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How To Save Your Job From A Recession

January 17th, 2008 · Leave A Comment

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If you woke up today and your morning paper put you in a bad mood, there’s a good reason why. It seems the hemming and hawing is over… a recession seems neigh and likely. The stock market seems to agree.

Now, I’m no doom and gloom artist; nor am I some sort of economic prognosticator. But I have been in the jobs business for 10 years now, and when your livelihood is helping people find new jobs, you tend to get a early warning signal on the economy.

Business has been unusually good at for the last 3 months or so now. And business being unusually good means things are looking bad for the economy.

In other words, I’ve been seeing this coming for a few months now. ResumeWriters is on track to do 20% more business this January than last year. And January is our biggest month, by far.

Since a lot of you are new to this blog, and since this blog is about getting the information out there, I just want to point to a few old posts this morning that you may have missed. As I said, I’ve been seeing tough times coming for a while now. Back in November I wrote a 5-part series outlining how you can save your job from layoffs. You can view that series here:

How To Save Your Job

The summation post is here: How To Save Your Job From Layoffs.

The individual posts are here:

Also, there was this post from a couple weeks ago:

How To Find A Job In A Tight Job Market

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