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Office Halloween Party Costume Hacks

October 26th, 2007 · 8 Comments

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Dreading that upcoming office Halloween Party next week? Not the sort of person who feels like getting all dressed up? Maybe you’re just stumped for costume ideas. Here are some ideas that should cover the bases:

  1. Senator Larry Craig PaperBag Mask (printable)
  2. Amy Winehouse Getup (detailed instructions)
  3. A bunch of printable Star Wars character paper masks.

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  • http://lkjsdf justin

    Looks good dEUSH maGEUSH

  • Debbie

    The Larry Craig Paper Bag Mask costume is a pretty lame excuse for funny.

    There is one Larry Craig T-shirt, which is actually pretty cool –I’ll be wearing it myself (I’m having to have it made special for me because I couldn’t locate a vendor in D.C.) A friend sent me an email about it and it is, indeed HILARIOUS.

    This Larry Craig ensemble will be worn at the staff parties on the Hill…it has class and is FUNNY too. See for yourself at:

    The ladies on Capital Hill will look absolutely chic in the Halloween “Larry Craig S.W.A.T. Tee-Shirt and optional cap. ” Matched by jeans and clunky black shoes or better yet combat boots, people will surely notice you and get the hell out of your way. With a set of handcuffs attached to a thick black belt the look is mostly complete. Good news fellers–there’s a guy version too.

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