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My New Resume Writing Book Free For 2 Weeks! Help Me Edit It!

November 1st, 2011 · 1 Comment

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For years people have been asking me to write a guide to resume writing. For years, I’ve turned them down for reasons I’ll get into at the end of this post.

But today I’m announcing that I’m about to publish a “Kindle Single” about resume writing and the upside for you is that for the next two weeks, the entire text of the book is live on the internet for you to read for free. Why? Because I want you to help me edit the final draft.

From now until Nov. 15th, every chapter is posted in blog form over at This means comments are open on every chapter. I encourage you to check out the book, read through it, and if you have any questions… any questions at all… post them in the comments. This will allow me to include things I’ve left out of the book. I want it to be as comprehensive as possible, so I figure if I crowdsource the editing process, I’ll be able to answer every question reasonably imaginable about the resume writing process.

The upshot for you is that you can read the book free for two weeks (once it’s published it will be 99 cents). It also means that for a limited time, you’ll have a forum to get any questions you might have about resume writing answered by me. I’m going to try to answer every comment. Please make sure the questions are resume writing related.

Why am I finally publishing a book about resume writing?

When I started back in 2007, I did it because I thought that most career advice books sucked. If you’ve ever bought one, you probably know what I mean. They’re full of vague, feel-good, inspirational advice. You have to sift through the pages to find the nuggets of good, tangible tips.

It’s not the fault of the authors, I guess. You can’t put out a physical book with only a few pages in it. Books require you to have hundreds of pages, so the authors end up having to come up with a bunch of filler to make the manuscript substantial enough to merit printing (and to justify the $19.95 cover price).

That’s why I loved the blog format. I could serve out real, tangible tips and job search hacks.  Want to know how to handle a tough interview question like: “What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?” Bam! I could give you my best advice in an easily digestible couple hundred words.

When I stumbled upon Kindle Singles, I realized that format would be the perfect vehicle to finally do my resume writing book the way I wanted to do it: simple, no nonsense, no BS, to the point. I wouldn’t have to worry about arbitrary page counts. I could make it be exactly as long as it needed to be to give you the basics on how to write a resume.

My goal with this book is simple: I want to take a reader line-by-line through the process of writing a resume. Hopefully, someone should be able to leave their Kindle open on the desk, open up a Word file, and then click through the guide as I tell them: “First you do this. Now you do this. Now you do this.”

Within an hour or two, the reader should have a basic resume completed, and I’ll have led them step by step through the entire process.

If you want more elaborate dissertations about what resumes are, and how they came to be, and tons of footnotes and filler – fine! There are other resume books out there.

But hopefully this one will simply tell a job seeker what her or she needs to do to write a basic resume.

So, click over to and help me put the finishing touches on it. Thanks!

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