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Keep Your Resume Updated

October 9th, 2008 · 3 Comments

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This week has been a crazy one. The last two weeks, actually.

The clients we’re seeing come to ResumeWriters are displaying a level of angst and desperation I haven’t seen in a long time.

I’m planning a series of posts addressing this desperation, but still… what sort of advice can I offer if you’re desperately crossing your fingers now, hoping your job, your employer, your 401k, your bank are all safe?

Well, I’m gonna take a page from all those people you see on CNBC all the time.

Remember how they always tell you that you need a “diversified portfolio?” That’s their stock advice for every occasion. But it’s the best advice for times like this week.

Well, in the career business, we have two similar bits of stock advice. Might be cliché, but they’re apt now.

Keep Your Resume Updated

THIS. This week. This is why we say you should always keep your resume updated. So you can move quickly… as quick as events are moving.

You don’t want to be caught without any gas in your car when it’s time to move to safety. Your UPDATED resume is your job search weapon, fully loaded with ammo.

Never Stop Job Searching

Always keep your options open. Always keep your contacts and connections current and close at hand.

I’ve suggested before that the best time to line up your next job is when you still have one.

If you’re looking around and getting nervous about the state of the economy… or the state of the world for that matter:

My advice is not to freeze up. Take evasive action now. Keep your options open. Line up some possibilities. You might not ever have to use them, but if the worst happens, having some escape routes mapped out can come in handy.

The sky might very well fall tomorrow, but you won’t care so long as you’ve found a safe new roof to hide under.

(Editors note: Jeez. That’s the most clichéd-analogy-ridden post I’ve probably ever written. But it’s still the best advice you can get right now, given the reality we’re facing.)

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  • CK

    I once read where a CEO, ready to retire, was being interviewed by a writer in regards to careers (I believe) and if he had any advice. The advice he gave was to alwys keep your resume updated at all times because you’d never know when the next opportunity will come along. The CEO opened his draw and asked if he wanted to see HIS resume!

    I have trained a few interns in my time and I had always passed this tid-bit along with other advice to them.

  • Brian

    That’s a great story! I wish I had heard it before. I would have included it in the post.

  • Chris Hamilton

    Hi JobBored,

    Im trying to get in contact with you, can you please email me.