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How To Fill Out A W-4

June 19th, 2008 · 7 Comments

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Until last weekend, I had never heard of (h/t NYTimes).

But I’m glad I was turned on to them. They have 3 free and insanely useful online calculators and assistants that are designed to help the average worker.

The most impressive to me is the W-4 form assistant. Isn’t it confusing every time you start a new job and you have to give them info for the W-4? How many dependents should you claim? How many exemptions? Especially for the younger workers out there, what about student loan debt and other considerations?

This W-4 form assistant will help you out.

They also have a Salary Paycheck Calculator and an Hourly Paycheck Calculator, both accessible from the main page.

And of course, before you can get to fill out a W-4, you need to be hired. And a professional resume writing service will help you do that.

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  • dragonforce966

    mah lazer beam is ovr 9000!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://nah wtf

    you get em my mans

  • KM

    This was very helpful.

  • vanessa

    This W4 assistant was super helpful! If only the one on the IRS website was this easy!!

  • Mutuelle santé

    Thank you very much. This was a great help.

  • jbh1999

    Wow. This was a great help and very easy. Thanks for this info.

  • Arika

    Thanks for the W-4 form assistant. I hope it helps me out this coming tax season. I had been claimaing the right number all along despite what others have told me!