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Is It More Difficult To Find A Job In A City I Don’t Live In Than A City I Do Live In?

February 9th, 2011 · 1 Comment

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job search in a different cityShort answer? Yes.

Let me explain.

Job searching in a city you don’t live in is not easy. It’s not impossible, but it’s definitely difficult.

The first thing is the expense. Are you going to be able to fly/drive to wherever the interview is, each and every time you have an interview? Is the company willing to eat that expense? Are you?

Then there’s the issue of  relocation. Again, are you willing to eat that expense or can you get the company to cough up for it?

We always warn you that if a company has a stack of resumes, they’re probably looking for any good excuse to weed some of them out. If you had two identical candidates, and one was local while the other was an out of towner, which would you be more likely to want to interview?

So what are some tips for job searching in a city you don’t live in?

  1. Can you borrow an address? Do you have a friend or family member that will allow you to put their address on your resume? Maybe take out a PO box in the city you’re job searching in. You can have the mail forwarded to your current address.
  2. It’s hard to fake having a local number, though if you KNOW which city you want to target, maybe you could take out a Google Voice number with that city’s area code. You can have any calls forwarded to your current cell number and the caller won’t be any the wiser.
  3. Make clear in the interview you intend to move. It might not be a bad idea to suggest that you were already planning on moving to city x anyway, but if this job comes through, you’ll definitely inch up that move date.
  4. Try your best to schedule all your interviews around the same time so you can cut down on the number of trips you take.
  5. Remember that any trips you do take for interviewing is tax deductible.

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