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Lifehacker’s Coolest Cubicle Contest

March 24th, 2008 · 1 Comment

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Last week, Lifehacker wrapped up their annual coolest cubicle contest.

The workspace pictured to the left is not the winner of that contest, but this is the workspace I want.

This guy rigged up his workspace atop a treadmill.

Another guy did a similar thing.

The thing about this setup, is you don’t have to set it to run very fast to have an impact.

That picture below is little old me walking 1 mile per hour while blogging…at my desk. I’m there from 8:30am t 12:30pm, five day a week now. And, here’s the amazing thing…It doesn’t even feel like exercise! One mile per hour is the equivalent of a very slow walk. It’s slower than the pace I usually follow whenever I am on the phone (I have to move when I talk or feel like I’m gonna die). You don’t really get tired, you don’t sweat and, at my weight… By lunchtime, I’ve already burned around 600 friggin’ calories!

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