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How To Start Your Presentation

December 3rd, 2007 · 7 Comments

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I’ve just run across a great blog for the first time: The Public Speaking Blog.

It’s exactly what you hope it would be: a comprehensive examination of all techniques Toastmaster-y.

I found an exceptional post on giving presentations that is a must-read for all working professionals who occasionally need to stand and deliver. It’s about how to kick things off.

If you’re not good a public speaking, making a presentation is sort of like making out for the first time: once you get things going, you know what to do and everything is fine. But starting things off… that’s the awkward part.

The post goes into great detail describing 7 techniques you can do to get your presentation rolling:

1. Open with a humorous/emotional story that leads to your key message
2. Ask a question that gets us thinking
3. Do a demonstration that leads to your message
4. Shock ‘em with facts and numbers
5. Start off with a cartoon or video, funny is optional
6. Pause…
7. Do something different (or crazy)!

7 Sure-Fire Ways To Kick Start Your Presentation

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  • Presentation Skills training

    ………But ht ebest way to know waht to start with is to understand your audience.

    Ask, “What are they thinking just before I go on?” If you know the answer to this, you can tailor your opening to make a greater impact!

    Erics Blogs are great!


    Darren Fleming
    Australias Public Speaking coach

  • Eric

    Thanks for the complimment – Darren. And to Brian, appreciate that you put up my entry. :)

    Darren, you are right! At the end of the day, it is about knowing your audience. Find out what they need and make sure they know YOU know what they need. That should be the underlying motivation behind your introduction.

    As Dale Carnegie aptly put it: To sell Jane Doe what Jane Does wants to buy, you must see the world through Jane Doe’s eyes.

  • Presentation skills training

    That’s a great point about Jane Doe. Know what her world is like.

    It’s funny that Dale Carnegie used the name Jane Doe. This is the term given to a body (dead female person) that has been found and not identified.

    Therefore, trying to see the world through Jane Doe’s eyes would be difficult……as she is dead. So she probably would not buy anything!


    Darren Fleming
    Australia’s Public Speaking Coach

  • satish kumar

    you have given every thing regarding presentation.
    but some student may or may not have an idea i.e how to start a seminar …..
    please give some of the format that one can use for starting a good seminar or presentation……

    i will feel happy if u do this for the sake of us…

  • Anonymous


  • Public Speaking Training Courses

    Great article, Discover Performance specialise in training employees in public speaking, using a 3-tiered approach:

    Research – preparing an effective presentation within a time frame.

    Delivery – verbal & non-verbal language to influence audiences, voice training (variation in tone, speaking clearly etc), gestures, audience involvement & visual aids.

    Results – influencing the audience to take the desired action.

  • Isenheim

    EY MAN, i dont like this whole presentation thing eh? All you gotta do, is get out there and speak your mind eh? You silly fools got it all wrong, you need to understand your dumb selves and get it straight.