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Got A Job Search Or Career Question? Post It In The Forum

February 10th, 2011 · 1 Comment

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Just an update to new readers, since we were featured on Lifehacker today…

I do take and encourage questions on this blog… about careers, job search, etc. I used to ask you to email them to me, but recently, we set up a forum, which you can find here.

The idea is: I couldn’t answer every email. And even when I did, a lot of good question/answer/advice stuff wasn’t public so we could all share and learn from it.

So, bottom line: if you have a question… about the job search, careers, anything… post it in the forum. I still get great ideas for posts from the forums. And I’m actively answering questions there, so we can all learn and share. And even if I don’t answer, maybe someone else will!

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