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RIP, Edward McCullough

March 25th, 2008 · Leave A Comment

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Personal note now. I will not be posting the rest of the day because I am in D.C. attending a family memorial for the man on the left, my Great Uncle Eddie.

Pearl Harbor survivor. Lifelong Navy man. 1914-2008.


Sometimes we all have to wonder, what memory of us remains, no matter what great things we witness or do in our lives?

And few of us have witnessed or done as much as Uncle Ed.

A few thousand people read this blog every day. So, if one or two of you could take two seconds out of your day, close your eyes, and send a thought out to the God of your choice, and remember the name Edward McCullough, then you’ll have helped me do some small measure to remember a good man today.

The Radio Shack is not just a company name. It’s also a place where the O.G. tech dudes hung their hats. And fought and died.

Doing telecom old school style. Here’s to Edward.

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