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The Mock Interview – This Will Get You Hired Fast!

February 10th, 2011 · Leave A Comment

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mock interviewYes! The Mock Interview is a great tool to greatly help improve your interview skills and thus get job offers much, much faster than those who do not take the time to practice this essential component of their job search arsenal.

The vast majority of job applicants never practice their interview style and technique prior to sitting for a job interview. While for some performing well during a job interview is a fairly easy task, but for the vast majority of us it is a stressful and challenging situation that may require rehearsal and practice in regards to how we structure our delivery and present ourselves to the interviewer.

Being interviewed quite often brings with it a lot of anxiety and stress that can and will interrupt your ability to think rationally and calmly when it is the most important for you to do so. Just think back to your last job interview and recall the emotions you were feeling just minutes before you sat in the interviewee’s chair, nervousness and anxiety I bet were very much interrupting your thought process during that time.

Here are three ways to help you get through the ever challenging interview process by having a partner perform a mock interview with you to better manage your performance as well as soften the anxiety that will be present during your actual job interview.

Number One

Be selective as to whom you select as your mock interviewer! Don’t pick your spouse or your best friend or your neighbor – these folks are not going to be interviewing you in a way that will highlight your weak points, thus they will not be able to provide adequate and appropriate feedback to help you move forward in improving your interview performance. The best people to seek out to provide a serious mock interview session would be a career coach or someone who has significant experience in interviewing prospective employees. This individual needs the depth of knowledge to know what types of questions to ask, and upon your responses be able to provide insightful feedback to enhance your interview capabilities. Again, this will not be your wife or your best friend.

Number Two

Review in detail your performance/feedback by the mock interviewer. Once you have finished the interview with the mock interviewer and he/she has provided feedback on your overall interview performance make sure you thoroughly understand where your weaknesses reside. If you are speaking too fast ask how to better communicate by speaking slower; if you are not being detailed enough in your answers ask for suggestions as well as examples of how to better answer questions requiring more input from you to better inform the interviewer; also, if the feedback is stating you are to negative, for example, ask for suggestions on how to better deliver your answers so that they are more positive as well as factual in the attempt to remove the negative perception from the dialogue.

Number Three

Commit to the recommended improvements. If you are not able to take constructive criticism during the mock interview process you may find yourself reverting back to your old style of communication, thus not being as proficient as you could be during your next job interview. Therefore you must commit to the necessary changes that will better your performance during the interview process. We all need a coach in life, and it is a coach’s job to not only pat you on the back when you do well but to guide you in a better direction when the situation calls for it. That’s what a mock interviewer with significant interviewing skills can provide any serious job seeker; the feedback and knowledge to help you better perform during a critical job interview.

If you find yourself unemployed for any lengthy period of time, and what I mean by that is well over six months to one year, you may want to take a look at how you are interviewing and if your interview performance may be a roadblock to your ability to acquire a solid career position. Utilize a mock interviewer to help you assess your interview skills and have them point out areas that you could improve on to better your chances in the job search arena.

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