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Squeeze Savings From Your Workplace

February 28th, 2008 · 1 Comment

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WiseBread has an interesting post up outlining 5 ways you can save money by taking advantage of office resources.

Now, we all know it’s not a good idea to steal pens from work or make copies for your kid’s science project on office machines. At least too much.

Right? We’ve all done it to some extent. Taken a folder here and a hole punch there.

Still, this list is more about grabbing some nickels and dimes by doing things other than pilfering. A few thoughts:

  • Bringing in Tupperware to scoop up left over office food is pretty neat… until someone catches you doing it. You might take a serious hit to your reputation if you’re known as the lady that scrounges food from the break room.
  • I’ve been told many times that if you just bring your lunch in from home for a week, the cost savings are so great as to be noticeable to your budget. However, my lunch breaks are valuable to me for just that: a break. A chance to get away. To recharge for the second half of the day. To maintain sanity. That might be worth an extra $10 plus gas money every day just to get the heck out.
  • But I do love the charge all your electronics at work every day idea. Let’s see, cell phones (2), laptop, ipod… heck, I could bring in rechargeable batteries even. I wonder what that would add up to.

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  • Richard Rinyai

    Actually, both my wife and my workplaces always have extra food. It’s amazing of how much we have brought home over the years. Really does cut down on the grocery bills.

    I never thought of plugging in my cell phone at work. Good idea!


    Richard Rinyai