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GrandCentral- One Number to Ring Them All, And in the Darkness…

November 1st, 2007 · Leave A Comment

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After my rant against the telecos earlier this week, perhaps I should balance things out by highlighting a company that does it right. I’ve been a user and a fan of for about a year now… sometime after they announced beta invites, but before Google bought them.

GrandCentral asks, “How many phones have you got?” Landline work phone, work cell phone, personal cell phone, landline house phone, etc. Grandcentral lets you manage them all. It’s sort of like a personal PBX system (like GotVmail) if you know what that means. GrandCentral let’s you have one number to direct the call to all your phones, or the phone of your choice. Let’s you consolidate all your voicemails in one place. Let’s you have each phone ring in succession until the caller reaches you. Let’s you screen voicemails by listening in and breaking into the conversation if you chose. Sends you voicemails as mp3s emailed to the address of your choice. Turns different phone numbers off and on depending on time of day. And much, much more.

If you’re a working professional with multiple phones and voicemail piles to sort through, GrandCentral can be a godsend.

Lifehacker has taken the time to write an in-depth tutorial for each of GrandCentral’s many features. Click here to read it.

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