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PayScale Meeting Miser- Put Your Boss On The Clock

November 19th, 2007 · Leave A Comment

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How many times have you wanted to convince your boss that this, the fifth meeting on the same subject, with the same people going over the same material and resulting in the same outcome – yes, this very meeting you’re almost sleeping through today – is a colossal waste of both time and money?

Well, now you can. In fact, you can calculate the amount of money a given meeting has cost your company down to the penny-per-second.

From BusinessWeek’s dead tree edition, comes word of the Meeting Miser from You might remember PayScale as the vaguely Web2.0-ish competitor to (original TechCrunch evaluation here).

The Meeting Miser is a widget they’ve launched that ties into their database of salary info. Simply input your city and state and then start listing the meeting attendees by title. The widget will then calculate the estimated cost to the company per second of meeting time.

You even have the ability to hit the stopwatch when the meeting begins and run the widget throughout. Imagine everyone sitting around the conference table with their laptops… but you’re sitting there smirking as the dollar signs roll by.

Maybe at the end of the meeting you can hold up a piece of paper with the final cost total on it, Olymics judging-style.

Your boss will either applaud you for your cost-saving initiative, or fire you for embarassing her.

Now if only they can come up with a calculator that can determine how much value has been drained from your life by each second of a useless meeting!

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