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How To Project Confidence and Leadership

November 27th, 2007 · Leave A Comment

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If you’re a fan of poker at all, then you’re familiar with the concept of a “poker face” or a “table image.” In essence, a good poker player needs to project an attitude or an impression that fits their playing strategy. Nervous twitches, give-aways or “tells” can undermine everything you’re trying to achieve at the poker table.

In the office world, projecting an image of confidence and leadership can do wonders for your reputation. Subconscious cues and mannerisms can be powerful things. You know how to dress for success, but do you know how to give off an air of success?

I’ve found an incredibly insightful primer that gives you dozens of good tips for projecting confidence, competence, certainty and authority. You can adopt a handful of these tips TODAY and I guarantee you’ll change the way people think about you.

It can be little things that we all know, but don’t often concentrate on. For example, looking people in the eye or knowing what to do with your hands if you’re nervous. Or how about this simple tip: “Try standing with your arms crossed behind your back. Your shoulders will get pulled back automatically. ” This projects confidence and authority just by changing your posture.

As the post says:

I am not one of those people – I wasn’t born super-confident – so I took some time to study men and women who naturally command respect, in order to learn their secrets and get the results I wanted in my own life.

The experiment has worked well: today my behavior has changed – though I’m still me – and I have finally been offered the job I had been wanting for the last three years.

You’d be surprised how simple little subconscious behavioral hacks can change how people perceive you and thereby affect your career trajectory. Read the whole thing: How To Command Respect.

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