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NBC’s Quarterlife

February 13th, 2008 · 2 Comments

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Hey kids! Wanna see the latest example of mainstream media attempting to co-opt a cutting edge social phenomenon it doesn’t understand?

Well then, why not watch NBC’s totally tubular new show Quarterlife? It’s coming later this month. But that shouldn’t stop you from getting involved RIGHT NOW. You can join their bitchin social network site right away, and sign up for text messages and whatnot and even get some sneak previews if you go to their site and give away your demographic data.

I mean, the actors are, like, totally hot. It’s like Friends mixed with Sex and the City mixed with Boing-Boing and Dooce.

Can’t blame the people involved I guess. This was cooked up in some laboratory to be “hip.”

For anthropological purposes, it’s worth considering that this follows a long line of Hollywood reflecting what it thinks the internet is really like. You should re-watch The Net with Sandra Bullock and Hackers with Mrs. Brad Pitt to see what I’m talking about.

I swear. One of these days, this Information Super Highway is really gonna take off. And it’s gonna be punk. And it’s gonna be cutting edge. And it’s gonna be cool. And we’ll all blog on Apple laptops just like Carrie from Sex and the City did. And it will rain candy canes every Thursday….

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  • ex-tvwriter

    Actually, it’s “quarterlife,” no caps — as in “thirtysomething.” Not surprising, when you consider that it was created by the same guys.

    >> Can’t blame the people involved I guess. This was cooked up in some laboratory to be “hip.” <<

    Yeah, you can. Blame the people involved, I mean. Not the hot young stars, mind you, they’re just trying to make a living. But the network and corporate suits (a.k.a. “greedy bastards”) and the creators are definitely blameworthy. Those guys were thirtysomething when they created that show 15-20 years ago, so they could relate — so NOW they do the twentysomething thing?

    Of course, nobody would watch a show about fiftysomethings, now would we?

    0.02, ymmv, etc.

  • Brian

    Amongst the things I learned from Die Hard 4:

    1) Apparently, you can inject computers with viruses so evil, they make your computer blow up. Wow. Dem 1’s and 0’s are dangerous.
    2) Apparently, kids today have no knowledge or appreciation for classic rock. Hmmm. Ask anyone in the Ipod generation about Credence. I bet they’re a fan.
    3) The stock market is open on July 4th. Really? It’s not even open today. And it’s only presidents Day.