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Kickstart – Social Networking For Jobs?

November 5th, 2007 · 3 Comments

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Last night, Yahoo announced a new social web service called Kickstart. This is a social networking deal, in the vein of Facebook, and like Facebook, it’s targeted to college students, recent grads and allumni. But the focus here is not on posting wild pictures of last night’s drunken frat party. This is networking for the traditional purpose: getting a job. Techcrunch describes it thusly:

“…the service is actually much more like LinkedIn in that it connects students and alumni at specific colleges and universities and helps them connect on a professional level. Alumni can help students get jobs (or can find good students to fill spots at whatever company they work at), and students can reach out to others to help jumpstart their professional career.”

I signed up (easy to do with your Yahoo ID) and checked out my alums in the University of Florida section. There were only 21 people signed up. It’s clearly going for a LinkedIn vibe and featue set… but at this point, there just wasn’t much to do. I can more easily find alums on both LinkedIn and Facebook RIGHT NOW and they have more features for me to get in touch with people than does the bare-bones Kickstart. They say they’re going to build out features as the people join up. Ok… but a network is only as good as it’s… network. Until more people are joined up, I have no reason to come back. And why will people join up if they have nothing to do when they get in? I think its preferable to have all your features up and ready for action when you launch.

Still, might be one to watch.

Hat tip: TechCrunch

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    I couldnt agree more, myself, but not everyone is as clever as you seem to be. Or as I seem to be! HA! :-p
    Whats yer opinion on situation?
    Cu Later

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