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More Layoff Rumors- Palm Goes From Rumored to Confirmed?

December 13th, 2007 · Leave A Comment

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Hmmm. Meethinks I have created a monster.

At the end of last night’s post about more layoff rumors at Citigroup and Businessweek, I asked readers to send in anonymous tips about new layoff rumors.

I got two emails about Palm possibly laying off several hundred people. Now, I have no relation to Palm and no real info about the company. So, I thought the prudent thing was to lay off (no pun intended) posting something that I had no confirmation of.

But, then I Googled this: More Palm Layoffs (TreoCentral). The article pretty much confirms, point for point, everything I was emailed last night.

Well, shoot. Sorry for you Palm people. I’m actually a big Treo fan.

But uh… anyone got any other rumors? I might have to start taking this more seriously.

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