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Job Search In A Down Economy

March 10th, 2008 · 1 Comment

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Whew. Last Friday’s economic news was bad. A friend emailed me and said, “Damn. Look at this list! These are the headlines just from the last 24 hours!:

  • Alarms of recession ring almost everywhere; Dow down 3% for week
  • Americans poorer than a year ago – Fed reports household net worth down 3.6% in fourth quarter
  • More jobs disappearing- Nonfarm payrolls drop by 63,000
  • Home Delinquencies highest since 1985
  • Talk is now of $200 oil
  • Rising costs move down chain- Soaring costs of grains, dairy and other edible commodities pile up on consumers, with even frozen pizza and coffee prices shooting up. “

Now they’ve come for the frozen pizza??

Anyway, I thought I’d post a recap of some recession-themed posts since we have so many new readers.

How To Find A Job In A Tight Job Market

And my series about saving yourself from layoffs. The summation post is here: How To Save Your Job From Layoffs.

The individual posts are here:

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  • Linda

    Hi JB,

    As a soon-to-be college grad, the headlines started to make my job search scarier, but to balance out the “bad news” I’ve been taking steps I learned from a book I read recently called “Getting from College to Career” by Lindsey Pollak. There are about 100 excellent tips on how Gen Y’ers can prepare to land their first job while in school — even before we get to the resume and interview parts of the job search.

    I found Pollak’s book extremely valuable. Good luck to everyone who is job hunting now. Thinking positive me too, so I try to skip over negative headlines ;-)