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Sometimes A Chart Is Worth A Thousand Words

January 9th, 2009 · 1 Comment

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Following up on yesterday’s speculation on where the jobs are and ain’t.

Found this at Marketwatch, so give ‘em props.

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  • CK

    Education and healthcare – HA! They are cutting teachers jobs left and right here! The only benefit is that people are going BACK to college in hopes to get a better job when the economy turns around. People do this when there is a recession. Besides myself, I personally know several MBA graduates who are stuck at teh same job, doing the same thing as before with no chance for promotion or are unemployed.

    Problem is that the recession is (almost) the longest on record and these people have graduated… like myself. Well the bill for the education loan is coming due and people are not going to pay THAT bill!

    Healthcare … I hear that they are cutting hours there! I read that some hosptials are closing due to the clients are unable to pay their medical bills. No suprise there!

    Also I had read that there is a waiting list to get into nursing school. So there isn’t an issue there. The issue is that there are not enough nursing instructors! Because of the “shortage” there is talk of allowing nurses for other countries to come here! Now nurses are afraid that by importing low-wage nruses that it would lower their wages as well as it has with I.T..

    Now the IT jobs just doesn’t pay unless you’re up there (experience required) but you have to start somewere (the bottom) but you can’t live on that salary, pay for additional school, get the required certifications and exprience!

    If you couldn’t tell, we are trying to dig ourselves out of a hole and we just keep digging faster!