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Indeed Offer’s Job Search By Salary

April 21st, 2008 · 2 Comments

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While I was away last week, I missed the news that has introduced job search by salary requirements.

h/t Job Search Guy

With this new feature, you can now enter your desired annual salary in the search box on their search parameter and receive a list of all jobs that are estimated to pay at least this much. (To use this feature, click on their “Advanced Job Search” link next to the “Find Jobs” button).

You would think searching by salary is a common feature, but it’s actually not. The reason for this is the vast majority of job postings don’t mention salary.

To overcome this, Indeed conducts research on the job listings that do provide salary information (which is about one fifth of the openings) and uses this information to estimate salaries for the rest.

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  • Chris C

    I hate it that not many companies show the salary that you would be earning.

    Especially in IT, since the salary is in direct proportion to what skills you are expected to know.

    Plus, some companies that are hiring automatically don’t take the top 3 most expensive person even though they might be the most qualified :(

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