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Lines Through Text Fixed?

March 20th, 2008 · 3 Comments

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Well, I think the lines through the text problem is fixed (earlier discussion here). Thanks to Mark, Chuck and Chris!

I believe it’s fixed, but I’m sort of bummed about it.

The culprit was a plugin I added called Popularity Contest. I loved it. It tracks the most read posts in real time. Great plugin.

Unfortunately (nerdy coding discussion I don’t fully understand to follow here) this plugin did not allow for an easy sidebar widget. To put a sidebar widget up, I had to install another plugin that allowed me to put pure PHP code into a widget. Well, apparently, this didn’t work. Firefox parsed the raw PHP right, but other browsers did not.

Any suggestions that will allow me to put the Popularity Contest back up would be greatly appreciated. For now… I think we’ve solved the issue.

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  • Mark

    It appears to be fixed.

  • Patricia Robb

    Yes, it looks fixed. I thought it was only my computer, but it was hard to read the posts with the black line running through it.

  • Chris

    Yip, fixed
    Great Success!