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How Much Are Dad’s Worth In 2012?

June 14th, 2012 · Leave A Comment

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Moms get all the good press, don’t they? But in this day and age, Dads – be they stay at home dads or working dads – contribute as much to a family’s functional life as Moms.

Do you ever wonder what all the time spent raising your kids… the tutoring sessions, the counseling sessions, the coaching sessions, the chauffeuring duties… would be worth if you had to outsource it? What would the going rate be for all the “dad work” you perform for free?

Well, every year, tells us, with their yearly What’s A Dad Worth Survey. It turns out that this year, the average stay at home dad would earn a salary of $61,814 and the average working dad would be due $36,757 for their time and trouble.

Click on the images to see the info graphics.

Also, click through here to read the entire survey results.

Also, if you want to personalize the data to see what you’d earn based on where you live and the actual duties you perform, take use the personalized dad salary calculator here.

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