) Out of the list of 10 above, find one thing that you can spend a considerable amount of time focusing on each day. Maybe there is a certain customer that you like working with more than others. Find a way that you can focus more on that relationship, or think about what it is you really like about that customer. Spend your time focusing on how you can replicate that with other customers, and not how much you dislike the other customers.

4) Practice “mindfulness.” Be aware of where you are in the present moment. Direct your mind away from the negative thoughts you have about your job and instead focus exclusively on the task at hand.

5) Ask yourself, is this really so bad? Chances are- it’s not. Otherwise, you would be in a different job already. Remember, we are not really as “stuck” as we wish to think we are. There are always options available to us.

The key is to get out of the downward spiral of negative thinking.

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  • Eric | I Need A Job!

    Great tips, Lori.   I think the old saying “the grass is always greener on the other side” applies to many situations in life, but especially to job searching.