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Road Warrior Post Deux: Laptop Samurai Tricks

January 29th, 2008 · Leave A Comment

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I figured out the other day that at this point I’ve had more laptops in my life than I’ve had desktops. This is of course because the average lifespan of my desktops is far greater… I’m murder on my laptops. I make no apologies for this, though. My desktop is always there, humming away at home, ready with all the storage space and firepower I’ll ever need. It’s home to my music collection and my photo albums and my games.

But my laptop… that’s my trusty weapon. I unsheathe my laptop every day when I need to GET THINGS DONE. At the office, on the road, in the airport, at meetings… my laptop is the swiss army knife of my business life. It communicates for me, keeps me in the loop, saves me on the fly and keeps me from getting bored all at the same time.

Lifehacker has a great post up today summarizing all their collected knowledge to help you achieve “laptop zen.” Their post covers everything a modern on-the-go laptop Samurai worker needs:

  • Get Internet Access Anywhere You’ve Got Your Cell Phone
  • Turn Your Laptop into an Anti-Theft Device
  • Keep Files in Sync No Matter Where You Are
  • Extend Your Battery Life
  • Make Your Computer Respond When You Leave and Return
  • Laptop DIY Design

The Laptop Lover’s Guide to Productivity On-the-Go (Lifehacker)

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